Tuesday, March 30, 2010

White Wednesday "tea party"

Joining you on this glorious White Wednesday hosted by the lovely Kathleen are my

giant tea cups that are nestled in my space at Country Roads this week...

sitting upon these lovely white iron side tables...

joining in the tea party are these darling enamel ware canisters

and now for the metal bar cart I found this week

isn't she a beauty with three shelves...

Happy White Wednesday!!!!

make sure to stop by and see who parties with us...

simply me kate xoxo

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Lil Miss Gracie

For those of you who follow my blog I usually spend most of my rough mornings in bed reading all of your wonderful posts.  Awhile ago when the Lupus monster was giving me a hard time I was curled up with my laptop starting my day with those I love & coffee...

Megan from 1 funky woman rolls up with this post about her daughter Claire having a boyfriend named Henry. Claire & my Gracie are close in age and as I am reading this I am laughing so hard( I love the way Megan writes). By the end of it I was not sure if it was all the laughing or my Lupus but I hurt something awful.  Megan truly made my day.

I wrote to Megan sharing my heart felt joy over her post knowing one day I would encounter my Gracie having her "Henry" moment...

Enter Friday after school. Gracie has had this sweet friend "N" who lives one street over and they met in Kindergarten. I know his mom and they are a wonderful family. Gracie in all her excitement tells me that she has a problem to discuss with me??????

If you knew my Gracie this usually is something rather off...

yes well she begins "N wants to marry me???? he has known this since he saw me for the first time in Kindergarten. Please say yes mom, please please please, can you get married at six mom???? All of this is coming out in one breath I kid you not. I stood there for a minute holding my composure and then thinking of Megan's post about Claire and then I could not stop from smiling. Then Gracie adds "now mom be serious you do this for a living" as she refers to the years I have been a wedding planner. So I said well I'm sure when you grow up if you and "N" still want to get married I will plan it and it will be spectacular!!! Whew ok now I could not believe I was having that whole convo LOL

I decided that "N" should come over today for a little BBQ with our family so he did and someone was squealing with delight when she found out the news

he is truly such a sweetie pie...

they enjoyed playing handball together..

well hopefully tomorrow is filled with wardrobe changes and
that mom gets all the "bumps" out of her pony tail before school.

Oh Lupus monster you got nothing on me my Gracie is
gonna take me on the ride of my lifetime...

my love to you Megan for always making me laugh on my rough days....

simply me kate xoxo

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

White Wednesday " the junk inside my trunk"

Whatcha gonna do with all that junk, all that junk inside my trunk...

umm show it off for Kathleen's 40th White Wednesday post!!!!

this giant shell another amazing goodwill find!

goodwill table 2.99  white paint and new knob

I have a thing for keys...

they unlock dreams...

"G" lovin that stove at Country Roads 

just a bit of love for the "ducky"

lots of love found here...

loving the junk in my trunk!!!!!

simply me kate xoxo

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring time love at Country Roads

This little girl had the best day at Country Roads

I wanted her to see the joy that God has brought into

 her mommy's life & how

love takes something that life hurls us into

and brings forth many blessings

Upon arrival I introduced her to everyone, she could certainly

 feel the love

 that surrounds us starting with Sue herself

Gracie loved the gardens and all the beauty that unfolded

I had to giggle when I was snapping photos at her posing

My children's father is a professional photographer

 I forgot how natural this feels for her since she poses for daddy

 She truly had the best time and then had what a treat playing

hide and seek in the garden with my husband. Sue did a

sweet part in her blog

about them playing when she heard Gracie counting 1, 2, 3

Sue's daughter Brande does such an amazing job out in

Johnnye Merle Gardens & Nursery you have to stop by and catch

a bit of Spring time at Country Roads...

Happy Spring to all the lovelies

simply me kate xoxo

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

White Wednesday "free stuff"

This White Wednesday is extra special for me due to the fact I got to meet the lovely Kathleen in person this week as she was visiting Country Roads during her visit to Cali!

She and Sue were chatting when I came walking up to find Sue and Kathleen recognized me from my blog "imagine that" I was tickled!  She is the most loving in person and really adorable. I also met her darling daughter Nicole. We spent some time chatting and visiting while she was so gracious enough to let my hubby tease her with his silly jokes. We got so caught up in girl time we forgot to take a photo together. 

Ok so about free stuff, I love it when neighbors leave stuff on the curb! I was inspired this week as my little Gracie wanted to work on a project. So we grabbed this old cabinet from the curb and after shopping the house we turned it into this...

first we removed the door, then my little Gracie started scrubbing

isn't she cute

the we tea stained pages from an old book
and added photo copied birds from old cards

then some good old modge podge was added

she really had fun doing this all by herself

then we looked for items we had to put in the cabinet

Gracie did such a great job I think this will head over to

 to display some of my smaller items on the back porch.

"on a very Happy Note"

 I met this sweet friend at Country Roads

 when she " I spied" an item in my space and came to pick it up.

Now if I could only meet my inspiration and dear friend Polly, my Sweet AnaThe Texas Darling Anne, and Uber Talented Cindy   

that would have my heart singing for days to come...

love to all of you

simply me kate xoxo

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

For better, For worse

Being a wedding planner for the last eighteen years I have heard the "traditional wedding vows" thousands of times, I have cried during every ceremony of my clients. After awhile  it gets to be something that you are so familiar with hearing, but what about when the rubber meets the road and you have to live it...

I remember this day, shortly after our engagement...

My world was full of hope and anticipation of great things to come... In a few short months I was going to marry the man I had been friends with for twenty years, this was our fairy tale, my nottinghill 

I can't remember a time that I did not love him over the years

We exchanged our vows on July 26th 2008

 we said those words having no idea what the future would hold
the smiles. the laughter, the tears it was all so precious as I reflect back to that very beautiful day when time stood still

In sickness and in health,  for better or for worse...

yes we said that and I knew in my heart that it was true

As the holidays approached last year I started to not feel well, I chalked it up to stress. What event planner isn't stressed? Things started happening that seemed quite odd. I already had a heart condition that had given me some challenges in the past years, but there was something not right I could feel it. My cardiologist felt the same so he suggested a specialist. I asked to wait till after the New Year I had so much I was commited to already.  February came by rather quickly, and the test results came back. When I came home to share with my husband I was very matter of fact since I am always so put together.  The next few days were a blur as my Dr. said " I'm not sure you will be able to continue in your field of work?" Then told me that she was going to give me the best shot at a quality life. Then the rain came down...

 So here comes the for worse part...

I was terribly awful to my love, my words were harsh, I shut myself off from him. I wanted to just be left alone. I knew my actions were hurting his heart, but I could not stop the train wreck inside of me. My biggest fear was that he would be burdened caring for me and that in itself would take its toll.

He and I share such a strong faith and I knew God had a plan but I was blinded by my anger, frustration and most of all the unknown...

Finally one night I was lying in bed he wrapped his arms around me and held me so tight and said " share your heart with me" The tears exploded and my words were my turning point. " I am so scared this Lupus is going to kick my butt" He cried and said " I am scared too" but his reminder of our faith in God knowing that He is in control left me with such comfort and peace inside.

I prayed for grace over my emotions, that I would continue to live and honor the life God had planned for me.  Now if I could only figure out what would I do with myself?

The weeks seemed endless while the house was empty, I was lost and felt so alone

Last week I jokingly said as he was leaving for work "don't leave me here with the Lupus monster"... He laughed,  kissed me and carried me, yes I still had my fairy tale.

For Better...

He always has said to me "you and me forever" and means it, this morning was very rough hubby had to lift me out of bed and help me dress. There is much physical pain to deal with everyday. I see the worry in his eyes when he has to leave for work.

I know it's so delightful to share all of the decorating, my goodwill finds and so forth, but most of all I felt led to share my heart. I want others to know how blogging has been such a gift of love to me. How each of you affect my life in such a positive way.

I want to thank everyone of you who have emailed, posted comments and mostly for your prayers, encouragement, and support... I am overwhelmed by the love you all have given. Each of us have a cross to bare in this life and it feels much lighter knowing you are there with me.  I am not alone and I am so humbled...

This is for Sue Thank you for the most loving welcome to your  Country Roads family! For giving me a place to belong. You are a precious gift to my heart.

simply me Kate xoxo

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

White Wednesday "the back porch"

This is my first White Wednesday since joining the Country Roads Family and it has been amazingly wonderful to say the least. Today I added one of my favorite candle chandys to my space...

love my white chippy bunnies...

lots of creamy whites and coastal touches

the sweetest rose top bottle

I decided to stack my korbels on top of each other

spring baskets with sea shells that hang from my white tree

Loving Sue and my new Country Roads family

Have a beautiful and blessed Wednesday!!!

simply me Kate xoxo

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Kate's in her Groove

I arrived at Country Roads this morning to add a few things to my new space and first thing I see Sue and she greets me with her warm smile then a hug before we walk in. How perfect for where I am in my life while Sue said to me "it all worked out". She was so very right. For those of you who follow me I was diagnosed with Lupus last month and I had to make some rather difficult changes in my life, so I am looking forward to the new journey...

Deep breath as I realize this is me Kate trying to get her groove on despite adversity... knowing God has His hand upon me and is in control of my life.

and for those of you who love my goodwill finds...

turquoise shell plate it's actually quite big

greystone mirrored tray...

Southern Living glass & filler

PB frame, ceiling tin frame & small mirror frame

ok now for the score of the year?

sitting at the goodwill just waiting for me to take it home a suede handbag from Anthropologie in the best shape you can imagine!!!!

even the lining was perfectly clean

and the proof...

yes girls there you have it 6.99...

I was asked by some of my readers if I was a "fashionista" or how do I dress? Well I am doing a post next week on this very topic. Where is Cindy she always is such a catalyst for me, I love that girl.  So for those who inquired "YES" all of my clothes "DO" come from the goodwill. I only purchase new shoes & handbags. For those of you who wanted the wardrobe post it's coming...

There is so much love that pours across these pages and I truly adore all of you!!!

Polly & Sue thank you from my heart for the emails full of love & encouragement to take this next step. My cup runneth over...

For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord," plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future..

Jeremiah 29 : 11

simply me kate xoxoxo