Friday, April 27, 2012

Vintage Inspiration Friday

When I think about what

I love most about the use of

vintage pieces is how

they add wonderful

touches throughout your home...

I salvaged this old door from

a torn down home and knew

it would be a perfect back drop...

I decided to marry it

in a corner of the room

with a treasured vintage suitcase

and an old piano bench

to hold extra bed pillows

Later I dry brushed

the piano bench with white

so that I could use it

with one of the vintage ladders

I found at a yard sale...

My heart skips a beat when I

find an old ladder


The arched vintage window

is still among my favorite


I added baskets to this

vintage ladder that I took

to my space at Country Roads...

I am linking up to

the lovely Debra's Vintage Inspiration Friday #85

Wishing all of you

a blessed weekend...


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Farm style " raw wood "

I absolutely love the beauty

of raw wood. I have several pieces

that I am currently using around

the Dior home...

Old ladders, tables and other elements

bring in the " farm style "

touch that blends so well with

our neutral pallet...

Some of the pieces have

traces of old paint which

adds to the natural beauty

of old wood...

I spied this raw wood book case in

the garden many months ago

Mr. Dior works out in the garden

when Brande needs him and when she

decided that she no longer 

needed this piece, I received

the best surprise

 when it came home with him...

I love the simplicity of it...

this old wire basket was

my favorite find last week

for one dollar...

which was a perfect fit

for our home

I found quite a few ladders

last week which some have gone

to the STORE

to add that " farm style " beauty

to someone's home.

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Have a beautiful week!


Monday, April 16, 2012

"Garden Neutrals"

One of life's precious moments

is when we are given

a gift that we never expected

that allows us to grasp each

moment and live with

a fearless heart...

My heart overflows with

gratitude to Sue Jackson...

for my little place with the

A place where I can embrace my

creativity and see the beauty

of small in my life...

A place that is blank page

where I can begin anew

and lay my troubles aside

for these moments...

 Thankful  for grace

 Thankful for the love and friendships

that surround me...

Thank you for every prayer,

every note & email

words of encouragement

and every ounce of love

that each of you have shared..

You can find me here

in my small piece of heaven

 #31 at Country Roads

Wishing you

love and joy

right where you are...

Linking to Kathleen's White Wednesday 148#

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My fight against Lupus " a truthful soul "

True soul = you

When I read those words tears streamed down my face

they pierced through my heart

like an arrow. A gift of wisdom from my friend

Tracie at My Petite Maison...that she had left for me

one day in my comment section after reading

one of my posts.

 Lupus has taught me so much especially about

one's soul. Was I wandering

 through my days fighting this illness and being the

fire and light that I hoped

and prayed I would be?


My blog has always been a place that I could

bare my soul. To speak boldly and go before

another with honesty and not be afraid

of the thoughts of others.

When I entered into my

first remission before the holidays I prayed to God that

I would be grateful for each day and not 

for how long it would last.

Shortly after the new year began I noticed things

taking place within my body and knew that

my remission had come to an end.


 Last month our faith was tested

with a terrible migraine that

lasted for a few days and suddenly turned into

a 911 for us. I lost my vision in my right eye along with the use

of the entire right side of my body. After I was evaluated in

the emergency room the doctor told Mr. Dior that I was

 being transported by ambulance code three to a hospital that had

a Nuero surgeon waiting for me. They had a twenty minute window

to give me the best chance if I was having a stroke. After a tearful kiss

goodbye to my love Mr. Dior I was on my way.

 The ambulance ride was quite tramatic as many things began to get worse.

 My blood pressure and blood sugar was in a terrible place

and my mouth began to droop. 

Once I arrived so much started to happen

while they quickly performed test after test

and started injecting me with blood thinners.

 Thankfully and by God's grace the test results

showed no stroke had taken place but the Lupus was affecting the

neurological function of my brain.

The recovery took awhile with physical therapy and

and medication to gain back my mobility.

At this point my muscle tissue has been damaged in that area.

The past few weeks have been bittersweet...

This amazing man has been

my anchor and rock.

Twenty five years ago when we still were just friends

he would say to me " your gonna push me in my

wheel chair when I am old " we would laugh and now

as a married couple we are laughing

 through our tears knowing

it might be the other way around for us.

Life is beautiful no matter what cross

we are bearing there is beauty

to be unfolded in our hearts.

It is humbling to think an illness would feel

like a gift in your life but for me it truly is.

I have learned about healing in my

 own heart and how you cannot live

a life without grace.

 To love more deeply than I ever

thought possible and embrace my

  journey with God's perfect plan for my life.

When you pass through the waters I will be with you

And through the rivers, they will not overflow you

When you walk through the fire you will

not be scorched, nor will the flame burn you

Isaiah 43 : 2

To each of you who have given to

me your love, support and prayers

my cup runneth over...

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

" Neutral Style "

I love this time of Spring

when we shake off the dust

and look forward to a time of newness...

{ i love this weathered old stool}

swoon the worn paint }

{ more recycling from our wood pile }

{ love the beauty of a neutral color palette }

{ love mixing it all together }

{ heart my old clocks }

{ heart my old doors }

I will be linking this post

to Kathleen's White Wednesday # 146

Wishing each of you a very blessed Easter holiday!