Monday, February 8, 2010

Goodwill & Shower Curtains

My local goodwills always sell fabric shower curtains and I started buying the ones that I loved just for the print. I realized that this was a finished edge of 70 x 70 fabric and I could put some of these to good use since I am a "no sew" gal.

I took an old canvas frame,  fabric shower curtain and staple gun to make some inexpensive wall art... love the blue birds

dresser from Country Roads

I decided to start using them for throws, and small doses of color

I also love that all the edges are sewn with a finish

I used a linen one to cover the black head board to add softness to the bed in our studio loft

now for my favorite find this silver deco style end table 14.99

the drawers were a perfect storage bonus...

layered on the side chairs for warmth

just a little idea I thought I would share...

simply me, kate xoxoxo


Cheryl ~ ZanyMayd said...

Love the way you used the Shower Curtains ~ Pure Genius & Just LOVE the Silver Table.... Now that is a TREASURE!

Anne Lorys said...

What is it with you and your awesome, not-of-this-world Goodwill??? Seriously, I'm thinking of planning an entire West coast trip centered around visiting your local Goodwill!!! ;-)

Once again, I love it all! :-)


BellaRosa said...

Kate amor, I love finding the material shower curtains too, I used to use them as table cloths even before I got our "new" round table..but I used them to make lil new sew curtain panels too, I love the way you used yours and the pretty patterns you picked out. Besos, Rose

ohh and I love that lil silver dresser :)

cindy said...

You found that beautiful stuff at GW??? I'm completely jealous....

Love how you've used the shower curtains. I confess I've done the same with a few of my old ones. I have a 3 toned linen shower curtain I'm hoping to find inspiration for soon :)

Polly said...

Hi Kate! The shower curtain canvas art you created is simply perfect! I'm lovin' the little birdies! That Goodwill of yours is awesome!

So, I've been meaning to ask you in the OC, do you ever see any of the "real housewives"? Just curious!

Take care Kate!



Blondiensc said...

What a great idea, I love the print on the canvas! I am a no sew girl too, wish I was! Hope you are feeling better! xo, Tara

Ana said...

Love, love, love this idea...I can't believe they're shower curtains. They're gorgeous! What awesome finds...Wish all Goodwills were the same :-p Chucks!

Love ya,

Mike said...

I love how the edges are sewn with a finish too.

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