Thursday, January 24, 2013

" Rustic Recycle " DIY

When I think about the love language

 that I share with Mr. Dior I realize

DIY in our household has a few bumps

before the finish.

We are as Kristin describes " comedic drama "

and yet flirtatious when we work together

on a project .

When Mr. Dior expressed to me a need for

a more " handsome " look in our home

I knew immediately where he was coming from.

What a love he has been living with the neutrals

 and the truck loads of branches and twigs

I have adorned inside.

There is nothing I would not do for this man

so my wheels began spinning harder than usual.

We are challenged this year by the costs

of my health expenses for the months ahead

more so than ever before.

I needed to come up with a " look for less " project

while working with what we had on hand.

{Enter the old gate door I found

in the dumpster awhile back}

I love this old gate door and have used it

as a back drop from time to time...

The more I thought about it I realized

it would make a nice focal point in front of the sofa

and it would be " handsome "

{Comedic drama ensues} 

I share with Mr. Dior that we can take apart

the old gate and marry it with a piece of glass

from a Goodwill find.

I tell him we can build a box.

Mr. Dior " you want me to build

a box to put glass on? " 

This goes on while I still try and

explain the box.

Finally my son comes outside and says

" I think mom means a crate ?"

Mr. Dior sighs relief for a moment still

not sure where I am going.

We begin...

Mr. Dior

 " You know the other side of the gate is white "

 Kate " yes Ira I know "

He always laughs when I call him by his middle name.

Mr. Dior

" I hope you know what you are doing?"

Kate " I don't but we are bonding "

Mr. Dior

" It looks horrid with the white showing "


" I know we are not done yet I have an idea"

We go back out to the garage

and I grab a container and mix 

polyurethane, expresso wood stain, and a cup 

of black chalk board paint.

Then just as I dip the brush to start

applying it to the white wood

he screams " Good Lord Wilma what are you doing?"

For those that are around

us the term " Good Lord " is always

 followed by Wilma.

 { No offense to anyone named Wilma}

He is in full panic mode at this point

knowing that he worked hard building

that horrid box.

This is when breathing

techniques come in handy even when you are not 

going through labor.

Finally after a few minutes of calming breaths

I said " Just trust me "

After a few hours of letting it all dry

I could see that the wood had evened up.

A nice blend of color had developed.

We brought the box/crate back inside

and placed the glass on top.

It was not a perfect fit

but someone was smiling

from ear to ear.

Yes Mr. Dior was thrilled as he just sat there

looking at our finished project.

I used equal parts of polyurethane

 wood stain and black chalkboard paint to achieve that

burnished wood look.

Mr. Dior used two inch roofing

and two inch finishing nails to build the box/crate.

We sealed it completely with a quick coat of polyurethane.

 Chalk board paint, wood stain and polyurethane were all items

we had on hand from Home Depot.

Mr. Dior even said he thought it was

"handsome"  a perfect ending to our project.

I love the rustic feel it gives and now I just have to

add the other elements back into 

our living room, ie our area rug and other accessories.

Graphic Pillows The Tarnished Crown

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Friday, January 18, 2013

The Late Bloomer

A Late Bloomer is considered a person

whose talents or capabilities are not visible to others

until later than usual...

I was a " puppy with really large paws "

Looking back upon my youth I was geeky,

awkward and nerdy. I was not anything special

during high school. I was thrilled just to be asked to

go to my junior prom. In fact I starting wearing

cosmetics and styling my hair at the age of twenty eight...

Even as a young mother and wedding planner I was

desperately searching...

You see I was " dog paddling " hoping if I

kept my head above water long enough I would

not drown. I would finally fit in and find my place.

You know that place where you actually not only 

like who you are but really love yourself as well.

While I was busy " dog paddling " and looking around

at all the others who were way ahead of me in the game

I did not realize that I was growing and growing

into the place that God would have me be...

Many years were tough and painful and 

I kept waiting till that moment when would I find myself.

I wanted to find the woman that I knew was

inside of me. Like a caterpillar eating its way

through the cocoon till it becomes the butterfly...

Each step, every road and wrong turn I traveled is

precious to me.

This beautiful world and life we live is constantly moving

and now I stand here in my place.

Funny as I look back and think that

only a few friends recognized me at my ten year high school

reunion and the same followed at our twenty fifth get together.


I recognized me! I have bloomed and now I had wonderful

wisdom and life lessons to enjoy with this new found glory...

At the start of my blogging I too

was a late bloomer and a " puppy ". Oh what

a beautiful journey this has been.

Each reader, every blogger you have truly

blessed my heart...

My friends near and far I have such a love for you

  I am grateful  for your love and support that you have

given unto me through this journey

we share called " blogging ".

My gratitude to  Jennifer Taylor who wrote asking me 

 if I would like to be a part of Artful Blogging

I am so very humbled and my heart is filled with joy.

" Beauty from Ashes "  

Available Feb 1st.

Being a late bloomer was truly God's perfect plan 

for my life...

To Patrick the most handsome LB

You are truly a gift of a genuine and caring man

full of integrity. I am blessed and honored to

be a part of your life and call you friend

this one is for you!


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Friday, January 11, 2013

2 for Tuesday

Mr. Dior and I thought it would

be fun to post a monthly

new spin on our curbside finds...

2 for Tuesday

First up is my all time favorite the

One man's trash dresser that stole my heart

back in July...

to this open shelf display

This old flea market chair

to this succulent planter

Curbside directors chair 

and yard sale glass turned coffee table

Taller directors chair with the same glass

made into a console table

Old rescued shutter used for a headboard

Then used for wall art

Then flipped over for an interesting tablescape

Aha { Hat trick }


Old wood ammo boxes give that rustic feel

add a wood top and rope

from hardware store for a rustic 

and coastal style end table...

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Debra's Be Inspired #122

Have a beautiful and blessed Tuesday