Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pieces of my heart

I had to share this moment I had with my Gracie....

Gracie belongs to Awana which is a club that she attends weekly

from our church and they earn Awana bucks which the Sparky's

earn from memorizing their Bible verses and other tasks. Then

before the end of the school year they go to the Awana store

to spend all of the " bucks " they have saved up. The kids love

this since members donate items and they are displayed with

prices and the kids get to " shop".....

So Gracie was extremely excited Sunday morning when she

woke up early and said she had a " surprise for me" so she lead

me into the family room with my eyes closed then she sat on my

lap and said " open your eyes mommy " ....

her words melted my heart as she spoke

 she had used all of her earnings to buy me

a vase full of sea shells and arranged them on the table
She said she knew how much I loved sea shells and

 if I wanted to I could sell them at the store which she was

refering to my dealer space at Country Roads.

The tears were flowing like a river as

each minute I held her in my arms I wish that I could stop time.

I shared with her that I could never sell them

 I would keep them forever.....

 yes she's my Gracie girl

Happy weekend to all the lovelies

simply me kate xoxo


Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

What a sweet, sweet girl!! Such a blessing!

Sheila said...

Thank you!


Vintage Market Place said...

Oh my goodness what a great story!
May that love last thru the teenage years!

Do you know that Ben Folds song Gracie
You must listen to it, it will make you cry
it makes me cry every time I hear it.
But you must hear it.

Cheryl ~ ZanyMayd said...

That is the Sweetest Story...... What a Giving Spirit Gracie has ~

fleurcottage said...

what sweetness! & a job well done to you...she must have an excellent example! :)

beth said...

Ah, that is a sweet post! Gracie sounds like a sweetie...I know how much I love my girls and it's moments like these that are precious beyond words! said...

What a precious story kate:) How thoughtful already at such a young age. She must get that from her mom. Have a wonderful weekend.
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Anne Lorys said...

That sure is a wonderful girl you've got there!
No surprise, given who her mama is!

Love you!

tara said...

That is the sweetest gift, and I could never sell those either, **sigh**, she sure does love her mommy! I hope you are doing ok my dear! much love from this teary eyed girl to you!

Sue said...

Okay, Gracie got some tears from me this morning as well. She is such a cute kid, with, obviously, a huge heart of gold. Thank you for this post, I needed it today!

Take care, Sue
(I think we all call Country Roads, "the store")!!

Mindy said...

Hot, steaming tears...

What a testimony of the heart your child has and the foundation you are providing her.

You and she are blessed. ~Mindy

Ana said...

Oh Kate,
That is just the sweetest thing ever! You are both so blessed to have eachother. Please tell Gracie I say she is a sweet girl...just like her mommy :-) Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.

Love ya,

Polly said...

You are truly blessed to have your little Gracie! Oh how I long for such a blessing myself!

Lucky momma. Lucky little girl. You will always have one another!



Faded Charm said...

What a sweet little girl you have. Sounds just like something my daughter, Nichole would do for me. I guess they really are paying attention to us when we don't even know it.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Anonymous said...

Those are definitely the moments you cherish. Gracie is a sweetheart and you both are blessed. Having a daughter is so special. My daughter is 26 and we are closer than we have ever been. We certainly had our ups and downs. Have a great weekend.


Annie Louise said...

What a sweet daughter. You are both blessed to have each other. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story with us, and thank you Gracie for being such an inspirational, kind, and giving person. Bless you all.

Ron and Jamie said...

agh, love the awana store. she did some good "shopping".

My Grama's Soul said...

Love the name of your blog. You have one sweet little girl........they grow up so fast, so I know you are enjoying her. She is beautiful, as are you.



1 Funky Woman said...

Oh, I love her too! What a sweet little thing! Just when you least expect it, they touch your heart so! I think my bloggy friends better spoil me, I don't think I'll get it from here, lol! Already they are whining of all the things they are going to have to help with! This will be so good for them!


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