Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mama said "Knock you Out"

Today I am writing about my middle son, who after last week conquered his "Nemesis" in the arena of wrestling... My son has worked extremely hard for the last four years battling his severe asthma which really worked against him every time he competed. I kept him under constant care with his allergist, but he really wanted to wrestle all four years, make the Varsity team and become the District Champion.

Well my "big punk" did!!!!   {he is in black on the right}

He competed in one of the biggest challenges for him at the "Rim of the World" tournament in Big Bear, California. We were concerned how he would do with the elevation and yet he made it through till the end and won every match... Can you see that shaved spot on his head? That's what the other wrestlers did to "welcome" him to the achievement of that tournament. It's tradition, they dyed his hair yellow and shaved a "smiley face" on his head.  AHHH the joys of being seventeen!

His throw is his signature move and all that muscle he earned in our garage after he saved his allowance for a weight set. I could not ask for anything more...

This is one of my favorite shots of him standing with that posture

and then the win!!!!

Christopher became the district champion last month and went on to become the Orange League Champion this past week in his 160 lb bracket. The tears streamed down my face as the referee held up his hand as the winner. His opponent was someone who he could never defeat these past years until now. There are some sweet moments in life that are even too precious for words. This accomplishment is so bittersweet since I watched him struggle all these years with his asthma getting the best of him. He was so determined with his perserverance and tons of prayer that got him through.

believe me I prayed every time he went on to that mat.


This has been a journey for us and now he is off to CIF Championships this weekend

What I love most about him is under all of that brute strength he is so very loving and tender hearted. I am so very blessed...

My Champ

simply me kate xoxoxox0


Sheila said...

That is Awesome! I can't wait until my girls are older and can find their niche and go for it :) I sure hope you have had a blessed week, I know I have :)


Blondiensc said...

Yipee, that is great!! congrats to your son~ xo

cindy said...

How awesome!!! What a handsome boy you got there :) Thanks for sharing his success with us!

BellaRosa said...

Kate amor, how wonderful! You have such beautiful children :) I bet you are so proud of him, I know he has worked very hard to get to where he is, Congrats to him! My youngest also suffers from asthma, as do I, and I know for myself, I have many times put many limitations on her because of MY fear...this gives me such hope, thank you for sharing his story with us :) Besos, Rose

Ana said...

Whoo hoo! Congratulations to your son! Awww, what a proud Mama! Too sweet. Kate, please tell your son that I wish him the best of luck for the CIF Championships this weekend and that he has one more person cheering for him...Awesome pictures by the way.

Love ya,

Polly said...

Congratulations to your son! You must be a very proud momma! You are blessed.



At Town Square said...

Oh Kate,

That is awesome. I wish your son the best in the CIF Championship. You two seem like you are very close! What a great post to start off Monday on! You are very blessed.

julie said...

How wonderful for him. What inner strength and determination he must have within. Happy times for all of you...julie

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