Tuesday, June 29, 2010

WHITE WEDNESDAY is a Summer Breeze


its a nice day for a WHITE WEDNESDAY

a little magic going on for the big 4th sale

at my favorite place Country Roads

Sue is having a BIG PRE SALE on July 3rd

wonderful discounts from our dealers

just in
vintage glass lamp with a burlap shade

I just love old book pages

more items coming for the big sale

and now last but not least for the

finale our sweet precious Lola

and of course my big punk

she is always good in a pinch

with her pretty white fur

Lola loves her master


Sunday, June 27, 2010

A break in the CLOUDS

Another tough week .... fighting with my illness and finally a victory and bouncing

back to the place that makes my heart warm inside...

I purchased this old wood sconce from one of our dealers

here at Country Roads I was in love from the get go

decided to grant the request of some of my regular

customers that I carry more furnishings

so why not

Miss Gracie got a new "do"

never seen a girl so happy to chop off her long locks

diva-tude for sure

the apple doesn't fall far, does it?

more lamps, chairs and other furnishings coming to

space 31# at Country Roads

say a pray for Sue she has really been under

the weather and she is never sick.

 leaving you with a few more happy shots

yes, she is surely my girl

my love to all of you

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

White Wednesday & Celebrations

Hi Girls I am so excited to be linking up to Kathleen's White Wednesday party

It's hard to believe it all started here at Country Roads this past March

I've missed being part of this great WW fun!!!

more whites that sold last week...

more chippy goodness

this great dresser went home with my sweet friend

Rose from The Tarnished Crown she also

sells her amazing stuff here at Urban Barn

this beautiful vintage steamer trunk is

on sale this week at Country Roads for only 200.00

and the amazing old dollie cart is there for 50.00

she's got some sass I tell you...

and now for the Celebrations!!!!!

my big punk made his mama proud

so blessed that my mom was well enough to share

this special day with us

even my oldest punk was there and

I was a very happy mama to say the least

then a few days later we danced the night away

and celebrated with family & friends

of course my Gracie stole the show!!!

Happy White Wednesday!!!!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

A bit of Inspiration

I've been huddled down in bed all day sick in pj's thinking
about the smile on my face...

See next week my big punk is graduating 

and mommy the event planner

has a million notes on backs of envelopes,

 we planners do that you know

 then I got to fluffing the home a bit cuz I love my neutrals

Well part of my daily read is Le Ann over at Vintage Sassy

 she is simply adorable and a girl after my heart

 no grass growin under her feet

She uses great "pops" of color in her home

and so I was INSPIRED to change up the

neutral palette for the party unfolding next week...

I love expresso brown...

then I found my hubs, working on a glider

that someone was going to throw out


I'm sorry all workers are subject to bum shots

especially this one...

still smiling over this find

see Amy's pillow, sweet huh

sea shells from my Gracie girl...

every good day ends like this

have a beautiful weekend girls

love, kate xoxo

inspiration courtesy of

LeAnn of Vintage Sassy

Monday, June 7, 2010

Special Arrival from "MITTENS"

Today my special package arrived from sweet Amy at MITTENS

I was one of the lucky winners of her Happiness Giveaway!!!

Amy contacted me to ask what date to place on the pillow?

I shared with Amy that we just found out my mother has cancer

and that we are treasuring the time that we have left together.

I asked Amy if she could put both of our birth dates on the pillow

since my mom always writes them together for years now.

isn't it beautiful!

she sent a very precious note since I shared with her

why I wanted these dates on it

my mother smiled and said "awwww" when she saw it

we found a special place to display it

for those of you who follow my mom adopted me at twelve

she was my foster parent and then decided to

keep me forever. Even though my heart is breaking I am still

so thankful that I have her for a bit longer

Amy thank you so very much for all of your kindness

I am ever so grateful to you for this

Amy is quite talented and you have to stop by her etsy shoppe

and her little boy "Brooklyn" is the most adorable

stop by MITTENS and see all of her wonder

please say a prayer for my mother Angie

we all love her so very much

love, kate

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Day Dreaming at Country Roads

This post is for Sue at Country Roads

Sue always says Country Roads is a magical place

my Gracie says " it is so"

my strong willed girl...

she loves  spending time

in Johnnye Merle Gardens

just being part of the amazing family at Country Roads

we are blessed...

Sue, Carol, Yesi, Katie & Bryce you are

all so very wonderful and caring

a very special thank you to Kristin "my favorite princess"

who captured these expressions of Gracie

love, Kate