Sunday, September 26, 2010

all the right moves

as far back as I can remember mama said follow your instinct...

and when it tells me to move I move

and when my heart whispers stay I wait...

industrial piece that hubby worked on

for my space at the Store

this vintage scale was my moment of go

I turned a corner and there it was..

and now for the stay...

white, rusted and five tiers


I filled her layers with wonderful

goodness much that came from these

talented ladies at

I love selling statement pieces

mama loves to crochet and she made some

sweet necklaces for me

and little "G"

mama spoiled her big girl too

primping before the celebration

of my middle punk who just turned "18"

Christopher studies nutrition and

how food affects the body as you can

see I have to sneak my "junk" food

in our house

under that muscle is a heart of gold

and a young man whom

I simply adore

signing off with lots of

monkey business


Tanza said...

Hi Kate,
Gosh, I really need to get back to my blogging !! Such FuN you always share !! LoVe your Sons cake !! How cool is that !! Save me a BiG piece !! We can sneak it together !! hahaha .. Were headed to the circle for a bit, and I HAVE to check your yumminess out there !! Girlie, you got it all goin' on, I want a necklace too .. Do you sell those ?! Soo very sweet !! And did I say Girlie ?!
Happy birthday to your sweet boy, and have a happy celebration my friend .. tell Mr. Wonderful we say HELLO too xo
Hugs for you ~Tanza~ xo

Polly said...

Oh those necklaces are so cute! Your mother is quite talented!

Lovin' the industrial piece and those tiered white stands! You find the best things that fit perfectly with your signature style!

Happy Birthday to your Christopher!

Have a wonderful week Kate! xo


Rachel Noelle Pallas said...

~*Love your industrial piece but most of all LOVE the sweet necklaces your mom made for your and your sweetheart~* ;)Rachel

Sue said...

Oh my favorite pictures were posted today, "Gracie"! I love when I see her little smiling face, makes me smile! Happy birthday to your boy Christopher. The time passes so fast. Bryce will be 27 on Friday. How did that happen?

Take care, Sue

Sheila said...

Hi Kate,
i saw some of those sweet necklaces on Etsy...I love that you have someone special that could make them up for you. I love that door in your booth with the panes in much is that door, I likey alot :) (hehehe) lol seriously let moi know. I hope your celebration wAs fun, talk to you soon.


Annie Louise said...

Hi Kate,

Thank you for your sweet words. What a joy it was to start our day off at Jamestown with you and your hubby stopping by! We love chatting with the two of you and seeing what pretties might catch your artistic eye. Your displays are so beautiful and inspiring - all very natural, peaceful, and stunning!

Your family photos are all heartwarming. . .thank you for sharing.

Jackie & Jeanette

Kristin @ Yellow Bliss Road said...

I noticed your necklace last night and meant to say something, but got up in "Antoine" and "Botflies" LOL Anyway I love them! I actually have a friend who would adore them too, think your mom might sell them? Cute pic of you and G, but I had to laugh because I'm looking in the window! xoxo

All That Jazz said...

LOVE it all! Your space always looks so great, I always want everything in it, LOL! Those necklaces are divine! My grandmother crochets (I can too, but just the basic stitch! ;-) and now I want to have her make me one of those!

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Good Morning! Oh those neckaces are so adorable!! How fun modeling with your little one!! Happy, Happy Birthday wishes to your son too!! Have a fun week!

homebody0404 said...

Oh goodness, Kate,...I love the necklaces, the cake is sooo cool and that little girl is just too adorable! I'm drooling over that cloche on the top shelf and the tray it sits on! sigh.

I hope you and your family have an awesome week!


Robyn said...

Kate you have soooo many lovely things on that etagare! You also have beautiful children! Hey, did he eat any cake! ...not an ounce of fat on that handsome boy!

Heidi said...

wow, you live such a beautiful life. i hope we meet someday.

you are gorgeous, your passion is beautiful, you surround yourself with such beautiful things.

im in the middle of buying a few things for my house, bc it needs to, 'raise up and greet me at the door,' as nate berkus says. mine says. 'dude, i need some love, get off your ... and pretty me up.' lol.

i'm officially tired.


Anne Lorys said...

Your mom made those darling necklaces? How cute. :-)

I just love your booth, I think it's just filled to the brim with statement pieces.

Have a great Tuesday!

Missy @ Chateau Chic Boutique said...

How sweet of your Mama to make those beautiful necklaces for you. What a handsome young man you have there! Love the cake too! So cute you call them "punks", that was my nick-name my Dad gave me when I was very small, "the Punk" or just sweetly "Punky".
Nice job your Hubby did on that metal shelf! Your space looks so cool in your latest post. Love everything as always! I hope you're feeling good this week, you're always in my thoughts and prayers.
Sincerest Blessings to You Always,

Mindy said...

OHhhh! I love the necklaces! Really! Your mama is great! ~Mindy

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