Tuesday, November 16, 2010

White Wednesday "Country Roads and Cinderella Dreams"

The past few days I have been losing myself at Country Roads 

I heard this song today while I was there and it made me smile

and just forget everything that I am so helpless about

I met the sweetest young couple over the weekend

who took a few photos of my space for

decor inspiration.  So we talked burlap walls...

this is a small moment of time

when I forget that each day I am

losing my mother...

I look forward to Wednesday

when I can join

Kathleen's White Wednesday

and my heart was filled

with joy when I found

these old enamelware pitchers

now for the Cinderella story...

Years ago when I was a single mom

I cut out my clothing allowance to give more to

my children. So I started shopping for my

clothing at the Goodwill.

Well I got pretty darn good at it since

persistence and patience pays off...

Soon I had Donna Karan, Marc Jacobs

and Michael Kors in my closet.

Well this week I added Tory Burch, Guess

and a Tylie Malibu handbag!

and "yes" I married Prince Charming

Tory Burch "Thora" Flip flops

are retailed for 115.00 at Bloomingdales

as you can see mine were 2.99

God blessed me with big hair and BIG FEET

the Guess sandals were the same price

and the Tylie Malibu handbag was 5.99

and everything was NEW

Well ladies have a blessed week

much love to all of you


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

White Wednesday "Gracie's Guest Post"

Hello everyone I am guest posting for my mommy Kate and today

we are linking up to Kathleen's White Wednesday...

So since I am writing to mommy's peeps I would like to share where 

my mommy blogs, plans the weddings and events for her clients

here is where the fairytales begin

as she creates an event

for each person

planning, detail after detail

and yet she gives everyone

all of that " one on one "

that they love from her

mommy always displays a

piece of the coast

to remind her of the beach...

*note to self* send memo to mommy regarding

 big brother's photo being on the desk

have her remove and replace with favorite child's photo

ahhh much better!!!

as I was saying mommy

loves to create and display

this is mommy's favorite

place and mine as well

if she is battling the "L" monster

I sit here while she rests in bed

and I work in her space

planning, detail after detail...

I am learning from mommy

how treasures are

found and " junkin"

means finding your heart

and your passion

mommy's true passion are her

children they are her soul

this is one of her favorite

pictures of my oldest brother

at the beach when I was two

years old

my daddy took this photo

and we gave it to mommy

for her 40th birthday

I had such a wonderful time

doing a guest post for

my mommy Kate

thank you to Kathleen

for hosting White Wednesday


Gracie girl

Monday, November 8, 2010

Make it for Monday

I love when I can join Cindy at Cottage Instincts for her

Make it for Monday gathering of talent...

I finally found a permant spot for that fabric that I have had...

I found this ottoman at the goodwill

for a few bucks and look at her

before dress...

thankfully this Diva
was there to rescue her from

this fashion disaster

perfect for books, trays and snuggly feet...

A manzanita branch that I had  placed

in a silver bucket and hung an ornament display

wonderful use what you have centerpiece for the holidays

please stop by and visit Cindy

she nevers disappoints with

this little kitty will be doing a guest post series

for her mama...

Blessings to you this Monday

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

White Wednesday " seasons "

as life changes you, each day brings forth new meaning...

like the seasons of change, I see through different windows of my soul

each day is a gift

a precious moment in time

where our choices affect

the heart of another...

linking up to Kathleen's

white brings such calm

even through the storm

a new season in #31

new furniture & garden items

for the holidays

new arrivals weekly

festive vintage glasses

for holiday entertaining

may each day unfold to you

a new window in your soul

filled with an abundance of  gratitude...

blessings to you...