Wednesday, February 24, 2010

White Wednesday " this is why"

This is why I fell in love with Kathleen's White Wednesday Post week after week, image after image I am completely taken by all those who share...

these were made for the "clipping exchange" my neighbors love when I share my succulent clippings so I put them in these "dollar store tin pails"...

I can't wait to see what clippings I will bring home!!!

my favorite idea project yet two black rubber door mats that I spray painted white & sanded by hand then hung them on the wall for an inexpensive piece of art.  I grabbed these rubber door mats at the dollar store.

dollar tree bird projects!!!

the 5.99 goodwill urn that I heart...

Happy White Wednesday!!!!

simply me Kate xoxoxo

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

White Wednesday " Goodwill Whites"

It is White Wednesday and Kathleen sure does have a talented group of ladies who continue to knock our socks off week after week with their displays...

I decided to do some sprucing in the loft since hubby loves how it looks so hotel being so sparce. He loves that getaway feel and to save on the budget I headed over to the goodwill to see what I could find. Three goodwills later here is my haul...

darling tin to store stuff in 1.99

his & hers fluffy calvin klein bath robes in perfect condition 5.99 ea
and bird cast iron wall hanger 1.99

brand new still in store pkg waffle shower curtain 6.99
beveled mirror curtain hangers 3.99 for the box

matalese shams 2.99 each still in pkg

4 hotel luxury bath towels new w/ tags still on 3.99 ea

I still have both of these cabinets to fill "any ideas Polly ?"

and for a bit of whimsy...

Lola and Sophie

Lola & my big punk...

Love and warm wishes to all of you

simply me, kate xoxoxo

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mama said "Knock you Out"

Today I am writing about my middle son, who after last week conquered his "Nemesis" in the arena of wrestling... My son has worked extremely hard for the last four years battling his severe asthma which really worked against him every time he competed. I kept him under constant care with his allergist, but he really wanted to wrestle all four years, make the Varsity team and become the District Champion.

Well my "big punk" did!!!!   {he is in black on the right}

He competed in one of the biggest challenges for him at the "Rim of the World" tournament in Big Bear, California. We were concerned how he would do with the elevation and yet he made it through till the end and won every match... Can you see that shaved spot on his head? That's what the other wrestlers did to "welcome" him to the achievement of that tournament. It's tradition, they dyed his hair yellow and shaved a "smiley face" on his head.  AHHH the joys of being seventeen!

His throw is his signature move and all that muscle he earned in our garage after he saved his allowance for a weight set. I could not ask for anything more...

This is one of my favorite shots of him standing with that posture

and then the win!!!!

Christopher became the district champion last month and went on to become the Orange League Champion this past week in his 160 lb bracket. The tears streamed down my face as the referee held up his hand as the winner. His opponent was someone who he could never defeat these past years until now. There are some sweet moments in life that are even too precious for words. This accomplishment is so bittersweet since I watched him struggle all these years with his asthma getting the best of him. He was so determined with his perserverance and tons of prayer that got him through.

believe me I prayed every time he went on to that mat.


This has been a journey for us and now he is off to CIF Championships this weekend

What I love most about him is under all of that brute strength he is so very loving and tender hearted. I am so very blessed...

My Champ

simply me kate xoxoxox0

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

White Wednesday " Inspiration"

I was blue since Sunday suffering from one of my terrible migraines, I missed out on the Irvine flea with Tara :( so I was looking for inspiration which I always find at Sassafras Stuff I love Polly she is full of charm...

I looked in the mirror and this inspired me to create


this new look for my "white" bookcase from Country Roads 

housing all of my goodwill glass

bottles and other treasures

just a simple mix

then off to my shed for some dried floral...

ok now don't faint the "urn filler" is all from my goodwill

don't you gals want to visit me in So Cal

last but not least stop by the "dollar store" for these precious

white journals with the bird sketches...

 bird chair I saw at wine country "Anthro"  store  you would faint

 if I told you the price

that is why it stayed at the store

Please stop by and visit Kathleen's White Wednesday you

will simply be in awe of the talent & beauty

much much love

simply me, xoxoxo Kate

Monday, February 8, 2010

Goodwill & Shower Curtains

My local goodwills always sell fabric shower curtains and I started buying the ones that I loved just for the print. I realized that this was a finished edge of 70 x 70 fabric and I could put some of these to good use since I am a "no sew" gal.

I took an old canvas frame,  fabric shower curtain and staple gun to make some inexpensive wall art... love the blue birds

dresser from Country Roads

I decided to start using them for throws, and small doses of color

I also love that all the edges are sewn with a finish

I used a linen one to cover the black head board to add softness to the bed in our studio loft

now for my favorite find this silver deco style end table 14.99

the drawers were a perfect storage bonus...

layered on the side chairs for warmth

just a little idea I thought I would share...

simply me, kate xoxoxo

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

White Wednesday "Succulents & Ironstone"

 I decided to use some pieces of my white ironstone to start new plantings and mixed them in with some of my favorite goodwill & flea market finds...

large white urn 3.99 and the ironsrone pieces I stole for 2.99

St. Francis came from the Long Beach Flea for 10.00

I had to put little touches of Kathleen from Faded Charm she made that precious paper weight in the corner and I won it from one of her delightful give aways...

see this vintage gardening scissors they are my mother's and she passed them down to me she did all of her "clippings" with them and now I do as well...

see that PB look a like sitting towards the back I just need some white wash and then it will be finished another steal for 1.99 at one of my favorite goodwills... Love magnet by Kathleen she is ultra talented!!!!

white urn 5.99 and glass cloche 6.99 all from goodwill in Orange County where I live,

say it " jealous, jealous, oh so jealous" sorry I'm being a dork today quoting lines from movies that I watch over and over

3.99 framed white replica tile "love it:

ok and now for the real piece of the day....

I had that lovely "Anthro" gift card that I won from the most ever so charming Anne at Fiona and Twig so when I went to the wine country I finally used it...

the most soft and cozy with little hints of gray, oh and yes I dress just like I decorate
juxtaposition throwing the bold and chunky necklace with the ruffled sweater and my worn jeans too stinkin cute!!!

Stop by all the multi talent that splashes the pages for White Wednesday you are sure to be inspired endlessly,

simply me just Kate xoxox