Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Vintage Farm Style

When you live in OC its hard to create

a farm style feel without having

your own farmhouse.

Unless that is if you have a friend

who sends you a photo of vintage barn style doors

 waiting for you by the curbside.

My heart rate went through the roof

just knowing I was going to

have these beauties that evening.

Mr. Dior was such a peach while

he labored cleaning them and making sure they were

sturdy and secure to have them inside of our home.

Most of the weekend I spent gazing at their beauty.

Every inch of them filled with character.

We had the pleasure of meeting

the lady who was having this 100 year old

home restored. She shared how these belonged

to what resembled a little barn.

She was so delighted about the new ones

that she had built while I was jumping with joy

that I was receiving the old ones.

I stumbled upon this steer head wicker planter while

shopping the Goodwill and thought it

would add some whimsy to the doors.

 I loved how the sun had faded it 

to the most perfect patina.

I added a few pops of black

with old trunks to break up the whites.

Mr. Dior was so patient

as I asked him if he would pick me up

the tumbleweed near the railroad.

{ Kate loves her twigs }

{Cross Pillow} Sweet Tea and Linen

 I need to find a unique vintage chandelier for the room.

I am thrilled to have them in time for the holidays!

I can't wait to decorate this room

for a Farm Style Christmas.

This week I will be joining

the most lovely gals in blogland

as I link up to their great weekly parties!

Also please stop by and visit this wonderful series

that my blog bestie Kristin is hosting

These women are sharing

their beautiful hearts and thoughts!

Wishing all of you a very blessed week!


Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

Holy cow...that is an incredible find!! It has the most amazing patina!! Oh man, I would be staring at it all day long too!

Unknown said...

WOW! "Kate loves her twigs" ........ this made me giggle!!!

The Vintage Farmhouse said...

Wowza! What a fantastic find!

Unknown said...

these look fabulous! love them!!!

shaggysheephome said...

Wow ....... Wow! I love the doors and your husband is awesom for not complaining about them being in the house. I would be so happy of I could love in a farmhouse but if that does not happen I'm still going to pretend that my home is a farmhouse.

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

Oh, WOW! That is a score of a lifetime! They look so good!

CURIOUS said...

The Boys are Jealous !! Kate, I think we share the same CHIPPY HEART !! Big Hugs from Texas ! JOE & GLENN

AntiqueChase said...


WhiteWhispers2u said...

Lucky Lady! Simply Fabulous~Blessings Kim

Unknown said...

Oh Ms. Kate, WHAT a gracious friend you have. Those doors are perfect and BRAVO Mr. Dior for being such a wonderful hubby to clean/secure those beauts....
Hugs to you my deary : )
~ Deanna

It's me said...

Graet doors darling !! wowwwwww !!

Kristin @ Yellow Bliss Road said...

So excited for the moment you tire of those doors so Mr. Dior can bring them to ME!

Your new living room layout looks stunning.

Glad he finally picked up that tumbleweed for you! And I can't wait to see it all decked out for Christmas!!!

Unknown said...

I would be jumping for joy if I lucked upon those too. They are awesome and your photos are lovely.

toves sammensurium said...

Oh dear.I am out of words Kate.Fantastic is far from describing!!!!

Debra@CommonGround said...

these are just amazing, what a wonderful gift!

Rosemary@villabarnes said...

My heart would be racing too. Love those!

Julie Marie said...

Oh my goodness Kate!... I am so in love with your doors!... what a great find!... and how fun you met the lady who was getting rid of them... if she reads your blog, she'll want them back!... love what you have done with them... a farmhouse home is the only kind I have ever known, even as a little girl... and it never goes "out of style"... although I do not worry about trends or whatever, I just do my own thing... love that you gather tumbleweeds too!... my neighbors look at me like I am nuts when I come back from my walks, carrying weeds, twigs, branches, etc... but they are all beautiful!... you have such a way with putting everything all together... and it just looks so wonderful... I am excited to see it all decorated for the holidays... I wish you had an online shop... I would be your best customer!... going back to take another look at everything, much love, xoxo Julie Marie

Vintage Market Place said...

I can see it now all done up for xmas Kate!
twinkle lights and all :)

Such a wonderfully cozy setting to a room.

Amy Kinser said...

Oh my, they are beautiful!!! What a wonderful treasure!!

You always make things so beautiful, Kate.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful rescue! My heart would have skipped some beats when I saw these! What a wonderful friend to think of you! Mr. Dior is so sweet! These are a treasure!

Lillie and Moss said...

HI Kate, I feel right at home here today....Love those barn doors....amazing, and you have such a very kind friend to think of you. I am a big fan of twigs also. My husband thinks it's silly that I am always looking for wildflowers as we travel into town but today he stop because he spotted some ") Shari

Anne said...

Kate those doors are gorgeous!!! How lucky for you and they fit in perfectly with your beautiful home! Everything you touch turns to gold!Thank you for always inspiring me!

Sherry Hicks said...

Kate those doors really are amazing what a find!!

Heaven's Walk said...

Wow is right, Kate! Those doors are such a beautifully unique and one of a kind find!! I can't believe how they created an even cozier look in your living room!!! Gorgeous!!!! :)

xoxo laurie

Burlap Luxe said...

Your barn doors are a gift of all gifts and wow Kate what doors to love.
More and more I am going crazy over your style :)

Kate, I am and have been on a long hunt for barn doors just like yours.
I am so excited to see that you have doors that add to your homes inspiring look! And so excited to see how happy you are to have them.
I will keep looking for mine :)

I am looking forward to seeing how your holiday home is decorated around all your treasures that you have been rustic ally adding to your design style.


the old white house said...

Oh my gosh Kate, I am so excited for you! Those are over the top amazing and look beautiful in your living room! Gorgeous... I am actually over here doing the happy dance for you, what a thoughtful friend to save them for you. love, t.xoxoxo

pballard said...

Love the old doors and the sticks. You inspire me!

Faded Charm said...

Loving these doors Kate!!! They have the best patina and will be so fun to decorate for the holidays:-)


Deb said...

Love these doors! Lucky you. Such a gorgeous room & I can just imagine how amazing it will look decorated for Christmas ♥

Unknown said...

You lucky gal! These doors are gorgeous!
What a treasure to find and have!


decorator to the stars said...


Kristin @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia said...

WOWZA the doors are fabulous!!!!!
I have been meaning to make my way over here FOREVER. Well, life, you know how it goes. Thank you for your comment at Kristin's today, it means a lot. I love your style and am so happy to finally have made my way over.
Have a fabulous night.

A Ruffled Nest said...

Talk about adding character to a room! The doors are lovely!


A Ruffled Nest said...

Talk about adding character to a room! The doors are lovely!


Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Amazing doors full of chippy goodness, Kate! How great you were able to get them!

trash talk said...

You can start calling me Ms. Hulk. I'm that green with envy!

Anonymous said...

Oh my heavens Kate, I am seriously swooning over those barn doors!!!~ I have to see your home sometime in person, it looks amazing!!!!
I can't wait to see all of the beauty you create for the holidays around these awesome doors.
Hope your doing well sweet friend and I look forward to seeing you soon.

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

I could stare at these doors all day!
They make a beautiful backdrop in your home Kate, this must be your score of the year!
I just love your cross pillow and ordered one (and another) myself from Carolyn!

Sherry at The Rusty Pearl said...

Your place and FIND is amazing !!! I just love when we can find us that perfect piece that makes us just stare for hours and say over in our minds ... (LOVE THAT) you cant put a price on that kind of FIND ... Love what you have done with it . ... Just stunning !!!!!!!

Susan Freeman said...

Great inspiration! I am your newest follower.

Susan and Bentley

must love junk said...

OMGosh!! Those doors are stunning! They look perfect in your gorgeous space!

Bohemian said...

Your Farm Style Christmas is going to be Heavenly! Loving your Old Farm Barn Doors... Amazing what some people will put curbside and I'm SO Happy for you and that they were Saved from ending up discarded and not properly appreciated... I am a Salvage Architecture fiend! *Winks* I almost need an Old Door Intervention... but I can't bear to think of any ending up in a landfill and so when I see any curbside... they HAVE to be Rescued! *LOL*

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Unknown said...

Thank you Kate for letting us come along with you on your adventures. I adore these doors (possibly coveting them if I am honest ;)

Have a wonderful, blessed weekend!

xoxo, Tanya

Annie Louise said...

Jeepers, I just love your style. Who would think that a simple tumbleweed on the road, would make such a stunning addition, only you Kate. Your design eye is fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!
Blessings to you and your family,
Jeanette and Jackie

Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson said...

A match made in heaven! You and the doors I mean. My apologies to Mr. Dior. lol! Seriously, I can't beleive these were a roadside find. No one puts things out by the road around here. Love that you got them. And great that the lady was loving her new ones. Both gals happy, happy, happy! The pop of black with the suitcases is wonderful. Had to laugh, if I asked my hubby to bring me home tumbleweeds he's think I'd lost my mind. Only you have an eye for such things! Thanks for sharing with Share Your Cup.

Gretchen said...

What an incredible gift Kate... Born a farm girl, a country girl at heart living in the suburbs, a lover of repurposed & junk finds, and an appreciation for all things naturally found, these barn doors made my heart go pitter patter. What a lucky (blessed) girl you are! Even here in the Midwest you'd not find a set of these quite so glorious with the patina/sun fading such as these. Truly an awesome find and what a peach of a dh to clean them and tolerate them in your home. Many men wouldn't see the beauty in them like us women do. lol
Missed your blog, so playing catch up tonight with Salvage Dior. Heading to Mexico on Monday, so hope to catch up more while soaking up some sunshine and enjoying God's warmth and beauty.

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