Friday, May 31, 2013

" 1 Hour DIY Build a Vintage Inspired Table "

I was so delighted to share our latest
" curbside rescue "  summer project
to give your home a beautiful touch of vintage inspiration.
Mr. Dior and I teamed up to make this process
go a bit faster. If you are building it alone it will
take longer due to prep time in wood cutting.
The Mr. and I rescued an old wood gate
that had such a gorgeous bleached
weathered finish. I decided then to use it for a special project.
Next I hunted around my local Goodwill stores and
I found a basic wood coffee table for 5.00 dollars.
I knew that it would be the base and frame for
this quick vintage makeover.
You can have your local hardware store pre cut your wood
if you do not have a saw at home to use for this project.
We measured the top and used three extra planks from the
wood gate to frame the border to give it a " boxed " look.
Mr. Dior used 1 and a half inch wood screws to secure
the wood planks to the top of the coffee table.
So basically you are just building right on top of the existing table and
framing the outside as you see in this next photo.
You can see the old coffee table underneath
the top that we built with the wood gate door.
You can use any type of lumber you have on hand
using the same concept and then use your
choice of finish. { ie chalk paint, stain, etc }

Since this table would be indoors as
a coffee table I decided not to wax or use polyurethane
to keep the raw bleached look.

I photo styled it a few different ways first
using fresh flowers and then a touch of
my favorite sea grass for a true coastal feel.
I will be linking up this week
with my favorite lovelies in blog land.
Debra's Be Inspired
Have a beautiful and blessed week


Burlap Luxe said...

Hi Kate, beautiful d.i.y day to you my dear friend.
Again you have come up with my love of salvage and the patina of grey washed weathered woods. You must come see my find it matches with your table making a perfect fit of old. A chair that can rest next to your table of beauty.

I am going to paint a bit today, getting back to making some small signs of words, being a gatherer of words as you are they seam to want to be placed on wood today.

Thank you for all the simple inspiring beauty you and Mr. Dior create, it truly is part of Gods work to reinvent what he gives us.

A beautiful weekend to you my friend.
I hope this summer months we can meet up.


It's me said...

I love the table.....i saw it on fb this week...lovely Ria....x ..!

Angelsdoor * Penny said...


Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

Be still my heart! Love the grayed wood! Such a clever idea to place the wood right on top of a cheap-o table! Easy peasy!

Julie Marie said...

So beautiful Kate!... I love the look with your fresh flowers on it as well as your sea grass... you find the best treasures!... xoxo Julie Marie

Marysol said...

Your clever ideas always make my heart stutter.
Love the 'new' table!

Unknown said...

The table is lovely and what a great idea. Love the clear vessels and white pieces displayed on it too. Wishing you and yours a wonderful June.

Anonymous said...

Oh it turned out just perfect Kate!! And I love your vignettes and photos!!
Hope your doing well and have a great weekend.

Rosemary@villabarnes said...

I love it! Salvage magic, my friend.

Anne said...

Kate what a beautiful table!Love this gate repurposed as a table.And yes the aged patina is perfection! Great job styling too!You both make a great team!

Rhonda said...

The patina is absolutely perfect! I now have the itch to visit my thrift stores this weekend.


Great idea to use an old cheap table underneath. Maybe, even I could do that. Great project.


Amy Kinser said...

You and your husband make a wonderful team in so many ways. Love the table!

Diane said...

Brilliant idea. I am feeling inspired to try my hand at doing this. I featured this tutorial on my FB site -

Marikki said...


Just found here and you have a very charming blog!:)
I`ll visit again.
Many warmy greetings from Finland,

Ann said...

Gorgeous! I love the pop of color with the flowers and the scissors. The seagrass adds that soft touch against the hardwood feel. I always love to see what your up too. I hope your feeling well. Hugs

trash talk said...

Don't take this the wrong way ('cause down here in my neck o'the woods, it's high praise), but y'all are like a team of well matched mules. Honestly, working with each other, building each other up; it's so refreshing and inspiring. Y'all rock.

Chrissy...The Apothecary Shop said...

OMG...that is unreal..I cant get over how good that looks,the two of you make quite a team!!! SOOOOOOOOOO pretty! xo

Jeanette@Creating a Life Studio said...

Once again, the humble becomes a purposeful and very beautiful piece thanks to your creativity! Lovely styling, as well. You always inspire, dear Kate!


Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

That turned out beautifully...and I love how you used a coffee table as a base!

Bilancia Designs said...

What a team!!! LOVE everything you design!! Just beautiful...
I've been insanely busy with weddings!! (I just posted my wedding from last weekend.) What a beautiful couple! And I have to tell you...she reminded me soooooo much of you! Just the sweetest person ever...and I kept hearing your voice whenever I spoke to her. So funny!
We are beyond LONG OVERDUE for one of our marathon chats.
Pick a date!!!
Hope you and your family are doing well.
Miss you!! xoxo

Faded Plains said...

What a gorgeous table guys did a great job. So excited to be in Melinda's first issue with you and all the other talented ladies.

Heaven's Walk said...

Beautifully done, Kate! I love the rustic look - and it's such a wonderful way to upcycle! Thanks for sharing your great idea!

xoox laurie

Anonymous said...

I feel so inspired right now! I have wanted some DIY furniture type things but I never really knew how to get started. I never thought to just build on top of something like you did with this table. I love it. The table is gorgeous.

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Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

What a beautiful synergy! An old table and an old gate equals something magical!!!! New follower... such a beautiful blog!

Anonymous said...

I love what you have done with the table. I have never thought to just build on top of something else like you did. I love the photos and how everything looks so beautiful. I feel inspired.

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Unknown said...

Such beautiful wood Kate. I adore the weathered look and its rawness. You and Mr. Dior are pretty clever using the existing table as a base. That is the way I need to start thinking. You always inspire me. I always feel lighter after I see one of your creations and your styling. Thank you Kate and Mr. Dior for such a beautiful project. Teresa

Heart Vintage Design said...

Love the repurposing of the old coffee table. Smart thinking!

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