Wednesday, April 6, 2011

White Wednesday " Gracie Girl guest post "

Good morning ladies

I am guest posting for my mommy today...

my favorite snuggle spot with mommy

we love lots of linens and yummy pillows

and the Simply Shabby Chic line @ Target

salvaged door headboard painted & distressed

by mommy...

mommy picked this darling hamper for

my room makeover in progress at

its the perfect size for me...

our favorite snuggle blanket from the

Simply Shabby Chic line @ Target

she loves to use florals in her chandys...

I can't wait to see what chandy mommy finds for my room...

maybe this one that she just finished

she loves to decorate with coral...

we love to paint & sand...

we made this bird tray together this week

then mommy had glass sealed on top. It sold a few minutes

after she placed it in her space

at the store

more spring goodness

lots of projects getting ready to be placed

our wall sconce project that we did...

and this beautiful white ironstone collection

is from one of the sweetest person Carol in 55C

who is part of the  Country Roads family

well ladies please join the lovely Kathleen

Of course mommy placed me on a chippy salvaged table

for my daddy's photo shoot!

Peace out xoxo

Gracie Girl


Seawashed said...

Gracie girl you are darling. Loved your post and that you like to snuggle with your Mommy. I have a Gracie girl too that still snuggles with me and she is 17! Sending you and your Mommy sea kisses xx

Anonymous said...

Oh Gracie,
You did a fabulous job for mommy!! I think you have a new job as blog correspondent! I can't wait to see your room re-do!
Have a lovely day!

Vintage Market Place said...

oh Gracie, you are a pro at the posting!!!
Hope mommy is feeling well.
Tell her I will be back in town very soon with a few gifts for her and you ;)
Kate,it is all so amazing, LOVE the chandis and the target line is to die for, I am thinking I need to go dress my bed for Spring with some of this collection. LOL, don't tell Rudy :)

Moore Minutes said...

Gracie girl, you are simply ADORABLE! This post made me smile the entire time! love love it. Absolutely beautiful white treasures, this blog never fails to capture beauty.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate, you sure have a beautiful blog and Gracie is a natural in following her Mom's footsteps in the beautiful world of white vintage. HWW ~ Lynn

WhiteWhispers2u said...

Hello Nice to meet you Miss Gracie! You rocked it lil Miss.Mommy does a fabulous job doesn't she~Cheers Kim

Polly said...

You cute thing you!! Sounds like you and your mommy have so much fun together!! Can't wait to see your room after it's all done!

Have a happy day Gracie Girl! And you too Mommy Kate!



PCovi said...

Gracie girl you are a fine blogger! Can I show you somebody on Youtube?? Haha...she is really cute and funny and smart. I can't decide which of her videos to show you ....they are all so cute!

Have fun!

Debra@CommonGround said...

Gracie, I'd say your just a "chippy" off your sweet mommie! How wonderful that both of you can create such pretty things, just love that birdie tray!! Have fun you two!

Anne Lorys said...

Great post, Gracie!
Tell mommy she has a darling daughter!

Anne said...

Hello Gorgeous Gracie:) You have the best Mom ever! What fun that you guest posted today:)I love all of your Moms chandies and I'll bet she picks out a very special one for you. Hope you post again. Have fun:)
~Debra xxx
Capers of the vintage vixens

June said...

Hello you darling Gracie!
I love what your mommy has been doing to your room. You must be over the moon for it!
Your mom is such a talented girl and you are both very lucky to have each other.
sending hugs

Burlap Luxe said...

Gracie what a perfect little shabby, euro chic designer you are! following in your Moms footsteps :)

Love all that you two created, and choices in your added fluff. I love the Tarnished Crown! you have beautiful taste :)

Wonderful photos to be inspired by!

PS.....Please stop by and enter my GiveAway! I am featuring Pure & natural Beauty! would love to see you added to the mix.
See you soon!

It's me said...

Hi Gracie....wonderful post !!...give my love to mommy.......warm hugs for both of

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Hi Gracie, you are certainly following in your mommy's footsteps and just as sweet and beautiful! Target has some great stuff now! I miss shopping at those kinds of stores. Hope your mom is well! Best wishes to all, Tammy

Sherry Hicks said...

Gracie, you are so sweet and a lil beauty! I too have the white snuggle blanket from target, love the simply shabby chic line very good quality!. Love the pictures! What a sweetie!

Rust: Vintage Inspired Design said...

A deliciously yummy post Gracie!! Have a happy day with your amazing mommy!!!

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Hi Gracie...loved reading your guest post! Thanks for sharing such wonderful whites!
Say hi to your Mom for me!

Rose Carey said...

Gracie, you are as talented as your mom and as pretty! I have almost all the same pillows in my home, including the Target Simply Shabby ones! Thank you for your beautiful post and lovely pictures.

blossoms vintage chic said...

Hi Gracie...lovely post! You are so talented, love your shabby snuggle blanket and all those
chandeliers {swoon} a girl after my heart!
Bunches of love to you and your mommy!

the old white house said...

Hello Miss Gracie! I just loved your post, you have incredible taste just like your mommy!
Everything looks so pretty and I can see why that tray sold so quickly. Will you tell your mommy that I say hello and I think you should probably have more than one chandy in your room just for good measure! Also that I LOVE that velvet sofa a mantel that she showed us in her last post.
Thank you Gracie, have a great weekend! xoxo

The Paper Mulberry - Glenda Steel said...

I adore your styling! You have a new follower!!! Warmest wishes - Glenda

Heidi said...

oh my goodness. what a sweet girl. what beautiful words. maybe you could send her over here on a working vaycay. surely, she decorates better than me;)

the photo of the gray velvet is breathtaking. simply beautiful. keep posting this beautify, it is...nourishing! xoxoxoxoxo

Unknown said...

Awe Kate, Lil Ms. Gracie is soooo darn cute. Whatta easy model for her daddy to shoot. Of course the background is GOR-JUS !!!!
Hugs to you my dear friend ~

Ana said...

Hi Gracie,
You did such an awesome job guest hosting on your mommy's blog...You are just the sweetest to help her out with all those projects. Please tell your sweet mommy I'm sending tons of love her way...And sending you a great big hug and kiss.

Much love,

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