Monday, January 5, 2015

She's a dreamer...

A new year

and a heart with a renewed vision

three hundred and sixty five beautiful mornings

and starlight evenings,

fifty two promising weeks and

twelve transformative months full of



This old reptile suit case was a fabulous

side walk sale find.

Old wood chairs were found by a friend

 I dry brushed them with my latest love

Mystic Lake

by Vista Paint


Nubby fringe throw, furry pillow

mirrored ball lamp and shade Goodwill store.

The hardware alone had me breathless...

Happy New Year 2015!

Can't wait to DIY into your hearts this year...

Friday, May 16, 2014

" Objects of Desire "

Ever wonder why we love

what we love at first sight?

Does it linger for only a moment

or does it become our next forever?

This sweet vintage table 

just needed a little love.

After some sanding and two coats of 

paint she was ready for a spot

in the guest house.

{Paint color is Mystic Lake by Vista }

Later I stumbled upon

a small half of an old panel door

in the alley and simply

 could not resist her chippy glory.

It fit nicely upon

one of my Prairie Style tables we made

of reclaimed wood.

 I'm madly in love this week and

will be joining some of my favorite

lovelies in blog land.

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Wishing each of you a beautiful 

and blessed week!

Friday, May 9, 2014

" A walk in the clouds "

It seems like forever since I sat here and wrote

a blog post and in a small way it has been.

I have allowed the changes in my life to send me 

drifting and let the waves overcome me.

The ocean has thrashed me back and forth

over and over then end to end.

{ Linen and window treatments from the Goodwill Store }

Lord let this life of mine yield unto you

as you leave me with peace and serenity.

{ Vintage wood shutters rescued from the heap }

I junk when my heart is heavy

this weary soul of mine is uplifted by searching

for that one piece that will speak to me.

{ Old wire basket and glass bottles from Goodwill }

An open heart willing to listen and

 love not worrying about the imperfections.

Blessed I am by the unwanted

of another's heart here now

has a place to belong to me.

{ Vintage chandelier gifted to me }

Returning to where I started, where I belong

and where each of you found a place in my heart.

{ Second pair of shutters rescued covering a small window }

A new day awaits as I continue

to search, to grow and yield.

{ Bench made from rescued wood }

Joining in this week with the lovelies

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{ My guest house is fully furnished with Goodwill and rescues }

Oh how I missed all of you so!!!

Much love and blessings

Thursday, February 20, 2014

" Budget Style Prairie "

Budget Style Prairie

my heart filled with love...

I created this sweet area outside of

the tiny bathroom in my guest house.


A prairie style table

built from an old wood gate along with 4 x4 's

that were rescued.

I did a wash of gray and pale white

paint on top of the boards

to gift it a softness.

Then distressed to a finish with 80 grit sandpaper.

I placed a chalkboard that I made

from a vintage baking pan

to leave a love note...

I left the old hinges on

for added character and charm...

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Debra's Be Inspired

my favorites lovelies in blog land.

Have a beautiful and blessed week!!

Friday, January 31, 2014

" Lessons in Love "

A lesson in love...

I came to know the beauty

of what love truly is...

 Love that will endure all things...

A heart that is and always will be yours...

 I am here

among the beauty of love that God

has given to take me through the valleys of life.

I am so grateful and humbled by 

the love of each of you.

May this New year be filled 

with an abundance of blessings for your lives.

I will be linking up this week with

my favorite lovelies in blog land.

Photos of our home inspired

by a new vision of love...

Have a beautiful and blessed week!


My love to each of you

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

" Wrapping all the Way "

Gift wrapping to me

is such an expression of love

 during the holiday season

Red Ticking Ribbon from Target 

The perfect Farm Style touch

Snow flake parchment wrap

also available from Target

I made simple wood gift tags

from an old wood tent pole I had found

a few months ago

Finished them with

jute from the Dollar Store

Beautiful velvet ribbon is from Marshalls

One of the sweetest finds were

these vintage bottle brush trees

Since I am such a fan of the

natural look they were perfect

This is why Kate 

loves the Goodwill for simple treasures

like these

More beauty for our 

Farm Style Holiday

Wishing all of you

a Merry Christmas and a blessed

holiday season.

Much Love

Sunday, December 15, 2013

" A Perfect Winter Love "

This winter season my heart

is held captive...


A simple Farm style holiday...

  This Christmas season 

I have such joy

in my heart for a beautiful new year ahead...

Each time I rescue an unwanted love

 along the road or one that I pulled from the heap

I wonder who missed your true beauty?

Then I realize you were left for me

to find

to love

to adore

as a  precious gift to my soul...

~Wood Star~

made from rescued old wood fence slats

planks 50 inches in length and 4 inches wide

two coats of soft white

80 grit sand paper

jute embellishment from the Dollar Store

Rescued vintage chair missing

her caned back. Painted with Vista Paints

Snowflake Confetti

 distressed with 80 grit sand paper

Linking up with these lovelies

Wishing each and every one of my readers

and my fellow bloggers/writers

a very Merry Christmas and

joyous Holiday season.

My love to each of you