Monday, December 31, 2012

" Vintage Country Vows "

Every girl dreams of her day...

The day she takes that walk down the aisle

from her daddy's arm and says

" I do"

I was blessed so very much by my last

wedding of this season...

Brittany & James

Being a wedding planner for over twenty years

I have done my share of getting the bride

down the aisle, but this gal she stole my heart...

As the good Lord had planned he knew

this wedding would spark a deep place inside of me...

The hiding place that holds all the dreams

I have seen come true...

When Brittany shared her vision

of a vintage country wedding I knew

we were kindred spirits...

Especially when she found this old gate

door from a horse stable and wanted to use it as

part of her ceremony site...

The moment I saw her in her gown that

day I fought back my tears.

Brittany was a stunning beauty...

The most beautiful part of

this wedding was the labor of love behind it.

So many loving hands helped bring forth

Brittany's dream of a vintage country wedding.

The wedding took place at her

parents residence that we transformed into

her country style setting...

Tents were put up, bales of hay set down

and even the burlap place settings along with

wedding favors were hand made by dear friends...

This vintage truck provided by a family friend

was a perfect backdrop for

her beautiful photos

Brittany's man of her dreams James

was a true darling of a groom.

This moment with her daddy

my tears flowed like a river as

I watched them together

during their father daughter dance...

Every moment of this wedding

was filled with love

as these two families united together...

I walked away with so much love

in my heart that night

for many reasons...

Mr. Dior who was there to make sure I was

able to get through it all.

My wonderful business partner Leslee whom I am forever 

grateful for the many years we have worked

side by side during all of our events...

That she can still read my mind

and finish my sentences.

Most of all I am so very honored to

have been the wedding planner

for this amazing couple!

Brittany & James

Wishing you both a lifetime of God's

blessing for your marriage...

I leave you with our favorite

marriage verse...

Though one may be overpowered,

two can defend themselves.

A cord of three strands is not easily broken.

Ecclesiates 4 : 12

Much love to you both

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Jewel Toned Vintage

When I spotted this box

of vintage ornaments at the Goodwill

I knew they would be perfect with our neutral palette...

I started adding some other elements with the jewel tones

for a festive holiday look...

I mixed in some of my coastal pieces as well...

I softened the room with lighter pastels

to add some warmth to our barn doors...

and a cozy throw...

My mama loves her Santa Claus collection

so I added this old one that was a pale 

 velvet butter yellow...

I added a starfish to his robe...

I loved the simple holiday touches

with a bit of old...

After the holidays Mr. Dior and I have decided

that we will start with a new fresh color for the

inside of our home.

We have loved the years of our warm brown

color but we have some new projects on the horizon

that we will be sharing.

For those of you who asked

this is the code for the paint in

our living room and entry way.

{Vista Paint}

I will be linking up this week with

the lovelies in blogland.

Wishing all of you a very blessed

and joyous holiday season...

{Linen graphic pillows The Tarnished Crown}

Much love to all of you

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Rustic Winter Living

Just a small glimpse

of our " rustic living " at the Dior home

to warm your hearts and inspire your winter

souls this Holiday season...

{Swiss cross pillow Sweet Tea and Linen}

{Linen pillows The Tarnished Crown}

Thank you to each of you

who entered my holiday giveaway

Winner by random draw


the lovely Sherry

Please contact me Sherry so

we can send out your holidays gifts!

Linking up with my favorite gals

Have a blessed winter week

much love to all of you

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Kate's Favorite Things " Holiday Giveaway "

Happy Holidays

Hi everyone I am truly

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Wishing each of you

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Much love from me to you

Thursday, November 29, 2012

A treasure of my heart

As many of my readers know my blog

is a sharing of my decorating passions

 and a sharing of my heart...

Twenty years ago

I stood in church sharing a testimony

of my faith and out in the crowd

there was a beautiful woman

with tears smiling at me.

Afterward she came and gave me the warmest

hug and shared that she wanted

to be my friend.

When I think of the word friend

I realize many have a different perception

of the true meaning of friendship.

1993 began the journey

that my dearest Camilla and I would

see through together.

Only the good Lord knew what we

would become to each other.

We were wives and mothers raising our

young children while sharing joys and sorrows.

I loved that we had that common thread of

rescuing a curbside find and restoring life

back into it. Before long we began doing

the same for the other ones soul.

She mentored me through

a bible study and

our bond grew even more.

All of this was

the preparation for what was to become.

Life happened and the waters

were choppy and then they were treacherous.

Cami became my life line and I hers

as we lived through the waves thrashing us about.

Our spiritual armor was going through the war

week after week month after month.

She coined the phrase that I use

" dog paddling " to stay above water.

We woke at 5:30 am everyday and phoned

the other and prayed for each other.

One day we happened upon this

tiny book " Faithful Friends ".

As life would lead us

there we were marking the pages with

flower petals in certain places

then passing it back and forth between us.

In our hearts we knew when it

was time to give it back to the other.

All of the petals still remain

in this three inch book of love

that is our treasure.

Cami even began calling me

every Thanksgiving morning

and we sing together over the phone.

" This is the day that the Lord has made "

My oldest who is twenty five had remarked to

me the other day " I can't believe you two still

sing that on Thanksgiving." He remembered that from

his childhood days.

Over the years death came, divorce came

along with much heartache and pain, yet

she still remained faithful and when sickness

came to me she was my warrior

of prayer and strength.

Cami teases me till this day

she says " I'm all show and no go "

held together with chewing gum and paper clips

referring to the break down of my body

through years of battling this illness.

We laugh so much over that.

A few months ago at her father's memorial service

Cami placed the Faithful Friends book in my hand

when I arrived and we tearfully embraced.

This past week

I read each page and shed many tears.

We have seen each other through the

worst times of our lives during which

a few we were unable to be a great friend

to the other. There was pain and with that

 followed periods of silence.

During that silence there was growth

and a renewed spirit that bloomed

in each of us.

I thanked God this week

over and over again that He

chose us to be these Faithful Friends.

The commitment that is honored,

the grace that is given.

That neither of us suffer the other

over the past hurts. We rejoice

in the love that stands firm.

What a rare beauty to find someone who can love

you even when you are not

at your best and still treasure you

within their heart.

Camilla you are the most amazing

and beautiful woman I am truly

blessed beyond words.

 I thank the Lord

for His gift of our Faithful Friendship

I love you and thank you

for your perserverance

and steadfast love.

Linking up with my favorite gals

Stop by later this week

for a lovely holiday giveaway!

Much love to each of you...