Friday, January 14, 2011

Simply Klassic & a "Giveaway"

Inquiring minds want to know " who is behind Kate's stylish blog? "

well with no further adieu...

My blog designer Kristin of Simply Klassic has launched her new

blog design company! Many of you know Kristin from her personal blog

and now she is sharing her talent with us. She is offering a most exciting

Blog Makeover giveaway to one lucky follower!

You can enter by clicking the button on my side bar or clicking the above link!

There are new exciting pieces that have arrived

in Kate's spaces at Country Roads

a little industrial " Greige "

I put many hours sanding and painting this beauty

just to give her the right look

she has a long yummy drawer and drop leaf sides

perfect for storage and a classic desk for

writing and dreaming...

I surrounded her with much goodness to grace your home

even my hanging baskets are filled with

chippy korbels...

old vintage loaf pans to hold office supplies

or papers { swoon }

 Kate is celebrating

the debut of Simply Klassic with her own

giveaway for you...

this means you have two chances to win

a blog makeover!

one of my followers will win a new blog makeover

by Simply Klassic courtesy of Salvage Dior

or this wonderful tote made by

the talented Rose of the Tarnished Crown

the winner will choose her prize...

Followers all you have to do is leave me a comment

saying how you chose the name of your blog!

My mama will be chosing the winner

on Martin Luther King Day!!!

{for you local gals}

Don't forget to shop Country Roads this weekend

& Monday the store is open and we have some

great eye candy from our newest dealers

Good luck Ladies!!!



Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Hi Kate,
Your blog is gorgeous. I love all the pieces you show (always do). That photo of you at the flea market really makes me want to get there, can't wait 'til the next one up this way.

The reason my blog has the name My Petite Maison is because I had a loving French great grandma & we live in a very tiny house ~ voila, that's it!

Happy weekend!

Polly said...

I sooooo wish I was a local gal!!! I want to shop there and meet you!! Love the chippy corbel....that would come home with me in a heartbeat! You did a fine job on the desk.....and I must say, it is quite a unique piece with the little drop leaf sides!

The reason I named my blog Sassafras Stuff....when my dad was sick with cancer, we went for a chemo treatment. When we got home, I was helping him into the house and there sat a little black cat in the middle of the living room, looking at us as if we were trespassing on her space! She was quite a sassy little cat and became Sassafras....she visited often and made us smile. Who knows where she came from! Anyways, Sassafras became a special word for me and that's why I chose it.

Your blog designer is obviously super talented, and I could really use her mad skills, so I am crossing my fingers!!!

Thanks for the chance Kate, and have a great weekend!

Hugs from afar....


Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Kate ~
Your blog is beautiful
and all of your
pictures are beautiful!!
Oh my goodness, it makes
me want to flea market
so bad!


Annie Louise said...

Hi Kate,
Your booth at Country Roads looks amazing as always, you have such a good eye! Jackie and I chose "Annie Louise" because it is a take on both of our middle names and we liked the sound of it, plus we wanted it to be kinda personal just to us. Great giveaway!!
Hope to see you soon.
Blessings to you and your family,

Rust: Vintage Inspired Design said...

Ohhhhhhhhh Kate...what a great giveaway. Your space looks gorgeous as always. I chose the name Rust & Ruffles for my blog to reflect how I decorate and design. I little bit of rustiness and chippiness transposed with a little bit of elegance.
New Year blessings to you my friend!

Rebecca said...

Hi Kate
Looks like my kind of stuff, thanks for the heads up. Your photos are amazing
have a great weekend

Unknown said...

I sure could use the help of a blog designer !
I chose Sharon's Wannabe Cottage because I was reading so many wonderful cottage blogs , with wonderful photos of cottage decorating , and I wanted my home to be like them.
Your blog is beautiful !

Sue said...

Hi Kate,
As always "thanks" for the wonderful displays and product you bring to Country Roads. You have a good eye with your camera. I would LOVE to win a blog makeover. So,here is my reason I chose the name, "Just Practicing Random Acts of Kindness" for my blog. I think it is important to "pay it forward" in life whenever you can and just to be nice and kind to people daily. It can REALLY make a difference in peoples lives. That especially includes total strangers. I always carry dollar bills with me because I know that todays world has left so many in really tough times! Have a great day.

Take care, Sue

It's me said...

Wowwwwwwwwww Kate !! i see beautiful things here......lovely

Michele @ {Primp} said...

Great giveaway! I chose {Primp} because that's what I feel like I'm doing in the rooms in my house: primping until it looks just right!

Angela said...

I could certainly use a blog makeover! I chose my blog name because of a line I read in a magazine article about twenty-five years ago. It stuck with me and seemed right for my blog. "I'm like a little bird...always bringing things back to my nest."

Missy @ Chateau Chic Boutique said...

Hi Kate! I was wondering if you had re-done your blog yourself or not. It looks great! I've had big plans for a while to re-do mine as well so winning a make-over would be great since I'm not so sure I could do it.
As far as my blog name goes...about 9 years ago when I got my first space, I chose the name Chateau Chic for my new venture with grandious dreams of a web-site and storefront one day. I've always loved French styles personally and I loved the feminine sound of the words and the way they flowed. I also thought it didn't pigeon-hole my style, lots of things can be chic. Well, of course the web name was taken (but by a lovely gal in AZ, with a great shop I actually visited one day). So, I later changed it to Romancing the Cottage but never had a blog or site. For some time my space went on the back burner. Once I was able to really focus on my little business and simultaneously discovered the world of blogging, I decided to go back to my original name which I always loved and was so happy to find that the .com was available! And wouldn't you know it - less than a week later, I'm not kidding - it was taken AGAIN. So after MUCH thought, I ended up going with Chateau Chic Boutique. (I still go back and forth about dropping the Boutique part and forgetting about the .com)
Well, there you have it. I know, I'm rambling, sorry.
Have a blessed weekend in this beautiful So CA weather!!

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Hello Kate...I wish I lived closer to shop CR!! Great giveaways...I'll be keeping my fingers crossed!

A Cottage Muse...after many months of doing blog homework and when it came time to pick a name I knew I wanted cottage in some how because it reflected my basic home style and Jim and I met in the summer staying in cottages on Cape Cod. Then I wanted to give a nod to my creative side ~ my maiden name was Muise ~ which transformed to Muse. That's me, A Cottage Muse!

Anonymous said...

Wow the blog make over is great! I am so needing one myself- actually I need a body-face-hair makeover too-think that could be included in the giveaway!!!

I wish I had know what I was doing when I came up with a name for my blog. So many clever and sweet names out there and I came up with Mary's Meanderings- Not one of those names that catches alot of attention but it is what it is and now that I have a few followers I am afraid to start again with a new name!

fleurcottage said...

i love flowers & i like the look of french words & we live in a small bungalow...fleur cottage fits all of this! i'd love to have someone do a makeover on my blog!


I was watching a funny old sitcom with Bette Mittler in it. She was stalking Oprah and wanted to be just like her. So she started a magazine, "B" just like Oprah's "O.' I thought it was so funny, that I started a newsletter called "Gg". (G stood for God and g for glenda.)
When I started a blog last year, I took my newsletter title and embellished it . . . thus my blog title "Gg - Notes on the Journey." I love blogging.


trash talk said...

First let me say what a fabulous job she did for's so you. the table and wouldn't it be perfect as a little wine tasting table? a minute? I didn't choose my name. As always God chose it for me. I tried to use "White Trash" as we were selling white furniture at the time and that was already taken. Then I tried "Talking Trash"...gone. So I typed in "Talking White Trash" and bingo, but when I got ready to do my first post, the name "Talking Trash" popped up on my header. God knew what I do best and this is what He gave me. To me it was simply amazing.
So are you!

Unknown said...

Howdy Kate,

What a GREAT giveaway. Your always so thoughtful. All your new pieces are BEUATIFUL. I esp. LOVE the table. SOOOO GOR-JUS.

How did I choose my blog's name? Well, the www part was easy, it's my name. But the "It's Just Me" came from everything I like to do sums up who I am. Decorating, painting, cooking, makeup, family (pets included), etc. it all is just me : )

Hope your having a wonderful weekend ~ Deanna

Vintage Market Place said...

Oh Kate your booth is looking amazing, I want those black metal boxes, which I am sure are gone already but they are fab.
What a giveaway, count me in.
My blog name was taken from my first shop MITTENS
which is named after a cat that I have always wanted but never had. A kitten with paws that look like mittens. So it is Mittens at Home for me.
Simple as can be but confusing to a lot since I don't make mittens, LOL
I hope your holiday goes well and give your mama big hugs from me.

Miss Gracie's House said...

Gorgeous makeover...and your space looks just great! So many treasures...hope you are doing well.

WhiteWhispers2u said...

I would love to have those amo boxes.Looks great!
I chose my blog name because I love white and the lil whispers of life you hear,I call them white because you can't see them only hear them.Gods Whispers~Cheers Kim

I just had my blog redone dang!But I Love it, Count me out.

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