Thursday, November 19, 2009

Dollar Store Gift Project

dollar tree gift project for under 5.00$
an easy way to pretty up those boring legal pads
the gals in the office use everyday

supplies needed: double stick tape, ruler, scissors
all other items are available at the dollar store

they also have the matching pens in 3 packs

I also embelished the purse size notebooks with letters
You can add anything you like to make them more personal, the neat part is that you can make 3 sweet little gifts for under 5.00 dollars

blessings ...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

White Wednesday

my favorite white spots

lots of favorite white corners

my favorite white end table

white corbels given to me by my bff

my dish of sand dollars & shells collected
with my love during our stays at the beach....

have a blessed "white wednesday" as you stroll the talent of the women who participate in Faded Charm on Wednesdays

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

White Wednesday

I have had a very emotional week so today here is my addition to White Wednesday it is one thankful for the gift of grace...

My wedding day I sat on these steps waiting while my photographer and friend Frank Salas was giving me direction for each pose as he then decided to capture a shot of my feet since he felt they were so "little girl" of me... how they were positioned as I sat there just waiting...

 As I kept waiting, my mind wandered back to all of the waiting I had done over the years. Waiting to be adopted to finally belong to someone, waiting to fall in love, then waiting for my heart to stop breaking, and as I sat there longer I realized at that moment that day the grace of God was upon me and I was no longer waiting but I was about to begin living...

I had such a tough week full of emotional trials and then I realized last night that Kathleen's White Wednesday   reminds me that "white" is new, it's unmarked, clean as you so call it. A simple reminder that is does not show the past, the pain, its a freshness that calms my soul.

I was given a beautiful gift of "white" this week, a gift of grace from someone here in blogland who gave to me from her heart when I was hurting and I am ever so grateful. Even though I have not met her yet I know one day I will and when we do meet I will see a sea of "white" another dear soul who reminds me that because of grace I am no longer waiting...


Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fiona and Twig Knocks Me off of my Feet

Yes I am that very lucky girl who won the amazing giveaway by the

darling Anne at Fiona and Twig

I wrote to Anne sharing that I was speechless & full of anticipation

Also arriving today was my signed plate from
 Stan Williams at The Elegant Thrifter  from his fab book "The Find".

 Anne knocked me off of my feet when I opened the package

Look at the talent and shimmering charm of Anne

the wrapping was full of Sophistication!!!!

is that not the cutest that she made the Christian Dior wrapping,

the Paris paper OOH LA LA, I loved it, I was jumping around

hubby was laughing at me commenting that I was like a little girl

ok so it gets better..

just look at all the Wonder  that Anne sent to me...

two amazing books, the Anthro gift card, a key chain &

a personalized note as well. WOW I was just so impressed...

Anne, I love everything and cannot say thank you enough

I'm the Lucky girl..... Lucky girl.... who adores Anne at Fiona and Twig

Hugs to you Anne!!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

White Wednesday

 Kathleen at Faded Charm  does such a beautiful post that I was inspired to do something a bit different this week...  

my favorite shabby frame that holds a photo of my oldest and my youngest

my daughter's hand print in white plaster

this is a sample of my favorite love notes from my middle son given 

over the years that he always writes on white note paper...

Hey mom in my dreams there is a loving beautiful

 angel that keeps me alive

by protecting me and guiding me

 through each dream and I love that with my

heart and soul, but what I have found out is

 that what I thought were my dreams

is my life and you are that loving angel

 that keeps me alive,

I love you so much mom...


hubby in his favorite white shirt...

hope that your White Wednesday is filled with joy...


Monday, November 2, 2009

3 Dollar "Anthro" Project

So many of us gals love the Anthropologie look but when on a budget its hard to come by so....

While shopping the Dollar Store I found these just in:

Boxed Silver Ornaments,
Rub on Stickers, & 
Lion Brand multicolored ribbon...

You have to be patient while rubbing on the stickers

I used a quarter and rubbed until it adhered to the ornament

lots of fun and you can add more embelishments if you like

I had to get dinner started so I only had time to finish three

The Dollar Store had a large selection of rub on stickers to choose from

I just loved the silver and this type of look...

Not bad for three dollars plus tax..