Wednesday, September 25, 2013

" To Each His Own " DIY

This bittersweet summer season
I learned much more than
I ever thought possible...
I rescued pieces
so unloved my heart broke
as I looked at them waiting by the wayside
I reflected upon life while I was
waiting for a season of change...

When I stumbled upon this deconstructed chair under a heap
of trash I melted...

I felt like I was tearing apart my own soul
as I removed the left over old and tarnished fabric.
I kept pulling out the old stuffing to get to her bones, her true beauty.
As I painted over her dark old wood stain
I saw the treasured finish that I knew was under that mess.
Springs showing and remnants of what once was still holding on
 while I sanded her to a smooth finish.
My heart smiled
and I placed her in a corner
where I could admire all that she holds
just like my soul...
The heart wanders through this life and sometimes
we journey a season alone...


This vintage desk was transformed
inside my mind the minute I found her.
Her top was so worthy
of another chance...

After removing the top then sanding  
I used scrap reclaimed wood to give her
new legs and then painted a French Gray wash
to complete her new Farm style look...


She was renewed
and full of beauty to shine...
Two unwanted end tables
spurred my creative flow into
 industrial beauty...
Attaching reclaimed wood planks to the tops
and using wax to give a true rich finish...

Simple and sweet to pull up next to
a cozy chair...

My heart is filled
with joy as I look at the end result...
This week I will be linking up with
my favorite lovelies in Blog land...
For those of you who hold me up
in your prayers I am so thankful for each and every one
of you. I am so blessed to be here
back blogging and ready to share
my projects for this lovely Fall season.
With a heart filled with love
and thanksgiving I wish you
all a very blessed week...