Thursday, June 20, 2013

" A Heap of Beauty "

A reason to live fully comes at a cost sometimes.
Then there is that moment when you stop
and see the beauty in having less
and an abundance of much!

I was so happy as summer approached and sad
that due to my high health care costs Gracie would miss
out on attending her favorite summer care program.
Two days before school let out she shared with me
how excited she was just to spend the summer with us.
We had decided that she would go with us on our curbside
rescue trips. I must say my girl is a " pro. " After about a half
hour she was hollering from the back seat of the truck
" Stop mom I see a wood cabinet "
Mr. Dior and I realized at nine she had a knack
for this passion we love called " junking. "
God really placed upon my thoughts
what would fill Gracie's heart this summer,
our time together...
Our summer began...
Among the vintage radio flyer scooter
and piles of rescued old wood
was a coffee table top with no glass in the center.
I told the Mr. to toss it into the back of the truck
along with the other goodness.
The top was brown wood with an
emptiness in the center, but whoever left it outside
turned it over so now the wood was sun bleached.
I took a piece of old plywood from the pile
and had him cut it to fit the inside.
 I sanded off the old brown stain
from the outside of the tabletop
to balance out the color.

Then a few coats of chalkboard paint
and we were finished.
I love how it looks like
an old wood frame giving it a vintage vibe.
And the beautiful old bench
was another rescue. It was covered with
dirt laying in the heap of trash
just waiting to be loved!
{did you see her pale blue chippy legs}
We found a truck load of beauty
in a days search!
Leaving my heart filled
 and thanking the good Lord
for so much more than we expected.
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Have a beautiful and blessed week!