Wednesday, December 18, 2013

" Wrapping all the Way "

Gift wrapping to me

is such an expression of love

 during the holiday season

Red Ticking Ribbon from Target 

The perfect Farm Style touch

Snow flake parchment wrap

also available from Target

I made simple wood gift tags

from an old wood tent pole I had found

a few months ago

Finished them with

jute from the Dollar Store

Beautiful velvet ribbon is from Marshalls

One of the sweetest finds were

these vintage bottle brush trees

Since I am such a fan of the

natural look they were perfect

This is why Kate 

loves the Goodwill for simple treasures

like these

More beauty for our 

Farm Style Holiday

Wishing all of you

a Merry Christmas and a blessed

holiday season.

Much Love

Sunday, December 15, 2013

" A Perfect Winter Love "

This winter season my heart

is held captive...


A simple Farm style holiday...

  This Christmas season 

I have such joy

in my heart for a beautiful new year ahead...

Each time I rescue an unwanted love

 along the road or one that I pulled from the heap

I wonder who missed your true beauty?

Then I realize you were left for me

to find

to love

to adore

as a  precious gift to my soul...

~Wood Star~

made from rescued old wood fence slats

planks 50 inches in length and 4 inches wide

two coats of soft white

80 grit sand paper

jute embellishment from the Dollar Store

Rescued vintage chair missing

her caned back. Painted with Vista Paints

Snowflake Confetti

 distressed with 80 grit sand paper

Linking up with these lovelies

Wishing each and every one of my readers

and my fellow bloggers/writers

a very Merry Christmas and

joyous Holiday season.

My love to each of you

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Everyday Fall " DIY "

Fall is a season for warmth and cozy living

I have been doing some DIY projects

and adding a bit of " rustic " charm...

I used an old wood card table top

that I found missing its legs

and framed it with reclaimed

2 x 4 's to create a mix against our chandelier...

Finished this project with some black chalkboard paint!

Two days of hard work was worth

the end result of this 

Rustic Farm Style dining table

I created this with the following...

A salvaged old wood panel door

old wood canopy poles

legs were made from an old gate posts

and table was framed with the wood slats

from the gate door itself.

Then waxed and coated with polyurethane.
What a beautiful feast to be served
on this table that seats eight...


Lastly I did two quick projects

using an old chair found curbside along with

an unwanted wood console table...

 I painted and sanded the frame

of the chair with a pale gray

and recovered with a spare linen panel.

The table I sanded and painted with

a mix of white and pale gray...

For those of you who have not yet

had a chance to order the Fall issue

the link is located on the 

top right of my blog.

Melinda Reyes is a talent beyond words

and has put together such a breathtaking

Fall issue of her magazine...

Blessed to be among the

creative ladies in this fall issue...

I will be linking up with

my favorite lovelies in blog land this week.

Debra's Be Inspired

Much love to each of you


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

" To Each His Own " DIY

This bittersweet summer season
I learned much more than
I ever thought possible...
I rescued pieces
so unloved my heart broke
as I looked at them waiting by the wayside
I reflected upon life while I was
waiting for a season of change...

When I stumbled upon this deconstructed chair under a heap
of trash I melted...

I felt like I was tearing apart my own soul
as I removed the left over old and tarnished fabric.
I kept pulling out the old stuffing to get to her bones, her true beauty.
As I painted over her dark old wood stain
I saw the treasured finish that I knew was under that mess.
Springs showing and remnants of what once was still holding on
 while I sanded her to a smooth finish.
My heart smiled
and I placed her in a corner
where I could admire all that she holds
just like my soul...
The heart wanders through this life and sometimes
we journey a season alone...


This vintage desk was transformed
inside my mind the minute I found her.
Her top was so worthy
of another chance...

After removing the top then sanding  
I used scrap reclaimed wood to give her
new legs and then painted a French Gray wash
to complete her new Farm style look...


She was renewed
and full of beauty to shine...
Two unwanted end tables
spurred my creative flow into
 industrial beauty...
Attaching reclaimed wood planks to the tops
and using wax to give a true rich finish...

Simple and sweet to pull up next to
a cozy chair...

My heart is filled
with joy as I look at the end result...
This week I will be linking up with
my favorite lovelies in Blog land...
For those of you who hold me up
in your prayers I am so thankful for each and every one
of you. I am so blessed to be here
back blogging and ready to share
my projects for this lovely Fall season.
With a heart filled with love
and thanksgiving I wish you
all a very blessed week...

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

" I Fall to Pieces "

As the summer is slowly fading away

I rescued a few pieces that were unwanted

and unloved...

I found a very large urn

that was in pieces

 left for years outdoors

and now has found a new place in my home...

The owner had no use for things

in his backyard

and well of course I fell in " love " with

each piece.

{ the base will be in a later post}

Every inch of this urn

melted my heart as I filled

it with twigs and dark colored succulents...

I saved a few smaller fragments

that fell off during transporting it home.

I placed them on my table along with

an old rusted chain

that was hanging in the tree...

My heart stopped for a moment

when the homeowner said

I could have anything in the yard 

as it was meaningless to him...

I thought again about what is valuable to me

and what is worthless to another.

The precious treasures of my heart

are the simple pieces that life offers...

I cherish love...

I cherish the discarded...

I cherish the unwanted...

The beauty overwhelmed me

and I still have to find a place for the beautiful

base of this piece of perfection.

This week I will be linking up to my

lovelies in blog land who inspire my heart 

each and every week...

For those of you who follow me

I will be posting Fall inspiration

from my home using elements of nature this week.

Have a blessed week!!