Wednesday, June 22, 2011

White Wednesday " my heart skips a beat "

This White Wednesday I am show casing a treasure that Mr. Dior decided had to

come home with him. A gentleman in a nearby city was trying desperately to get

rid of a vintage hutch that had been painted white. When he told Mr. Dior that he

just needed it gone and would take less to nothing that is when hubs decided to make

an executive decision. I on the other hand was saying " what am I going to do with a

hutch? " I'm not a hutch kind of a gal " Then he said " just trust me ."

I was beyond words after I filled it with all of my

coral and glass bottles that I love

It was the perfect fit in that corner

and my mama loves looking at it everyday

especially at night when I turn the lights on inside

well I am truly in love with it


and to think I was trying to talk

hubs into not bringing it home

I love that it is not oversized

and just pretty, simple & yet elegant

what a gift this was to my heart

an unexpected little blessing

Now let's move on to my Princess Gracie

the Lupus monster has been affecting my lung function

so I am running at a snails pace with her room

but I found an old wood headboard near the Store

that someone had out to trash even though it was

a full size I knew it would work.

Off to the Goodwill and I stumbled upon a king size

comforter from the Simply Shabby Chic collection

including the shams for ten dollars.

So I upholstered the headboard and then my girl was in LOVE

with her new bed

Gracie has the sweetest smile on her face

when I tuck her in at night and we say our prayers

its too cute for words...

At another Goodwill I picked up her

pink ruffle panels for 3.99 each from

the Simply Shabby Chic collection as well

they look lovely against the custom color Oatmeal linen

I did for her walls very soft & calming

I am hoping after a few more weeks strengthing my lungs

from treatment I will be able to finish this sweet girl's room

and show you how we did it under 300.00 dollars

I'm leaving you with a quick fun project for you

girls who love succulents like I do.

a few clippings from my garden and a little moss filled

this old abalone shell I had in the shed and

I added a few peices of broken coral...

Happy White Wednesday !!!

Thank you for all of your prayers, emails, texts &

love and support

my cup runneth over...



Wednesday, June 15, 2011

White Wednesday " Salvage Dior Style "

I love chippy furniture , coral & glass 

these elements are staples in my displays

an element of the unexpected

I beat to my own drum

and love what I create

I think out of the box  A LOT...


One of the most beautiful doors

I loved using it for displays

 If I have twigs & branches on hand

well then Kate is a happy girl...

Can't get enough of vintage school books

I get weak just looking at the pages

these vintage algebra books

went to Country Roads and found a new home

the rustic coffee table just arrived there this week as well

another love of mine mixing coral, crystals and rust

leave no stone unturned I say...

Gracie decided that she wanted to start learning

about the flea market so we started with a small one

since it was her first time. Here she is meeting Jackie

from Annie Louise and her sister Jeanette

Gracie had saved her money

and had seven dollars to use for the day.

 I was teaching her to negotiate

just like her mama, and here is how it unfolded.

 Gracie is excited that she has 1.75 left

and found a dealer who sells sea shells which she loves

so she starts putting together her pile...

Now are you ready for this?

Her pile totaled 1.85 and when she told him

that she only had a 1.75 he insisted that she pay him the dime

or put one shell back in the box

Here comes the look...

There you have it she is truly my child

I was trying so hard to keep from laughing

then from giving the dealer a look since she is only seven

so I gave him the dime, I was not having any bit 

of her putting back a shell

{insert my thoughts}

Don't mess with my cub mister!!!

I'm glad that I captured it on the camera

a priceless memory for my heart forever...

Linking up with Kathleen for

her fabulous White Wednesday

much love from me & Gracie girl


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Training up a princess

When I started Gracie's room makeover most of you remember my post where I

got my inspiration from  a flea market chair

 I started planning the

urban shabby chic room with her

love of art and wild horses

working with a budget of only 300.00

dollars for my princess Gracie...

This weekend at the Irvine Flea my friend Rose

surprised me with a monogram sham for

Gracie. She also had this perfect salvaged shutter

with a chalk board center & hooks that she created.

I knew that would be a lovely addition to a dressing

spot for Gracie's room

Yes, picture this face when I showed it to her

she said " Oh wow now I see where your going "

I held back my laughter as I showed her the gift

from Rose. Then she replys " Have I met her?"  "Not

yet" I told her then she looks at me with all seriousness

" Mom I need to meet your friends"

then I had her in full {swoon} mode when I

revealed the Jersey sheets from Simply Shabby Chic

that are on their way for her bed

" Just like yours mom?" she was in heaven

Gracie was a bit concerned at first with my vision

for her room, as she pondered my ideas.

she speaks her mind with such confidence

and knows what she wants...

Having raised two older boys that are

now in college the good Lord should have

given me a handbook to prepare me for

looking into a mirror with my daughter

I am not sure if she needs to meet my

friends or if they need to meet her...

I decided to hang the bag the sheets arrived in

on a hanger in her closet for misc stuff

that a Princess might need...

I am looking forward to putting the final touches

before debuting her new

Urban Shabby Chic princess pad...

 I hope Sue laughs as much as we did about this

Gracie's father and I attended Open House.  Each

child was asked to write about their parents

{deep breath}

So we are standing there reading the opening line

My father builds homes for other people

and my mom " well she is a dealer and works hard selling

the stuff on the weekends"  (are you rolling on the floor

yet.) Of course Gracie's second grade teacher is NOT a warm fuzzy

at all and proceeds to show concern. The next day Gracie comes

home from school and says " My teacher is worried she needs to

know what kind of dealer are you?"

I could not stop laughing at how cute her little face was.

She said " I know that you have planned weddings mom for a long

time but I love that you have a new work!

There you have it from the mouths of babes...

loving this girl with all of my heart...

linking up to Kathleen's White Wednesday

and sending all of you much love...


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

White Wednesday " the ties that bind us "

do you ever think about the ties that bind us...

I was brought to tears when I received this bottle with

the "k" on it from Amy at Mittens

enclosed was a precious note saying

that she was out one night saw this and thought of me...

I often wonder if we ever realize how blessed we are

when we journey through life and

we meet others who leave footprints on our hearts...

I was blessed again this week by the beautiful

Dore of Burlap Luxe

when she shared an inspiration from

one of my pillows that she used to create her breath taking

salvage inspiration...

Dore is such an elegant beauty...

full of grace...

wherever the road will lead us

may we travel with a willing and open heart...

Please join Kathleen for another beautiful

edition of White Wednesday

and to leave you with my favorite find of the week ladies

these are available at Costco

in gray, pink & white

soft & yummy with ruffles...

Blessings to you this Wednesday...