Monday, July 25, 2011

Country Roads Bliss

Just another day doing what I love.... the pure bliss of display...

burlap dreams...

Using what I love to work with...

making my heart pitter patter...

doesn't that make you want to have a picnic

with a loved one...

more rust and salvaged goods

my gratitude overflows to

Lisa Moran at Bilancia Designs

who blessed my heart this week...

And to all of the ladies

I will be doing my birthday giveaway later this week

with my sweet mama drawing the lucky winner

my love to you


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

the beauty of truth

Love is extravagant

in the price it is willing to pay

the time it is willing to give

the hardships it is willing to endure

and the strength it is willing to spend

Joni Eareckson Tada

my love and grattitude to all of you

who continue to uphold me and with your

love and prayers...

Among God's best gifts to us

are the people who love us...

linking up to lovely Kathleen's White Wednesday


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Beauty from Ashes " my Lupus fairytale "

Beauty from ashes lay in my soul as I struggle with battling Lupus everyday.

My heart is overflowing with love due to what has unfolded in my life

 since I joined  Sue and her Country Roads  family over a year ago.

I am blessed by the hearts of the most amazing women, bloggers

and customers who have become a beautiful support system for me.

(necklace made for me as a gift by Denise)
Her jewelry can be purchased at Truly Tattered

Sometimes the road is so difficult that we are on and the

sweetness and love of true friendship

is found through the valley of our sorrows...

That unexpected something that happens and changes

your life and heart forever

Friends who hold your heart, pray for you, cry with you and for you

and rejoice for each little milestone that you overcome

 Friendship that is built on unconditional love...

Each day faces a new challenge and also brings

forth to me a new gift...

Like this old tattered urn so is my story

every chip, crack and break is my journey

thats leads me to be so grateful for

every  simple thing in my life...

I would not trade a thing to miss out on all that

has embraced me over the past year...

The most rare and precious rose blooms in adversity...

Much love to all of you from my heart

 Every good and perfect gift comes from above

James 1:17

My fairytale continues...


linking up to sweet Kathleen's White Wednesday