Saturday, April 27, 2013

" Soft and Simple Spring "

Soft and simple

is the motto here in the Dior home.

I love how the simple beauty 

of nature is just enough

to color my world happy and content...

Nature draws me in while

offering me a peaceful surrounding.

The beauty of the neutral palette

is how a subtle color will come alive...

  Together along with other elements...

Creating a softness that calms...

Using a few elements of the sea...

Using some of my lavender that I dry

outdoors to bleach

a soft warm tone that I love for our home...

I'm linking up with my favorite gals in

blog land this week..

Have a beautiful and blessed week!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

" Healing our broken hearts "

Our hearts were broken by a loss we did not

expect and therefore I took a short

blogging break from my weekly posts.

{Gracie and our new adopted sweet girl}

Shortly after Easter we found out that our sweet

American bull dog Lola had cancer that

had come out of no where and it

was causing her such tremendous pain.

Lola blessed our lives

from the day my son brought her 

home from the breeder

at 10 weeks old.

Each month she grew...

and grew

and we loved her more...

She was loyal...

She loved us as her family

and we cherished everyday with her...

This was the last photo I took of her

with my son Christopher on Easter.

We were all so very devastated since she was

only four years old.

If you are an animal lover you know

they are like your children

they are a huge part of your family.

We said our tearful goodbyes while

Christopher and I stayed with her

till the end that day.

The ride home was such an emptiness

in my heart sitting between he

and Gracie while they were sobbing.

As a mother I held them tight

while my own tears were endless.

We had lost our girl...

Each day that passed it hurt so much

to not see her sweet face.

Last week I was sitting outside thinking

about my high school friend Denny

who is always posting about rescuing

a dog through adoption.

Denny is a firefighter and a wonderful family man.

I thought about how passionate he was

through all of his face book posts.

Then I decided that pet adoption

would be our perfect fit.

 adopted from OC Animal Care

As I walked around the volunteer that

helped us named Debbie told us

this sweet girl had been over looked at three years of age.

I asked to spend time with her

and when those soulful eyes looked into mine

I knew she was it.

It tugged my heart just thinking how my mom

adopted me at age twelve and I too had

been over looked by families who

wanted a younger child.

I think that is where our souls connected

and I had to bring her home.

I called Christopher and he drove to meet me there

and as you can see she stole our hearts.

She was a family surrender after

they had lost their home.

I was so happy that we could offer

her a home where she would be spoiled

with endless love.

We decided to keep the name

that she was given by her previous family.

This is our new sweet girl

" Guinevere "

She took us by storm in one short week

and we are head over heels in love with her.

Each day with Guinevere our broken hearts are healing.

A heart felt thank you to my friend

Denny who continues to support the shelters

 who find loving homes for these beautiful

animals through adoption.

 Lola girl we will carry the love 

in our hearts for you forever...

Friday, April 12, 2013

" Rescue Me " styled for Spring

This week I wanted to share my latest

Spring style rescue.

You know the stuff that makes my heart skip a beat...

My sweet friend Carrie

found a lovely worn and unloved vintage table by a dumpster

and her hubby brought it to me.

There is great joy when your girlfriends

find you trash that they know you will love.

Carrie is a precious blessing to my heart!

The legs had such beautiful lines

and great character.

We stripped the pieces of the table top

to remove all of the old wood stain.

Mr. Dior built the base and then we salvaged

a few planks to form the top of the table.

I first used a clear wax to seal the wood

then white washed paint over the wax.

The last step I sanded a smooth finish

with 120 grit sand paper and sealed again

with clear wax for protection.

I wanted the table top

to have a farm style look to it.

And now the perfect finish...

I used the same gray white wash technique

on the rescued shutters against the wall.

I added a sea lavendar plant to add a splash of color

during the spring season. I love that it will last

much longer than fresh flowers.

I fell head over heels for this large old urn

that I rescued with a broken base.

It has such a gorgeous patina

that evolved from years of weather damage.

I gathered branches from our backyard

to bring a touch of nature inside.

The small table top urn

I grabbed at my local Goodwill store

for a few dollars. It made the perfect

container for my sea lavendar...

I'm delighted to share

that I am a monthly contributor

 to the fabulous Houzz.

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I will be linking up this week

with my favorite gals in blogland

Wishing each of you

a week full of love and blessings