Wednesday, August 21, 2013

" I Fall to Pieces "

As the summer is slowly fading away

I rescued a few pieces that were unwanted

and unloved...

I found a very large urn

that was in pieces

 left for years outdoors

and now has found a new place in my home...

The owner had no use for things

in his backyard

and well of course I fell in " love " with

each piece.

{ the base will be in a later post}

Every inch of this urn

melted my heart as I filled

it with twigs and dark colored succulents...

I saved a few smaller fragments

that fell off during transporting it home.

I placed them on my table along with

an old rusted chain

that was hanging in the tree...

My heart stopped for a moment

when the homeowner said

I could have anything in the yard 

as it was meaningless to him...

I thought again about what is valuable to me

and what is worthless to another.

The precious treasures of my heart

are the simple pieces that life offers...

I cherish love...

I cherish the discarded...

I cherish the unwanted...

The beauty overwhelmed me

and I still have to find a place for the beautiful

base of this piece of perfection.

This week I will be linking up to my

lovelies in blog land who inspire my heart 

each and every week...

For those of you who follow me

I will be posting Fall inspiration

from my home using elements of nature this week.

Have a blessed week!!