Monday, April 19, 2010

"You Give Me Fever"

Never know how much I love you

Never know how much I care

When I put my arms around you

I get a fever that's so hard to bare

You give me fever...

I'm in love with these "wine cork candles"

candles from

just need to add the wine and my hubby

the largest urn I have yet...

Urns are one of my favorite decor items just ask

my sweet friend Polly

nestled in at Country Roads

whew now I need to wait till my fever breaks!

Simply me Kate


Sue said...

I LOVE the urn on that old wood dollie, awesome! Your displays in your home are as wonderful as the ones at Country Roads!
Take care, Sue

Anonymous said...

Lovin those candles.

Debra@CommonGround said...

Did you make these, buy these, have them fall from heaven? Where oh where can I get some?... they are wonderful!! seriously, I am needing some really badly.
And I really love those urns!
love ya, dear Kate

Rust: Vintage Inspired Design said...

Hi Kate,
I, too, am loving those have to tell us more about them!!!!!!

Polly said...

Good morning Kate! Those candles are so neat with their little french writing and all! Thank you for sharing!

But, OMG, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the old industrial wooden cart thingy! Stuff like that really makes me swoon!

You have such style girl!

Hope you have a great day!!



Here On Crow Creek said...

Thats soo sexy! I want me some of them candles! Have a blessed day sweetheart!

homebody0404 said...

I almost squealed when I saw the candles. My first thought? "Oh no she di'nt!" Another wonderful, fabulous GW treasure?!!! Then I saw you got them at Amazon and I thought, "YES! They are accessible even to ME!!!"

Your little candle vignette looks so elegant Kate, just like you!! I never realized clear glass candlesticks could look so beautiful. I always ignore them at the thrift store. Shows you what I know!!

I love your urns, oh how I wish I could find some SOMEWHERE without them costing an arm and a leg and my firborn's firborn. I'm looking at that cart thingy and thinking it's doable. I can just go to the Knockoff Wood blog for basic instructions. Love it!

Hope you've had a great week and are feeling okay.


homebody0404 said...

Sheez, I can't believe I misspelled "firstborn" how embarrassing! I homeschool for crying out loud! I'm going to have some more coffee. Toodle-doo ....oh I almost misspelled "loud" I spelled "load" Ugh!

Heidi said...

love the song, the candles...all of it. when i started reading this, the lyrics took me back...and my ears felt warm...

they took me back to the time when i, my sister, and two other girlfriends decided to sing this song at a talent show at the end of a long camping trip (evergreen resort in canada...we go every year and it's just like from the movie dirty dancing without the dirty)
we all had our parts... i felt mine was the best because it had more...hmm, sex and you know what any 13 year old girl needs...more sex in her singing parts, not so much but at the time, i thought i wanted the sexy part.

all the girls did great. when it came time for me to sing my part...
sudden death. i froze. stared into the crowd. no words. i sucked.

xoxoxo i'm nuts.


Anne Lorys said...

Those are too pretty to burn!
And that cart? I need it.

Girl, you just ooze style! :-)

Love ya!

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

Those are sooooooooooooooooo cool!!!

Ana said...

You're soooo cute Kate. Loved your post and love, love, love those wine cork candles. How stinken cute are they! Sending you all my love and a huge hug.

Love ya,

1 Funky Woman said...

Kate, I love those wine cork candles so fabulous! And your urn is awesome.

I tagged you to participate in the "6th published photo" blog game that is circulating around. Check out my blog for details!


Faded Charm said...

Things are looking good! Loving those candles. I might have to go over and get me some of those lovelies.

Hope you are having a good week.

Tkae care,


Debra@CommonGround said...

Hi Kate, just droppin' in to see how you're doing, hope you're feeling OK. You know you're in my prayers,
love you,

Anne Marie said...

those candles are eh?

homebody0404 said...

Hi Kate,

I've been selfishly waiting for a new post and since one has not been forthcoming, I've been wondering if you are feeling okay. I hope your just really busy as opposed to fighting off a bad spell brought on by the L. I'll be praying for you!


Miss Gracie's House said...

I had such a nice time getting caught up good is god that you got to meet ana and that your heart was filled...also love the fruit of the spirit WW post!
praying for you to have strength and joy for your days...

Vintage Market Place said...

Hi Kate, hope you are doing well.
I have to say that I love urns and these are great!
The way you have them set up is so eye catching.

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