Tuesday, August 31, 2010

White Wednesday Water Day

Changing it up this week for Kathleen's wonderful White Wednesday Post

Here is our Lola girl she so loves to play in the water...

the summer heat has her doing her thing

Lola jumps for joy when she sees the hose come out

she is such a character

Christopher my middle one is Lola's real master

Happy White Wednesday Ladies!!!

photo credits to Rick Maxwell Photography

Monday, August 30, 2010

Pieces of Me

This week at Country Roads I am bringing in all of my "me" pieces

I have such a love for the coast and a mix of industrial salvage

There are old picture frames that have arrived, salvaged windows and

some beautiful vintage silverware that will be coming at the end of the week.

Sue is having a terrific sale at the Store for Labor Day, you won't want to miss

just a splash of Black

old maps in beautiful frames

my chippy diva table is resting a spell for the first time

she is easy on the eyes

Little miss "G" started second grade today

she was so nervous about being on the big campus

this year she hugged me over and over

whispering that she was nervous

my children's father is a professional photographer 

and when he showed me the proof of this photo

that he took of us it melted my heart away

even my hubs thought Rick out did himself with this one

my cup runneth over

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

White Wednesday a trip to Anthro

One of the greatest perks of being an event planner over the years is the travel

seeing beauty from different locations of where others dwell

I fell in love with this Anthropologie at Victoria Gardens located in

Rancho Cucamonga, California on a shopping trip for a client

the bedding was dreamy along with all of the chippy shutters

everything was fresh and inviting

I loved this salvaged piece that housed the shower curtains

sweet and ever so charming bed side table

even the store front was so unique

now for a little splash of white from the STORE

chippy goodness

all of these yummy pieces are from Sue's Boy Bryce

he has the most amazing pieces of salvage and industrial

I have been buying pieces from Bryce for the past few years

he just has the eye for the items I love

last but not least my Lola girl wanted to

jump in on the White Wednesday action hosted

by the dear Kathleen she is a true gem of a lady

She simply warms my heart

Join all of the talent these ladies have and share

in the beauty of White

a few of you have asked the breed of our Lola

she is an American Bull Dog

Have a beautiful White Wednesday

Sunday, August 15, 2010

All in a DAYS work

Hubs and I started our day at Veterans Flea in Long Beach today

First stop my sweet Rose, and she had her space hopping with

the ladies buying her wares...

Then we started shopping and I had to socialize with my pals from the STORE

oh the fun when you are a part of Sue's big family of Dealers

Two trips to the truck & after a long day we headed to Country Roads

I walked in and found Sue at the counter so I asked

her where the bathroom was? If you read her blog you will

be laughing by now

since its was late in the afternoon I figured it would be

the perfect time to unload some of my finds from

the weekend of junking and I was surprised to meet

a few of my customers who were there and very sweet

then just when I got back to work I heard a voice say

" Kate " and when I looked up it was cute as a button

Sheila from Tattered Goods and I screamed with

delight I have been wanting to meet her for quite some

time and I have not been well enough when she has done

a show in her area, so this was such a treat to meet her

She was there with Sara from Sweet Magnolia's Farm

even Abby and Papa Fred were there too!!!

Sara just met me so I didn't jump all over her like I did

with Sheila, next time I will though!!! I'm a warm fuzzy girl

Never in a million would I imagine being around such

wonderful and talented women doing what we do

my little tea cart went to a new home today with

a few other goodies

the white built in is still available

all of the black pieces left as well

I added this white frame to my wall collection at home

this one's a keeper too

I have new industrials this week along with some burlap

pieces I have been working on and a few more lamps

coming to # 31 at the Store

and I heart this guy so very much for pushing my cart all day

according to the very talented

Have a terrific week ladies

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

White Wednesday " Mixing it Up "

Hi Girlie's I'm mixing it up at the Store and it's been quite fun

I shared with Sue that I was setting higher goals in # 31

so hubs challenged me, HMMMM this girl loves a challenge

first up an old tea cart that was in need of a makeover

and so with that said she arrived this morning at

Country Roads all dressed in white with some shabbiness

for an old gal her casters were in great shape

she looked quite spiffy rolling into my space

next up my chippy diva that resides in my casa

yes she is a KEEPER for sure

new lamps added this week

TA DA mixing it up


Loving the boldness of the black against my burlap walls

Please join our lovely hostess

Kathleen  for the White Wednesday goodness

blessings to you

Monday, August 9, 2010

Weekend Haul

Here's my haul from the weekend girls!!!!

this beautiful candelabra full of rust and chippiness

just arrived to # 31 at the STORE

Sue's heart is warmed when we refer to CR as the store

really great 3 drawer night stand full of character

the close up " rust heaven "

when it runs in your veins you never tire of this

my big punk starts college next week so I will

miss all of his help " you know the my loader &

unloader" its hard to believe he is my middle child

SPOILED ROTTEN  yet never slipped through the

cracks, and is such a sweetheart I must say

I fell in love with this black oval mirror when I found it

I love filling hanging baskets

most of these items found a new home over the weekend

not my usual style but I loved this old carpenter's tool box

I could see it filled with old bottles then filled with single stem

blooms or greens

The STORE looks amazing and the items

that are coming in the dealer spaces are FABULOUS

I had the pleasure of meeting a customer who shops

my space named Kelly who was utterly adorable and

told me she loved my little area then she got even " cuter "

when she shared that she loved " how cheap I was "

Hubs was smiling cuz he loves that TOO!!!

Really the blessings are too many to count when you

are a part of this family

lots of love from Salvage Dior

Monday, August 2, 2010

Coffee, Me & the Flea

The girl had quite the weekend!!!

Most of you who follow know that I just love going to the flea with hubs

then seeing the sweet and talented Rose from the Tarnished Crown well

she had this old salvaged header which I fell in love with

it made into a new arrangement over my sofa...

then Rose surprised me with a handmade necklace that

she had made for my birthday

it was presented to me in that darling nest

and to add to my excitement of the flea

the other princess "K" designed these amazing cards

for me that have my bloggy web and my dealer space

at Country Roads so I felt extra special when I

could hand them out

she has a darling blog HERE 

"K"  also designs my blog for me

we had quite the family at the flea this past weekend

First up is Frank who is dealer # 13 at the STORE

Frank has an amazing space full of cowboy

very cool as he is, Frank was busy talking to pretty women

on Sunday so I had to interupt and get a photo op

then we have our charming Christina and her

hunky husband, he has a name but thats what I call him

Christina is dealer #64 and I love her coastal charm

and other wonders that she has.

She asked me how I had time to blog with all that

I have going on. Well I don't feed my family of course,

or clean. "Just teasing girls"  all these years of event planning

have truly given me the Master's in multi-tasking

then we had to stop by and see our friends

Ken and Irma from

the neat part is Irma is the cousin of the sweet Ana

these ladies are truly a delight

Ken and Irma always have a wonderful display

at Irvine and the Rosebowl Flea

new arrivals this week in my dealer space

I filled this old fishing basket with shells

then I bumped into this handsome guy and

luckily he gave me a lift home!

have a lovely week ladies