Thursday, July 22, 2010

All you need is LOVE

We have had some rough days mama and I,

she is suffering much from the cancer, but she still gives me her sweet smile

her role as a mother never stops, as long as she is able she goes with

me to "junk" and is my bff when she see's the treasure we have found

and her excitement for me overflows into love...

my mama has always been my cheerleader...

even twenty years ago when I had no money I wanted to

be an event planner she purchased all of my office equip,

business cards etc, till I made a name for myself

then when I got diagnosed with Lupus this year

she was right along side me cheering me on

when Sue's Boy Bryce offered me a dealer spot

at Country Roads back in March

this PLACE is my port in the storm where

all of my illness and mama's cancer has no room

this is where I dream, create

and meet people who touch my life and my soul

where I feel God's hand reminding me that

I am not alone

where I feel my best when the day is done

 we celebrated mama's birthday and

know this is probably the last one we will share

together with her and yet being so grateful

that we did...

then the post man brings me a box

full of love from Melanie at Pretties and Posies

you see I won her amazing giveaway...

Melanie is such a sweetheart and

has such a beautiful and inspiring blog

so the day ends with this

my cup runneth over...

I love you mama xoxo


Sheila said...

HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY! to you Mom my Sweet Kate :) You are such an inspiration to see you give it all you have everyday. I hope you have some plans this weekend and feel good enough to actually enjoy them.


Allison said...

Kate, Your post touched me tonight. I'll keep you and your Mom in my daily prayers. I went through cancer with my own mother. I know it's tough. It's so wonderful you are so close and can be there every step of the way for her. What a lovely photo of your Mom! Hang in there!

Vintage Market Place said...

When I hear stories like yours Kate it makes all the other BS in life seem so unimportant. You have great strength to deal with these hurdles and do it with a smile on your face. I feel the pain thru your post of the coming to terms with your moms situation and then having yours to deal with too, you both keep smiling for each other and this is wonderful to see a mother and daughter so happy together, brings tears to my eyes.

Melanie said...

Sweet Kate~

I hope your package lifted your spirits,:)

My heart breaks for you. I remember my dad's last birthday on this Earth. He had a smile that always lit up the room. On his birthday that year it was extra bright because he knew we were with him... always. I am so thankful to have loved him all of my life.

I will continue to keep your family in my prayers. Your mother is a lovely soul. You are certainly her daughter:)

Blessings to you!

Moore Minutes said...

Wow Kate, this post made me cry...and I don't do that often. :( This was extremely touching. You're treasuring the love and the moments. Its beautiful. <3

Seawashed said...

Beautiful meaningful post.

Tonia Lee Smith said...

Beautiful, I will keep your Mother in my prayers.

Preppy Mama said...

Happy Birthday to your mom! You have such a beautiful blog and such a wonderful way with words. I am truly touched and please know you are all in my prayers.

beth said...

Ah what a sweet post! Hang in there and know you are in our thoughts and prayers. said...

Oh Kate you two are so lucky to have each other. I am so sorry you both are going through such tough times. But I love your attitude and that alone will help you get through this. My father had cancer when I was 18 and I know how hard it is to see a parent go through this never mind going through it yourself at the same time. You are one inspirational, fabulous and deeply loved woman!!!!!!!I wish nothing but the best for you and your family. I keep you all in my prayers. Happy Birthday to your mom - another special lady:)
Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

Anonymous said...

Dear Kate:

You and your sweet mama have been on my heart of late. I have been praying for her healing and I have been praying for your broken heart. What a beautiful tribute.

Big Hugs,

Sue said...

I LOVE you Mom's smile! That was the first thing I noticed when I met her! Life is prayers and a day at a time and enjoying each good moment we have with those we love.

Take care, Sue

Ana said...

Dearest sweet Kate,
I sit here feeling helpless and not knowing what to say...I'm not very good with words...they don't come easy to me but let me just say this, your friendship has become such a special part in my heart that your family, even though I haven't met them all in person, has become like my family, your struggles have become my heart's struggles, your pain has become my heart's pain but most importantly your strength, faith and love in and for our Lord have become a true testament and inspiration to me. I love you dear friend with all my heart and all my thoughts and prayers are with you and your beautiful, sweet mama. ~♥Ana

Annie Louise said...

Thank you for this inspiring post. I wish for your mother a very Happy Birthday. She is a beautiful lady with a wonderful smile. You both will be in my thoughts and prayers. Take care, Jeanette

Blondiensc said...

Oh kate, happy birthday to you and your momma, what a blessed soul she is to have you for a daughter and vice versa...I hope your time with her only brings the best memories and beautiful smiles...bless you sweet girl,love you!

Mindy said...

Kate, such beautiful expressions. Thank you for letting me peek into your family's love story today. Prayers and hugs. ~Mindy

La said...

Happy Birthday to your best friend and mother. I wish only the best for you. Lori

Anna Margaret said...

Who can measure the love of a mother -- when you think about the depth of the ocean ... still her love is deeper. May His mercy be great and His grace be in abundance for your Mama,
as she is surrounded with so much love.
And I also pray for God`s continued strength for you too Kate...
With His love -
Anna Margaret

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet Mamma, Hoping your blessed with an easier time of it soon!
Think of you often. XoXo

Debra@CommonGround said...

What a blessed relationship you have with your sweet momma. I know God put the two of you together. And now you are continuing to help each other through. Happy Birthday to her!
I always love seeing your happy place at CR. You do such wonderful job there.
hugs and love,

Polly said...


I'm so glad to hear you got to spend a wonderful birthday with your mom! This thing called life can really throw us some curve balls, can't it?

I'm always encouraged by the tone of your posts...despite your troubles, you always appear to be positive and grateful for the good things! That is one of the things that make you an amazing soul!

Congrats on your giveaway win....such beautiful things! What a day brightener!!



Bohemian said...

How Blessed your lovely Mom is to have such a wonderful and loving Daughter... especially when up against some of life's toughest battles! Our Prayers are with you both.

I'm loving your beautiful Blog too...

God Bless

Dawn... The Bohemian

Missy @ Chateau Chic Boutique said...

What a beautiful post Kate. What a blessing you are to each other. I'm sure your Mom's heart is so full of love, appreciation and gratitude on her birthday and always. And it is clear your heart is the same towards her. May He continue to feed your hearts and minds with His unfailing love and strength.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog. It sincerely means a lot to me. ;).

Abundant Blessings,

Jan Thomason said...

I am so glad that I followed Debra at Common Ground's advise to come visit your blog, enter your giveaway and get to know you.

first things first -
i'm entering your giveaway - that bag is darling!!
by the time i leave your blog i will be a follower of yours.

TWO ENTRIES:) - is that right??

i wanted to tell you, also, that though i don't have lupus, i do have many auto-immune illnesses so i can feel your pain. i hope you don't suffer much and that the doctor's are able to help you manage your disease.

blessings to you, i look forward to getting to know you,

Sherry said...

What a lovely and inspiring post. My daughter has sarcoidosis, which has many symptoms similar to lupus. Taking the time to take care of herself helps keep things under control. Each day we have is a blessing and we all need to keep that in our minds always.

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