Wednesday, December 16, 2009

White Wednesday Joy

I have been MIA for awhile its wrestling season so I have been going like crazy watching my son compete one tournament after another. All of a sudden during all of this our precious Lola started feeling miserable. We were not sure what was going on & before we knew it we are at the animal hospital with her and we are told she has the Parvo Virus which is the number one puppy killer. Words cannot describe the devastion that hit us. Those of you dog owners know they are just like one of your children. The vet was not sure how she contracted the virus since she is always in our backyard and was vaccinated, but it happened. We went through pure hell and lets just say a down payment on something hoping that she would pull through. It was moment by moment for us as I hardly slept for days. Lola is my son's love and he was crushed then trying to compete during all of this agony. It truly broke my heart as his mother to watch him suffer emotionally as we waited for the outcome day by day.

Well it was a Joy filled  White Wednesday  for our family as our Lola came home today....

hubby brought her home in his 1952 Willy

its hard to believe she is 21 weeks

and through all of this my "big punk" (stealing this from Tara:)

managed to take 2nd place in a 10 way tournament

my love & blessings to all of you

I'll be sleeping like a baby tonight with my favorite winter

blanket from Simply Shabby Chic

oh and baking with my favorite nephew too!!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

White Wednesday

This is what happens when my nephew and my son decide

 "they" want to join in the fun 

 at Kathleen's White Wednesday at Faded Charm!!!

They are adorable aren't they with their white beards

Happy White Wednesday to all

lots of love