Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Playing Dress Up

I remember this day...

The anticipation...

the happiness inside...

When my darling Gracie asked if she

could use my wedding dress to play dress up

 precious memories were flooding

my heart as I opened the box...

That evening I would marry

the man of my dreams...

My beloved Mr. Dior

We had so many beautiful moments

on our special day...


When I spotted the wood shutters at the flea

I knew they would be perfect to hang the gown

for my Gracie...

A bundle of dried lavender

 fills a gray washed basket

to add that rustic feel...

My beautiful memories

bring forth new meaning as

I will be able to watch her

" play in my dress "

I will surpise her when she comes home from school

the gown will be hanging

on the old wood shutters in her room...

She was so precious and sweet in her little gown...

I can't wait to snap

a few photos of her wearing it...

I'm hoping to find a vintage garment rack

to add a few gowns for playtime with her friends

Gracie has grown since her toddler days...

and now

I will be linking up with the lovelies

this week in blogland...

Post dress up photos to follow...

 Wedding photos

Have a beautiful and blessed week!

Friday, October 26, 2012

" Old Wood Vintage " and our Winner

As the fall season continues

In my heart a new season has begun...

I love that my family is

embracing the love that I have for the unwanted...

{ curbside rescues }

To my sweet surprise Mr. Dior asked my son

 to help him make this precious beauty

from the pile of old wood that

I had found in a neighborhood trash bin a few months ago

along with this old picnic table top.

This beloved bench is what he made for me...

I stood there in awe as he looked

at me like a sheepish boy asking if I liked it.

Well as the tears flowed I'm sure he realized

that I loved it...

I loved how he used the bleached wood for the top

and the other darker pieces for the legs.

How beautiful that none of it really matched

but it worked, just like us...

{ perfectly imperfect}

Surprise #2

 My mama brought me home a sweet

gift as well.  She has run the bingo at the senior

center for over twenty years.

 Where she has fellowshiped

with many of her dear friends.

 They had to retire the original old wood bingo balls that

ran through the machine since the center had opened many years

before she began volunteering there.

The caller could no longer read most of them and

new ones were ordered.

Each one having its own unique and

beautiful character.

Mama knew I would heart them forever...

As my heart was so blessed this week by your

love stories and lovely comments on our

giveaway POST. Thank you to each of you

who entered and shared on other social media.

Mr. Dior drew the lucky winner...


Pam Ballard from the blog

Please contact me Pam so we can

ship out your items to you!

This week I will be linking up

to my favorite gals in blogland...

linen cross pillow Sweet Tea and Linen

After much pestering from sweet Kristin

Salvage Dior is now on Facebook!

Much love to each of you!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Mr. Dior & Kate's FALL Giveaway

When I first laid eyes upon this man

his smile captured my heart.

I was eighteen and well he was NOT

We soon became good friends having lunch

every week and laughing until we could not breathe.

He fondly referred to me as " kiddo "

{YUCK } I had really grown to dislike that name.

After five years had passed I finally found

enough courage to ask him if he would consider

taking me out on a date.

He shared with me that I was young

{ he was  eight years older than me }

and needed to date someone older.

I then received the "kiss of death" on the forehead

as he walked me to my car that evening.

{can you imagine that?}

I came home that evening and cried a small river on

my mama's lap.  She did all she could to assure me

that God had a beautiful plan for my life.

We took our separate roads in life and kept in touch

throughout the years.

Then one day we found ourselves laughing

till we could not breathe again.

This time I was head over heels in love

but I somehow grew horns and a tail

never forgetting that former "kiss"

I quickly came to my senses

 {at least that's how I remember it}

and said " I do "


After twenty three years of friendship

my prince had arrived...

To celebrate the fall season

as the time we fell in love Mr. Dior and I

are having a giveaway to share the joy of

our sweet fairytale...

Our winner will receive the following TWO of our favorite

flea market finds...

1) Glass soap dispenser

2) Vintage rusted clock

Along with a STARBUCKS giftcard to

share a yummy fall treat with someone you love...

Just leave me a comment to enter

 Additional entries given if you use social media to share

with other bloggers about this giveaway.

Giveaway ends Sunday Oct, 21 at midnight.

All images of Mr. Dior and Kate

Wishing you the best of luck from both of us!


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

" Somewhere " a place for us

There's a place for us...

Somewhere a place for us...

The past few weeks I have spent much time

reading where life is for other bloggers.

I read about their joys, sorrows, trials and most of

all trying to find their place as women...

This world sets high standards and then

life happens throwing us into the depths of the ocean...

There we are dog paddling for some what feels like

an eternity. While we look at other women and it seems

as though they have already reached the shore...

In the quiet of my heart walking through

my own valley I thought of the words from

 " Somewhere " by Barbra Streisand

There's a place for us

a time and a place for us...

Peace and quiet and open air

wait for us somewhere...

Through grace and forgiveness

I continue to search for the woman

God has created me to be and look away from

what this world tries to tell me...

I created this little vingette to remind me

of how beautiful my life is...

I no longer have to dog paddle

that I am NOT drowning

I am where I am

because this is my place...

My beautiful place...

We are each amazingly beautiful and precious

women right where we are.

There's a place for us each one of us

to share our hearts, our {gifts} talents and lives with one another...

As I link up this week to some of my favorite gals

in blogland I pray that we see the beautiful

 wonder of how lovely each of us women truly are...

Wishing each of you much love and a blessed week!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Dollar Store Elegance

I love to find ways to create a " Look for Less "

project for decorating the home.

I decided to spend some time strolling the

Dollar Tree to see if anything inspired me...

I love a wall with a plate collection!

Since I love to use neutrals in the Dior home

this was a perfect fit...

I purchased a vinyl shelf liner that the Dollar Tree

carries that is called " Toile Taupe " along

with five of their smaller silver platters

found in the aisle with disposable baking products...

Supplies used were the following:

4 rolls of Toile Taupe vinyl shelf lining 12 x 30"

5 small silver serving platters

1 roll of grosgrain ribbon {ivory}

Glue gun or Double stick tape

All items were purchased for this at Dollar Tree.

Total cost right at 10.00 $

I made paper templates to use and trace the vinyl liner

then adhered them to each plate.

Then I added a 4 inch gross grain ribbon tab

on back of the plate with my glue gun.

Using small finishing nails I hung them

placing them at different heights.

This was fast and easy

and I loved the simple elegance of the overall result.

With the remaining leftover of shelf liner

I covered vinyl placemats

from the Dollar Tree to add

a touch of Toile to my ironstone dishes.

I did this by using double stick tape

to adhere the shelf liner to the placemat

I love that since it is vinyl as well you can easily

wipe spills after using them.

After smoothing out any air pockets

I trimmed the excess off of the mat

There were quite a few patterns to choose from

but I loved this Toile print.

I will be doing this project with my Gracie girl

to hang in her bedroom.

And to my most adorable

Mr. Dior who thought maybe

Dollar Store project that I might just

be a ONE HIT wonder I think

this one may win a few fans { I hope }...

 I will be linking up this week

with my favorite gals in Blogland...

Heather & Vanessa's Inspiration Friday

And to my dearest Cami " Yes this is our time "

I love you!

Much love to each of you have

a beautiful and blessed week!