Monday, October 8, 2012

Dollar Store Elegance

I love to find ways to create a " Look for Less "

project for decorating the home.

I decided to spend some time strolling the

Dollar Tree to see if anything inspired me...

I love a wall with a plate collection!

Since I love to use neutrals in the Dior home

this was a perfect fit...

I purchased a vinyl shelf liner that the Dollar Tree

carries that is called " Toile Taupe " along

with five of their smaller silver platters

found in the aisle with disposable baking products...

Supplies used were the following:

4 rolls of Toile Taupe vinyl shelf lining 12 x 30"

5 small silver serving platters

1 roll of grosgrain ribbon {ivory}

Glue gun or Double stick tape

All items were purchased for this at Dollar Tree.

Total cost right at 10.00 $

I made paper templates to use and trace the vinyl liner

then adhered them to each plate.

Then I added a 4 inch gross grain ribbon tab

on back of the plate with my glue gun.

Using small finishing nails I hung them

placing them at different heights.

This was fast and easy

and I loved the simple elegance of the overall result.

With the remaining leftover of shelf liner

I covered vinyl placemats

from the Dollar Tree to add

a touch of Toile to my ironstone dishes.

I did this by using double stick tape

to adhere the shelf liner to the placemat

I love that since it is vinyl as well you can easily

wipe spills after using them.

After smoothing out any air pockets

I trimmed the excess off of the mat

There were quite a few patterns to choose from

but I loved this Toile print.

I will be doing this project with my Gracie girl

to hang in her bedroom.

And to my most adorable

Mr. Dior who thought maybe

Dollar Store project that I might just

be a ONE HIT wonder I think

this one may win a few fans { I hope }...

 I will be linking up this week

with my favorite gals in Blogland...

Heather & Vanessa's Inspiration Friday

And to my dearest Cami " Yes this is our time "

I love you!

Much love to each of you have

a beautiful and blessed week!



  1. My friend you knocked it out of the park with this one. It's gorgeous and will look so amazing in Gracie's room. You have never been a one hit wonder, but this is sure to be on the most pinned list this week!!! love you! xoxo

  2. Kate this is such a great simple idea for booth decor in trade shows!

    I have to say we used a ton of those platters from the dollar store for our wedding reception :)

    And loving your use of boots in all your displays.
    I want to put boots all over my house now, lol
    Wishing we could be in town to see your displays in person but alas can't get away anytime soon :(

  3. I like it! I picked up some of the platters too with the same idea in mind but utilizing chalkboard paint where you used that pretty shelf liner. I like your spin on it though...Thanks for sharing...

  4. Love it love it love it! So simple and so much charm! I wish our Dollar Tree had that shelf liner- it's fantastic. Love your styling as well! :)

  5. Oh Kate, those are just beautiful!... so hard to believe something so pretty can be made from dollar store items... wow, now I want to go shop there and see what I can create!... they look fabulous on your wall, and I love the granny smith apples in front of them... (anyway, they look like grannies)... also love your placemats!... thanks for sharing, much love, xoxo Julie Marie

  6. LUV IT! So simple, but what a great impact. As always, your vignette is dreamy.

  7. Very, very, pretty and you'd never guess it was all from the dollar store! BTW: The wall of aged wood is too die for gorgeous!!

  8. I have just done something similar but with chalkboard paint, love how you used the toile print though!

  9. Kate your trays are beautiful! Love that pattern you chose!So pretty and perfect on that barn door!Have a wonderful week!

  10. Just precious! Love the shelf liner!

  11. Looks wonderful!!!

  12. Your try vignette looks fabulous! It's hard to believe it's Dollar Store trays! Love the toile! So pretty!

  13. Kate, I love finding little nothing treasures at the 99 cent store, but your dollar tree treasures are so great, you my friend could stage a wedding for less giving them the high pricey look.
    Love how they look on the wood wall.
    Talk and visit soon

  14. Hi Kate...this is so nice !! it.....happy

  15. This neutral toile is really so elegant!
    Cute and original!
    Have a nice WE =)

  16. Kate I love this project! Yay dollar store projects that look amazing, thank you for sharing your timeless style and ideas :)

    xoxo, Tanya

  17. sweet!! and love that wood wall!!


  18. Kate, this is such a beautiful arrangement and for such a small amount of time and money.

    You ALWAYS create such beautiful and inspirational vingettes, just like the beautiful woman that you are.

    Have a wonderful day, Elizabeth

  19. So elegant! Thank you for sharing! Hugs, Penny

  20. OH MY GOODNESS, Kate. That is wonderful. You chose amazingly well while shopping at the Dollar Tree. You are one talented lady.

    This is a gorgeous vignette.

  21. I love these wall art hangings, Kate--I am pinning this to make in the future! Also a very cool idea for covering the placemats.

  22. Coming to you from Vintage Inspiration! Beautiful and very clever idea! Great idea to use the shelf liner! And I am SO loving that apple basket and green apples!

  23. These are GORGEOUS! What a clever way to dress up an inexpensive tray! I am SO doing this!

  24. Very elegant! found you through French Country Cottage party.

  25. Now that is a fun idea, Kate! The dollar store is full of inspiration!

  26. so pretty! that's such a gorgeous toile pattern, can't believe you did all that for ten dollars! great idea!

  27. What a great idea, and they turned out so cute!

  28. Kate! You are so creative and have the best and most original ideas! I love this! I am heading over to the dollar store tomorrow to see what inspiration I can get! :)
    Have a wonderful evening,

  29. these look amazing...what a great idea, lovin the sea washed tones.
    Bec x

  30. You ended up with quite a sweet little vignette there. Great idea!

  31. Fabulous Idea! You should have placed this on etsy and sold them for it is very elegant! Thanks for sharing!


  32. So beautiful Kate...will be hitting my dollar store this week!!

  33. You never cease to amaze with your creativity! LOVE it :)

  34. wow what a lovely idea - I just love what you've done.Been looking at grey wallpapers my self today...too many nice ones to choose between!!!;)
    The one you picked is perfect for your project,sooo sweet :)))
    Once more,have to say how much I love this:)))
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend Kate :)
    Tovehugs :)

  35. It goes to show one that one must think outside the BOX. Kudos to you for this wonderful idea. Thanks.

  36. These look very expensive and beautiful. Great thinking.


  37. Absolutely Amazing....Love those ideas and on the cheap at that.... You truly inspire me, Thank You !!!!

  38. You are a genius, Kate! What a beautiful idea! :)

    xoxo laurie

  39. O.k Kate its a good thing I adore you...I mean really who thinks of things like this other than you....WOW!!!!! Hope your feeling good my sweet friend! x0x0

  40. Love the paper, love the idea, love the mind behind the idea!

  41. GORGEOUS sweet Kate!!~ You always amaze me with your fabulous decorating ideas!!
    I love that shelf paper!
    Hope your doing well and have a beautiful day.

  42. A very Creative frugal Tutorial, LOVE IT Kate... a simple yet Elegant project like this could be done with several designs so that you could swap it out like pillows to give a room a different look with the changing of the Seasons at very little cost.

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  43. Hi, Kate... I LOVE the Dollar Store and have seen those platters. Which I agree are fabulous. However, I will have to make another trip there as I didn't see the toile shelf liner. That is amazing! Another fab idea and so glad you kept your reputation in tact. One hit wonder, my eyeball!!! LOL

  44. Simply Stunning! I've seen lots of chalkboards with these trays but nothing like this before! I'm pinning this one!

  45. Kate, so great!! glad to have found your blog..going back to look around some more! come over for a visit if you'd like..nice to meet you, Mariaelena

  46. What a creative idea! Beautiful! I love when things cost $1 don't you? Love your blog.
    Linda (the other French Hen)

  47. I'm just stopping back by to tell you again how much I love this and that it's being featured at the party tonight~ thanks for linking up at Feathered Nest Friday! :)

  48. Great project and fabulous look! I have quite a collection of trays and am working on a wall display with them as well. I may have to see if I can find that contact paper and decorfate a few of them! Thank you for sharing! Hugs, Leena

  49. Gorgeous, and what a fantastic idea too.

  50. This post was simply fabulous. It looks vintage and how lovely it was. You've shared an elegant blog. Thank you and God bless.

  51. Wow, just wow. I am so doing this...



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