Friday, May 31, 2013

" 1 Hour DIY Build a Vintage Inspired Table "

I was so delighted to share our latest
" curbside rescue "  summer project
to give your home a beautiful touch of vintage inspiration.
Mr. Dior and I teamed up to make this process
go a bit faster. If you are building it alone it will
take longer due to prep time in wood cutting.
The Mr. and I rescued an old wood gate
that had such a gorgeous bleached
weathered finish. I decided then to use it for a special project.
Next I hunted around my local Goodwill stores and
I found a basic wood coffee table for 5.00 dollars.
I knew that it would be the base and frame for
this quick vintage makeover.
You can have your local hardware store pre cut your wood
if you do not have a saw at home to use for this project.
We measured the top and used three extra planks from the
wood gate to frame the border to give it a " boxed " look.
Mr. Dior used 1 and a half inch wood screws to secure
the wood planks to the top of the coffee table.
So basically you are just building right on top of the existing table and
framing the outside as you see in this next photo.
You can see the old coffee table underneath
the top that we built with the wood gate door.
You can use any type of lumber you have on hand
using the same concept and then use your
choice of finish. { ie chalk paint, stain, etc }

Since this table would be indoors as
a coffee table I decided not to wax or use polyurethane
to keep the raw bleached look.

I photo styled it a few different ways first
using fresh flowers and then a touch of
my favorite sea grass for a true coastal feel.
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with my favorite lovelies in blog land.
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Have a beautiful and blessed week

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

" Vintage Garden DIY "

I love Summer time and outdoor

VINTAGE style...

Mr. Dior and I had such fun this past week

with our latest curbside makeovers.

First we took a vintage wood ladder

and married it with planks of

rescued reclaimed wood.

The planks were secured onto the steps of the ladder

with 1 and a half inch wood screws.

Then sealed with clear finishing wax

to bring out the luster of the reclaimed planks.

Now it was ready to display

my white ironstone dishes.

I could only imagine setting up a

darling beverage station

with vintage buckets as well.

I love the patina on reclaimed vintage 

pieces. The aged wood has such a gorgeous

pale gray tone which I never tire of...

Next we took an vintage sink

and used it as a planter. 

Mr. Dior and I framed

the rescued wood pallet with

some scrap pieces of reclaimed fence

to add character and depth.

Here is the framed pallet...

 I sealed this pallet with polyurethane

to protect it from the weather elements...

Lastly we took a dumpster

table and recycled it into a new

reclaimed beauty...

We framed her outside with reclaimed fence post

to add a thickness to the table top.

Then finished her with thick

reclaimed thick wood planks...

I will be linking up with

my favorite lovelies in blog land...


Have a beautiful and blessed week

Friday, May 10, 2013

" The dreams of your heart "

I remember lying in a field of gold as a child

staring into the big blue sky with pillows of white clouds

wondering and dreaming...

Wishing and hoping and praying...

Today I am here somewhere that

I never knew was the dream of my heart. 

Where writing, blogging and sharing my journey

would find a forever place inside of me.

It is where my soul found itself

through an ocean of the highest highs and lowest lows

as Cami lovingly refers to.

Somewhere in our heart lives the dream

that each of us hold inside.

The secret place that yearns for 

us to strive for that goal

that settles in and says " here is where I belong. "

Where our God given gifts and talent

shines bright as the sun and the stars in the sky. 

A new day is dawning

and I have been so blessed to know the amazing

woman who has embarked on her dream come true.

with me her vision and dream of founding

I was over the moon excited for her.

She is one of the most loving and caring woman

I have ever met who truly works so hard to 

achieve her goals while being a wonderful 

mother and wife.

I am certain many of you know this

lovely lady already.

Melinda is such an amazing stylist and

photographer who has such a way

of inspiring your heart with vintage finds.

I had her chuckling on the phone last week

as I shared how her styling inspired me

to take a whirl at doing a vignette with fresh fruit.

 I ran into my kitchen quickly grabbed a few

things and started clicking away.

Upon finishing I began to view the photos

I took a look and they were well { Horrid }

even with a great camera and editing software.

I told Melinda how awful they were 

and that I would just stick to styling my twigs 

and branches. There we were hearts filled with

 friendship and laughter while

  supporting in each others' dream.

{This is my official Kate's hall of shame photo}

I am so very honored to be part

of the amazing group of women who are 

contributors in the first premiere issue

and me...

So excited to share the premiere June issue

and the dream come true of Melinda

with all of you!

Linking up with the lovelies...

You are never too old to set another goal

or dream a new dream

CS Lewis

Have a beautiful and blessed week!