Wednesday, March 27, 2013

" Standing in the Gap "

If you have ever had your heart touched to reach out

to someone who is unable then you

understand great things happen when

you " stand in the gap "

This is our season of grace...

I remind myself whenever I meet

someone, each one of us hold our own story

and my heart reaches out with love.

When this new year rang in I was on shaky ground facing

complications with Lupus that I was quite honestly afraid of.

I thought about where God has seen me through

and now where I stood.

I was staring down at the hard fact that

we had some choices to make. Treatment plans had to be decided

 and life would once again change for me.  As I looked over numbers

of the medical cost and how my kidneys were now affected

 my heart just sank.

The ground shook and so did my faith

for the first time as I was truly weak.

Then something beautiful happened...

Those who love us went forth and

decided to " stand in the gap ".

When you first hear that term you think

"to fill in a space".

That is exactly what took place

 but in such a deeper way.

There was a great distance that had arose

from where I was to where I needed to be.

I pretty much at the start was

paralyzed by my deepest fears.

My best girlfriends who are such beautiful women

 began to hold me up with their love, prayers

and constant reminders of God's promise

that we stand upon.

Then the precious blessing began to bloom

inside the heart of Mr. Dior

These past months I have watched God take my husband

on a journey where he "went to the wall" for me in every way possible.

He moved forward no matter what obstacle

was placed before him. He stayed true to the man

that was committed to fighting for his wife and family.

 Never a word of complaint, never

a word of tiredness or weary,

just his beautiful smile and love spilled over.

Each day he reached a point where he gave

all that he had for us and then some.

Then provisions were given through love

and greater blessings poured out upon us.

As we sat together in church hand in hand

last Sunday tears filled my eyes while

I whispered praises in my heart.

We are rejoicing in the glory

while " grace like rain " is falling upon us...

We are now in a new beautiful valley

where God has so righteously placed us.

I am filled with so much love for this man

and those that I could not imagine my life without.

To my dearest friends, fellow bloggers and readers,

thank you for your love, continued support

and above all for your prayers that

" stand in the gap "

on our behalf.

Linking up to the lovely

With much love in my heart I wish all of you

a blessed Easter Sunday.

He is risen

He is risen indeed!

Friday, March 15, 2013

" Budget Savvy DIY "

The challenge this year for the Dior home

was to create a " new style " using an abundance of rescued items.

Our vision statement was to create a home filled

with budget savvy style.

We have a terrific chemistry that evolves when we

set our minds to work together.  Mr. Dior gave our home 

a fresh spring look with a new coat of paint.

{Last years color}
Totem pole

into this fresh bold look

Remaining true to our coastal rustic style I chose

Snowflake Confetti by Vista Paints.

This week we took a broken table that was left curbside

and realized that there was enough to salvage into

matching end tables for our guest house.

After painting and sanding

we added a piece of reclaimed wood to use as a 

support for the wall mount.

Then we mounted them into the studs

of the wall with sturdy anchor screws.

One side is perfect for holding reading material

and the other side provided a small work station

for writing and other tasks.

Both lamps were found at the Goodwill

along with the linen shades and painted to create a

 tone on tone neutral in the room.

I still have some accessories to add to the walls

but I am quite the minimalist in our home.

Less creates a peaceful and calming surrounding for me.

Mr. Dior found an old twin bed in a dumpster

that he brought home. We transformed the head and foot board

into chalkboards.

My man amazed me even more by using the actual bed frame

and turning them into rustic style towel racks.

It was a perfect way to use and recycle the entire bed.

We found an old picnic table top

with no legs out for trash and we decided to recycle

it into an industrial style table.

After selecting the planks from the old table top

we used polyurethane to seal the wood and then

cut them to the desired length.

Table frame was designed from scrap steel

gotta love a man who welds.

Then Mr. Dior fastened the planks into the frame

to finish this dining table.


"Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder"

Last week's Rescue

I will be linking up later this week

with my favorite lovelies in blog land.

Much love to all of you

Saturday, March 2, 2013

" Uncovered Beauty "

When I think back to my courtship with

Mr. Dior he certainly pulled from my soul

a part of my heart waiting to be unchained.

He loved that my eyes see through a very

different perspective...

I have a deep love for items that

others no longer find value in.

The trash dumpster found gate door that we

 turned into his handsome rustic coffee table...

The vintage wood crate in the back ground

was another curbside rescue found by

my bestie Kathern.  It's beautiful that my girlfriends

know that I will love these castaways.

This next one stole my heart

a few weeks ago at an Estate sale.

Laying in a thick of tall weeds was 

this old tile cutting saw table.

It was dirty covered with rust and of course no one

could be bothered with it.

I was leaping for joy when I knew

it was coming home with me after I asked.

I could see a beautiful console table in my mind.

We married it with a piece of glass

to achieve a match made in heaven with

its gorgeous turquoise blue legs.

A lovely landing place for me to

display the treasures of my heart...

We are blessed by our home being filled

with items that are cherished and loved.

Blessed by the uncovered beauty...

This week I will be joining and linking up

 with my favorite ladies in blog land.

I truly adore them!

Much love to all of you