Sunday, February 17, 2013

" Farm Style Love " DIY

When I first laid eyes upon this vintage table I realized

you had to see her beauty beyond the flaws.

This table had a price of 25.00 at Country Roads

and I just kept thinking I need to take you home.

Well I did but not until the following day when

Mr. Dior called to tell me the table had been marked down

to 10.00 dollars. I said " bring her home to me. "

 I wanted to restore her beauty and breathe life...

 I removed the layers of dust and dirt

so I could see her bare bones.

A little tender loving care was in order

and a man with some skills...

Her petite size made me

wonder how beautiful she would be

as a small farm style table...

So I placed her at the top of someone's " honey do list "

Mr. Dior removed the top of the table

while I gathered an old wood pallet I found

curbside a few weeks ago.

He began building a new support

while I chose the planks that I wanted for the new top.

We truly enjoyed working on this

together deciding how we should

restore her into a new table of beauty.

The imperfections make me love her more...

Here is the transition to the finish.

The wood pallet was perfect for this project.

I sealed the wood with Miss Mustard Seed's

furniture and antiquing wax.

I used the antiquing wax around certain areas to

make the dark spots more prominent

then sealed completely with the furniture wax.

I will share her complete makeover in an upcoming post...

I will be linking up with my favorite lovelies

this week in blogland...

The soul that sees beauty

may sometimes walk alone...

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Have a beautiful and blessed week

Monday, February 4, 2013

" The Game Changer "

After all of the Superbowl excitement I thought

this was a perfect lead to share my heart this week.

This is a DIY of a different sort

 Here we are on the field trying to reach

the finish and to succeed in life

where our dreams have led us.

The past two weeks I have watched and lived

a very different type of play on the field the one

that hits you in the blindside.

You know that one that steamrolls you

then completely knocks the wind out of you

and you feel pain you never ever expected.

A month ago my precious Gracie

decided to achieve a goal in school that required

much sacrifice and dedication. She was struggling

and had fallen behind. Since she is well liked and has

a large group of friends Gracie really knew that there

would be a lot she would have to " give up " in order

reach the top. Gracie's teacher assured me that she

had it in her. The weeks went by and I watched her determination

as she stayed focused while all of the others enjoyed

their sports and fun activities. She gave up everything studying

through the weekends and not attending play dates with her cousin.

I was proud of her even through my recent stay in the hospital

she continued to move forward past her worry. I kept in touch with her

by phone but I could hear it in her voice. She is a trooper when it comes to my

battle, she does not understand Lupus but she knows

it takes her mama away from her with no prior warning.

I'm proud of my girl, real proud, darn proud!

{Forgive me today my words are raw with emotion}

So with great anticipation she gets to the top and

we as her family are celebrating, her big brothers are

cheering her on. Her teacher is proud of her great effort

and then she gets sacked!

I watched her sweet face as she walked through

the door and placed down her backpack.

As the tears stream down her face she speaks

with quivering lips " No one was happy for me, some

of my friends did not want to hang out or talk to me today "

Then she said it " they liked me better when I was at the bottom "

Gracie knew it! At nine her insight and her heart was

telling her the truth, some of her friends were not rejoicing with her.

I grabbed her and held her tight and I knew

mama had to share with her girl some

 of the ugly life would have in store for her.

I could not spare her this painful lesson.

This lesson was a DIY that she had to struggle through

regarding the actions of others.

The weeks prior God was already preparing my heart

for this.  I had been steamrolled and as a big girl

I called in the " besties " for back up.

You know there is strength in numbers

and that was " The Game Changer " for me.

As I spent time talking with the girls

we all had faced the same challenge. There were those that

were not happy for us, did not support our endeavors

did not rejoice in our success. Those that stopped talking to us or

 treated us differently. Bottom line it hurt

and it stunk to high heaven.

For me I realized God had placed incredible women

in my life. Ones that are warriors women of strength

and honor. Women that can carry you off the field with one

arm when you are lying there helpless

 and kick your fanny back into a position

to fight for the finish!

{ I love you Girls}

As I prayed for an approach to help Gracie

I was blessed by the

strength of words from my beautiful mama.

" Truth or rosey colored glasses? " is what she

has raised me by. Then she said " Love is a choice do not let

your pain hold you prisoner "

 Choose love...

I pray the Lord's guidance to teach Gracie

 that we can truly

show love to others even when they

hurt us, even when we feel such deep pain

from their actions and words.

I do not want her pain to hold her captive.

I want her to become a woman of grace

and forgiveness. To be a women whose heart can

love in the most difficult circumstances.

I know so many of us are facing

one trial or another at this moment.

We are trying to make it to the finish

and there are the ones that will tackle us

and pummel us right there on our own field.

Surround your heart with those who love you

and support your journey. 

Each of us need to be celebrated, cheered for,

coached from the sidelines and most of all

loved at the place life has us.

There is a new quarterback on the field this week

and she is living her fairytale!

Fight to the Finish...

Much love from me to you