Monday, September 26, 2011

GOODWILL & Reclaimed Bliss...

I fell in love with this old bleached wood at a yard sale

{so in love}

I got it for free!!! So I put Mr. Dior to work and married it with two

vintage egg crates that I scored from Goodwill  for 5.00

my oldest son loves to cook

so I had to have his favorite bread book

for my table

I purchased a sampler can of Charcoal

from Restoration Hardware to use

on a few accent pieces...

old cast iron urn from the Goodwill


love how it looks with the Charcoal paint

I also used it on the top of this old school desk

from the Goodwill as well

I also found some great frames ranging from

3.99 to 5.99

to frame my favorite drawings from

an old anatomy book and sea fan coral

{swoon Goodwill}

I added some dark colored old books

and other accessories 

from an Estate sale inside my white hutch for

a pop of color blend...

filled the urn with my touch

of sea sponge and albalone shells

Have a beautiful week

my darlings...

This is for Sue

Gracie stealing the show at Country Roads



stefanie said...

wow!!! just beautiful! as is the whole room!

Fishtail Cottage said...

fabulous home! i just love the way you decorate!

Rachel Noelle Pallas said...

I love how it turned out Kate~ You need your own design show on HGTV girl!! xo Rachel

Debra@CommonGround said...

How fun and funky! always gorgeous, Kate! xoxo

Sue said...

I love how Gracie "gets" there is a lot of stuff at Country Roads, like? I know she thinking, "jeez, where do I begin"??? Your new home decor looks great.

Take care, Sue

Seawashed said...

I think you must have the best Goodwill in California...or you just know how to find the goods! I can see why you fell in love with the bleached wood...swoon. And I do love that charcoal paint! Your home is always so lovely and elegant.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Kate, honestly, you should be working as an interior designer!! I love your new coffee table, I love how your always thinking outside of the box!!
Oh, and "The Room" is looking so gorgeous!
Have a lovely week.

Ido said...

Gorgeous! Love, love the bleached wood table!

It's me said...

Your home is so wonderful !! your table !!!!..o my.....have a great week from

Burlap Luxe said...

Kate how fun to have created this bit of farm house with the reclaimed wood and egg crates!
I just love the metals mixed with wood, love that touch of industrial it gives it... Your home is so beautiful!!

For some reason when I think I found the best find I then visit you and am in major woww over your find :)

How are you doing these days!

Keep inspiring your beauty!!

Burlap Luxe said...

Oooo! kate I wanted to mention I am a big lover of bleached woods, I have some in my one home, I strip off the paint and let it speak to me in the "natural!"

I would love to strip down my kitchen cabinets and then wash them a bit with watered down paint leaving it a very very soft spoken bleach wood look to the grain of the wood, I must make time for this :)


the old white house said...

That table turned out great Kate! Everything looks beautiful and I love the little video of Gracie! t. xoxoxo

A Shabby Moment in Time said...

Love it all Kate...especially the wood re-purposed into a coffee table! Tres Chic my friend!! And Gracie is just adorable...looks sooo much like her sweet mama. :) She's a mini-you...lucky her!
Blessings & hugs,

Bohemian said...

Oh Kate your Table Creation out of the beautiful aged Wood is stunning! And Goodwill Hunting is always a Rush... I get so many Found Treasures from there, your Sea Treasures are wonderful!

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

Oh.My.Stars!!! Stunningly beautiful!!!! The entire room....glorious!

Lou Cinda

savvycityfarmer said...


The Smith Hotel said...

Lovely! I hear they are going to open a Goodwill in my town soon! I love your new coffee table!


Sherry Hicks said...

There are a quite a few things about this post I absolutely love! The focal point of the table with crates, is well way cool but then the fact that you have an in home cook/bread baker, love the picture of your mother with you son! love the urns your style is amazing and I love the fact that you pull together a very hip expensive look from goodwill and yard sales. I am always excited when I see you have a new post as I know I am in for a treat, content and music!!

Kari said...

Hi Kate,

I can't seem to comment here using my blogger acct... so weird. And it ate my last comment. Well I just wanted to tell you, you've done it again!! I'm speechless! This is why I love your blog. You seamlessly marry the rustic with the elegant and do it on a dime! There are a couple of other blogs I *love* but I always leave feeling a little discouraged because I don't have a Restoration Hardware furniture budget, but when I come here I am so inspired! I love that you share the price and where you got the items, it's so encouraging. Thank you! And I swear your So Cal Goodwill's are so much better than the ones in the bay area, unbelievable what you find down there!! Now I just want to see more of your house! You know, dining room, kitchen, etc. Hint hint! Lol! Have a great day,

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Truly beautiful make your finds look like a million bucks!!

I couldn't see the video...I'll be back to try again!

Chrissy...The Apothecary Shop said...

O.K you need to be on "Picker Sisters" what a great it!!! x0x0

June said...

I was thinking about you last week Kate and hoping that all was good with you.
I love your reclaimed table top. What a score my friend!
Rats..I couldn't get the video clip to play, it tells me to try later.
hugs from here...


Wow . . . you are a great and creative bargain hunter, Kate. Do you give lessons?


Anonymous said...

Dear Kate,

I love the pops of black, the grays and the different metallics. Makes me want to take a seat and have a glass of wine! ...and girl, only you would score vintage egg crates for $5!! I'm loving your table.

Pat Allen

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

I wish our Goodwill was like yours, Kate.

Your home is beautiful and I love all the personal "you" touches. It's a showcase,it shows how much thought and love you put into your surroundings. You inspire.

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Hi Kate, Goodwill never looked so good. I love how you can take such simple, inexpensive pieces and turn them into something showhouse worthy. Your living room is beautiful. Hope your day is great. Tammy

Ranch Girl Diaries said...

I LOVE that table, so creative the way you put it on top of the metal crates! As usual, your home is lovely and magazine worthy, Kate!

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