Thursday, June 21, 2012

" Fitting the occasion "

When we listen to our heart

dreams become a reality...

After the sweet and charming 

Beth Livesay  featured my blog in

the June 2012 issue of Romantic Homes Magazine

an unexpected blessing happened...

I started receiving emails

from ladies who asked if I would be

willing to do some style design

work in their homes.

The past twenty years I have spent designing

themed weddings and corporate events

 for my wonderful clients.

With the encouragement of my loving and

very supportive Mr. Dior,

my family and dear friends

I have begun the newest

chapter of my life...

With great anticipation I look forward

to these opportunities

and follow where my heart leads...

I truly am enjoying helping

others reach their decorating goals

and a " Look for Less"  style on a budget!

This week I

will be joining some amazing link parties

Wishing all of my readers

a beautiful and blessed week!

Thank you again Beth

from Romantic Homes Magazine!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

"the walk of life"

{No whites and decor today

this one is from my heart}

Chances are at one time or another we

have to face a challenge in our life

that leaves an uncertainty...

A time where our path seems

so unclear of what lies ahead...

Yet life waits for nothing so we

have to keep walking and waiting

to see where the roads leads...

I wish at times as I cling to my faith

that I would be fearless like my sweet Gracie.

 Through her eyes and spirit

I am renewed to embrace what is

" the here and now "

 Our days are too precious and valuable

to give in to the " what ifs "

As I ponder life and the trials we all have to

face in one form or another I know this to be true

without God I am nothing...

Today as the ground shakes for some of us

 approaching the battlefield we are not

alone God has provided friends

{warriors} and loved ones

to go the distance with us...

How blessed are we to have those in our lives

who lift us up with encouragement, prayers

and most of all unwaivering love...

I truly hope that we can embrace life

moment by moment...

No pettiness to steal the joy

of what living is truly about.

My prayer is to bless the lives

of those who know me and share

the beauty of this life God has given.

That each person I come in contact with

whether stranger or friend will

always be left with a feeling of love

and compassion from my heart

even on my darkest days...

May your week be filled

with much love and blessings


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Rustic Whites

My focus this summer season

is adding touches of a

rustic feel to the Dior home...

{Custom Pillows}

 by lovely Rose of The Tarnished Crown

{Curb side finds}

Vintage leather chair and an old

luggage stand topped with glass

 for a quick end table...

An old piece of wood scaffold

propped against the wall

for character...

Old produce crate to house some beach wood

{Curb side reclaimed wood}

Used for a head board

white washed in gray

fits nicely with linens from the Goodwill.

 All linens from the Simply Shabby Chic

line sold at Target.

{ I rotate five local Goodwills to purchase Target overstock}

Beautiful coral in our home

from my friend Loretta...

Wood Lamp and linen shade

are both Goodwill finds

I painted a chalk gray wash over the lamp base

{Perfect for relaxing}

{I love mixing old wood with white}

This week I will be joining some very

lovely ladies...

{Sneak Peek}

 These bold & graphic 

custom pillows made by my friend Rose

inspired me for a design project

that I will be sharing in

the upcoming weeks...

Much love to each of you