Wednesday, June 15, 2011

White Wednesday " Salvage Dior Style "

I love chippy furniture , coral & glass 

these elements are staples in my displays

an element of the unexpected

I beat to my own drum

and love what I create

I think out of the box  A LOT...


One of the most beautiful doors

I loved using it for displays

 If I have twigs & branches on hand

well then Kate is a happy girl...

Can't get enough of vintage school books

I get weak just looking at the pages

these vintage algebra books

went to Country Roads and found a new home

the rustic coffee table just arrived there this week as well

another love of mine mixing coral, crystals and rust

leave no stone unturned I say...

Gracie decided that she wanted to start learning

about the flea market so we started with a small one

since it was her first time. Here she is meeting Jackie

from Annie Louise and her sister Jeanette

Gracie had saved her money

and had seven dollars to use for the day.

 I was teaching her to negotiate

just like her mama, and here is how it unfolded.

 Gracie is excited that she has 1.75 left

and found a dealer who sells sea shells which she loves

so she starts putting together her pile...

Now are you ready for this?

Her pile totaled 1.85 and when she told him

that she only had a 1.75 he insisted that she pay him the dime

or put one shell back in the box

Here comes the look...

There you have it she is truly my child

I was trying so hard to keep from laughing

then from giving the dealer a look since she is only seven

so I gave him the dime, I was not having any bit 

of her putting back a shell

{insert my thoughts}

Don't mess with my cub mister!!!

I'm glad that I captured it on the camera

a priceless memory for my heart forever...

Linking up with Kathleen for

her fabulous White Wednesday

much love from me & Gracie girl



Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Kate ~
Everything looks so beautiful !!
Your Gracie is a doll !! I love her "look"

stefanie said...

seriously...a dime!!!
I love your style!!!

Vintage Market Place said...

Kate I just adore you style
so chippy and rusty, primitive and used but GORGEOUS
You have the best way of arranging and making it work with everything!
Really hope to be seeing you soon.

Lovely Home said...

Your blog is amazing!Your style is amazing!


Annie Louise said...

A dime--are you kidding me? Anywho, Jackie and I loved meeting Gracie. She is such a cuties, we hope to see her at many more fleas : ) Love your style Kate, I am with you the rustier the better, Blessings to you and your family,

Ido said...

I can't believe how cute your daughter is, I love her. I have a son he is 8 and loves to go with me to the second hand store, and he does negotiate prices, not all the time he gets what he wants, but he is learning, he loves to watch American pickers and Pawn Stars, his favorites, he is growing a love for antiques too. So watch out, when I go to California I'm bringing a truck, because I will find country roads and gonna buy lots of that great stuff that you are showing us, I'm bringing my son too. Hope that happens soon.
Have a lovely day!

Daphne Nicole & Lynda Cade said...

Everything looks so beautiful.... It's so good that Gracie likes to go with you treasure hunting, she is so cute!!!
hugs~~ Daphne

It's me said...

Beautiful sweet your little

Faded Charm said...

You're teaching her right! Don't you love having her along with you while junking:-) Also, can't believe someone would make a big deal over a dime....come on!

Kathleen said...

Dear Kate, I just love your stories about Gracie. She is just so adorable. I hear you about our baby cubs. lol I am the exact same way and my cubs are 28 and 30;) Hope things are going well for you. Oh, and thank you for your kind comments about my photo shoot. Fifi is really great!
~Debra xxx
Capers of the vintage vixens

Susan EvelynAndRose said...

Oh, I just LOVE all that mix of textures and patinas in your booth. Heaven!
And what a story about your daughter! I can't believe he asked for the dumb dime.
Happy WW,

Sue said...

I told you Bryce started out as this little blonde headed kid tagging along with his big sister Brande to Vet's. It doesn't take them long, and they are "hooked" just like us. I have a feeling, little Gracie is going to do VERY well in this biz!

Take care, Sue

Burlap Luxe said...

Hi Kate!
I am beating that drum right with you :)

I leave once again inspired, come visit my french gray French House addresses!
Zinc and old with a touch of new :)

blossoms vintage chic said...

Hey Kate...You girls are way to cute to be charged full price! Mr W. is taking his sea shells way too seriously...thank goodness you had an extra 10 cents! So sad I wasn't there to shop with Gracie...let her know I love her boots! Happy White Wednesday and Thursday to you both.
Bunches of love,

Object of Maya*ffection said...

Gracie is her mommas girl!! BUT SERIOUSLY? HE insisted on his dime? That's awful.....

Deneen@dreaming-n-color said...

She is adorable! Love the look!

A Shabby Moment in Time said...

That "look" will go down in history for you I'm sure. LOL She's her mother's daughter, eh? I love all your whites...especially that tall wire basket with the blooms...fabulous!! I wanted to tell you that I finally spent the Pottery Barn Gift card I won in your giveaway. I put it toward a lovely white voile bed skirt for my now "all white" bed. Thanks ever so much! xoxo Blessings & Hugs,

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Coral, crystals and rust...oh my!
So beautiful Kate!
You too Gracie!

The Smith Hotel said...

Love,love,love urns! My kids are "in training" when we go junking and I can't believe he didn't give her a 10cent break! Even at my shows if a kid wants to buy something I give them a break-Please!!!!! Your booth looks great as always!


Suz said...

This was such a cute post and inspirint-I loved the shot of the white sofa and things.

Marie said...

Gracie is her mother's daughter...I always say that too about my daughter. I was up at CR last Saturday to pick up the doors I put on layaway last time we met. I of course stopped by your two lovely spaces and drooled, especially over the industrial table which someone had snatched. Almost took home your desk set with glass and chair, what a great buy, but then because of the glass on the doors, as usual, no space left in my SUV. But I'll be back soon dear heart. As you know, it's always a pleasure visiting you there.
Hope all's well sweet Kate!

Unknown said...

A dime? Really? That's just sad. The shell probably cost him NOTHING!!! Gracie's a lucky girl : )

V I N T A G E O L O G I E said...

Gorgeous vignettes ... even more gorgeous daughter!!

Tori @ Salvaging Grace said...

Hi Kate, Just wanted to stop by and say Hi.
I haven't seen you in a while, Hoping your feeling better.

Wondering how the Princesses room is coming along, and believe it or not...I just now fiqured out why you bought the chair I made, for Gracies room. LOL....
Cause of the letter "P" for princes.
I painted it thinking "P" for Paris,
I think its all the paint fumes! Sheesh...

Muah! Take care,... Oh if you have a FB page I made one up for Salvaging grace " to practice for my blog page. Stop by and see me.


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