Tuesday, January 25, 2011

White Wednesday & It's Just Me reveal

inspiration can be found in the smallest space 5 x 5 to be exact...

New arrival an adirondack chair and end table

and it comes with a charming linen pillow...

all the extra touches

adding beauty to the

vintage gateleg table...

and a bit of rustic charm

beautiful rustic umbrella patio table

I love mixing whites with that urban look...

and love the added beauty of display with

sneak peeks...

just a glimpse...

more rustic pieces to follow...

linking up to Kathleen's

and for you gals that were waiting to

see what the winner of the blog makeover

chose for her New Blog look...

Deanna is one of the loveliest people I have

recently met through blogging

and she is truly someone who needs our prayers and

well wishes for the journey she has begun...

sending you my love & prayers Deanna!!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

getting dressed { vintage inspiration } style

the beginning...

Kate starts with shoes first...

my newest at the Store this week

a lovely vintage gateleg drop leaf table

I finished it in a rich wash of pearl gray & white...

then added some layers to started building

my outfit...

now to finish my look with

a splash of the perfect accessories

a girl can never have too many...

I made these blocks from old map pages

 still adding its all in the details...

almost finished...

ready to greet the world

a now for my little black dress...

she is dressed to the nines and strutting

her stuff at Country Roads

 just a glimpse of her

she is wearing a vintage shorthand book

with old salvaged korbels to finish her look

Have a lovely Friday ladies

I am joining our beautiful hostess

Debra for her fabulous

much love

Blog Makeover Winner

Hi girls, a quick post to thank all of you lovelies who entered the giveaway...

It was so interesting to hear how each of you chose the name of your blog,
that was the best part for me.

In all fairness I too, will share mine...

My friends were encouraging me to start a blog for sometime and for the life
of me I could not come up with a name that really fit me. I love fashion and love
love salvage & vintage. I spend my free time at the flea, sales & goodwill etc.

One of my dearest friends Jo lee who is full of talent {she does not blog} was sweet
enough to sit down and compile a list of blog names that she felt would fit me.

She actually came up with almost 50 names the list was incredible, half way down
the page was " Salvage Dior " and that hit me. When I phoned her to tell her my choice
she knew that would be the one I loved. 

{it fits doesn't it?}

so mama drew the lucky gals name....

Congrats to the lovely & beautiful

she has a charming blog and is quite

the creative gal!

will be " giving " Deanna's blog

a new makeover!!!!

this beauty just arrived in Kate's space

at the STORE

along with other amazing stuff

wait till you see what I paired her with!!!

this old cherub bird bath that stands over 3 feet tall

and has the most gorgeous patina

I like my soap dishes big like my hair!!!

Much love to you all


Sunday, January 16, 2011

Suddenly I See...

A very sweet customer happened to be at Country Roads while I was there

on Thursday asked if I would do a post about my sense of style.

this how my love for vintage began...

when I was twenty eight I took a trip to Las Vegas
and met one of my dearest friends who is a celebrity
bodyguard. Finding out that he lived in Los Angeles and I
Orange County we decided to stay in contact after my return
He had traveled the world and had such a great sense of style
you know how refined the taste of an Englishman is!

One day he phoned asking if I would like to go to a wonderful
flea market on Melrose Ave. I said "whats a flea market?"
He replied " its a place where you will catch a lot of fleas"
I said "ewww why would I go?" he replied "trust me you will
love it" and he was right I was in LOVE...

my style is simply based on what I love,

what speaks to me when I am out

I buy nothing I would not put in my own home.

I do have a masculine sense about me so I am

very drawn to industrial and items that

are statement pieces...

even as a young child my mother would tell me

that I had a good eye. I never understood till now I always thought

" actually doesnt she mean I have two good eyes"...

I love how my eye sees beyond the purpose of the object

and will bring forth a new way to showcase it

I stylize like I dress

Shoes first, then the outfit

I know that sounds crazy but I pick the shoes I want to wear

each day and build my wardrobe around that...

Normally I stay neutral in color

but this old salvaged green mirror called my name...

this White desk that I refinished found a new home today

I spent hours sanding to achieve that classic worn look

that I wanted for it...

thankfully I found a rustic oval table out

in the garden at the store to

replace it with till I finish a few large pieces that will

debut in February...

this farm table spent hours upon hours with me as we

groomed her for the debut she made this morning

in my second space...

I will be posting the winner of the "blog makeover" Giveaway

on Tuesday!!!!

To the Orange County Gals

Country Roads will be open tomorrow from 10-5

the dealers have eye candy that is

knocking it out of the park!

to my dearest Murray thank you for taking this "puppy with big paws" and

showing her how to find her sense of style!!!


all grown up now


Friday, January 14, 2011

Simply Klassic & a "Giveaway"

Inquiring minds want to know " who is behind Kate's stylish blog? "

well with no further adieu...

My blog designer Kristin of Simply Klassic has launched her new

blog design company! Many of you know Kristin from her personal blog

and now she is sharing her talent with us. She is offering a most exciting

Blog Makeover giveaway to one lucky follower!

You can enter by clicking the button on my side bar or clicking the above link!

There are new exciting pieces that have arrived

in Kate's spaces at Country Roads

a little industrial " Greige "

I put many hours sanding and painting this beauty

just to give her the right look

she has a long yummy drawer and drop leaf sides

perfect for storage and a classic desk for

writing and dreaming...

I surrounded her with much goodness to grace your home

even my hanging baskets are filled with

chippy korbels...

old vintage loaf pans to hold office supplies

or papers { swoon }

 Kate is celebrating

the debut of Simply Klassic with her own

giveaway for you...

this means you have two chances to win

a blog makeover!

one of my followers will win a new blog makeover

by Simply Klassic courtesy of Salvage Dior

or this wonderful tote made by

the talented Rose of the Tarnished Crown

the winner will choose her prize...

Followers all you have to do is leave me a comment

saying how you chose the name of your blog!

My mama will be chosing the winner

on Martin Luther King Day!!!

{for you local gals}

Don't forget to shop Country Roads this weekend

& Monday the store is open and we have some

great eye candy from our newest dealers

Good luck Ladies!!!


Monday, January 10, 2011

a simple twist of "Kate"

one simple act changes everything....

just like that...

the destiny of each piece awaits

a new life, a new beginning..

 this week at the Store

vintage nightstands

Hi girls

Linda & Denise

they are the sweetest sisters!

love, love willows in urns...


tackle box & ammo box

perfect for storage

vintage photos

salvaged doors will be available

 in the near future

signing off with love

simply me...