Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Megan is my friend and I love her!

I have had probably the worst week and a half since my diagnosis, Lupus and I were having knock down drag outs. The pain levels were the worst they had ever been, so much so that it was tough to even keep smiling. I was trying so hard to stay above it all in the positive zone, but I was crashing fast like a plane going down in a field. My oldest son Brett was with me and his eyes were filled with tears while I was sharing my frustration over trying to tolerate the pain in my body.

Then I noticed that there was a package on the table addressed to me...

Awhile back I posted about my friend Megan from 1 funky woman and how when I am stuck in bed with the "L" monster she brightens my day with her wit, charm and ever so funny stories.

So all of a sudden I forgot about the pain and started to open my package...

Megan sent the cutest card that made me laugh so much since I think her kids are terrific and of course she offered one up to me as a gift...

the tears began to flow as I read her words...

Kate, I've been thinking about you lately and hoping that the

Lupus monster isn't getting the best of you.

The rest of her words I will keep inside my heart,  from my heart

Megan is truly a gift to me.

I received all of these wonderful stones and that

beautiful magnet that is completely me all over

I wanted to share how someone can touch your heart

through these blogs.  Someone you have never met

can actually love you and be your friend

  then on the bleakest day bring you a rainbow!!

Megan is my friend and I love HER

and my sweetie pie son Brett who holds my heart

thank you for wiping away mommy's tears, I love you son

I love you all
 Kate xoxo

Monday, April 19, 2010

"You Give Me Fever"

Never know how much I love you

Never know how much I care

When I put my arms around you

I get a fever that's so hard to bare

You give me fever...

I'm in love with these "wine cork candles"

candles from

just need to add the wine and my hubby

the largest urn I have yet...

Urns are one of my favorite decor items just ask

my sweet friend Polly

nestled in at Country Roads

whew now I need to wait till my fever breaks!

Simply me Kate

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Look at what the Kate dragged in...

Hi girls, so here is what the Kate dragged in....

Kate had been fussing that she needed more family seating

Of course she informed hubs that she wanted the coastal look

Hubs said it would cost money $$$

Goodwill here I come and then hubs was LAUGHING until.....

Kate meowed & called hubs to pick it up from the goodwill

  straight from a furniture store where it was a NEW floor sample

it is twill cotton blend & washable

color is Oatmeal perfect for coastal decor

 Hold on for the best part Kate's mommy gave her a 25% coupon

  for any goodwill in Orange County. The NEW floor model sofa

cost was 47.02

Kate LIKEY!!!!

now Kate is shopping her family member's spaces for

the perfect piece for that bare wall and some lovely pillows

I love washable furniture that looks awesome

more lovelies in # 31 at Country Roads

more goodness

vintage wood Bingo balls

now to find the perfect glassware to display these in...

vintage strainers that I added mirror inside

When I am finished with the blank wall I will post the new photos

kate xoxo

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

White Wednesday










Happy White Wednesday with much love,

Kate xoxo

Sunday, April 4, 2010

My cup runneth over

Well today as I got knocked on my fanny.... Lupus monster you are such a stinker, not letting me do anything today. No big hair or my favorite drag queen eyelashes...

As I am struggling to arrive at Country Roads my phone rings it's Carol saying that someone wants to know if I am coming in?

She then shares there is a lady from the blog "A Petite Cottage" that was all she had to say. I looked at my husband and said " I have to get there".

When I arrived Carol handed me a card and said "that I missed her", my heart sank as Ana has been such a dear friend who began following my blog and writing to me long before my diagnosis.  Even on my toughest days I know that Ana is praying for me, like so many of you. She reached out and just grabbed my heart. I so had hoped one day I would meet her in person.

Then while I was trying to fluff my space all of a sudden I saw the most beautiful smile looking at me. I jumped off of the pallet and could not believe it was my precious Ana.

It was quite an emotional moment for both of us, I could feel her heart and all the love she has always given to me over the past months.

Ana's words melted my heart as she whispered " I just could not leave without meeting you"  The tears of joy were precious as our husbands just stood quietly,( imagine that quiet husbands) while we had our special girl moment... Of all the gifts you know the one that tugs your heart the most is when you find love in the most unexpected places...

Then laughter began as we followed through introductions and I met her lovely cousin Irma and their charming husbands. Ok, then none of the husbands were quiet...

This was a moment that I wanted to last for a bit longer but my body would not give, I left today feeling so very loved and blessed. Thanking God for having me meet Ana today.

Sue emailed me the other day saying that Country Roads is a magical place, and that is so very true. Where friend's hearts meet and lives are changed forever.

Ana, thank you for giving of yourself and loving simply me...

Kate xoxo

a friend loves at all times...
Proverbs 17:17

Happy Easter