Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Matters of the heart

My sweet mama has really had a tough week battling

her cancer {we were in the valley}

and this table brought such joy to her as I begin the story

 Mama has very limited places where

she can be comfortable and has a special chair that

is in our family room.  It is the place she loves to sit and

look out into the garden while watching our Lola girl outside.

She eats all of her meals in our family room with a pull up table

and I knew she missed the togetherness that we had.

So when this table was given to me by Sue's Boy Bryce

I changed the brown/ gold wood and painted a gray white wash

it came out so lovely it had to come in our home

I brought her inside and removed our coffee table.

My mama's face lit up as she said to me

" Now we can all eat together again "

Her special chair tilts forward so that she can get up and

move when she needs to. I have cleared most of our furniture

to help her move around with her walker.

Isn't life so amazing how one simple thing can make

such a difference to one's heart !

I think of Bryce and his kind heart when I set that table now

for our meals. It's only been a few days and she is so

tickled that we are all together in the same room.

I always left the french door open from the kitchen but

it was not the same...

I found this urn at Truly Tattered in Tustin

and filled it with my signature use of coral

sewed this cover for the wire of the chandie

Mama did not like looking at the wire

another little gift that mattered to her.

Our industrial kitchen makeover means a lot to mama

 when she was well she cooked like a mad woman

My big punk & I did this reclaimed wall and  

then we hung the salvaged letters...

The wood is so pretty just worn and tattered

reminds me of our journey mama & I

it tells a story...

As the story goes while Sue is enjoying her days off with her

precious grandbabies I went in to change up

my spaces at the store. I brought in my new love

a vintage steel tanker desk {swoon}

Mama is always smiling when I show her

the new displays...

Are you in love yet?


I am !!!

Mr. Dior took her down to the steel

all shiny waiting for that perfect office to call home

I stayed for awhile...

Speaking of displays I had the pleasure of meeting

fellow blogger Marie of Marie's Masion

at Country Roads. We hugged and chatted like

old friends, she is utterly adorable.

Mama was right outside waiting

so happy that I had met Marie...

Marie has a beautiful home and a darling space

where she sells her finds in Carlsbad California.

Country Roads continues to bring my heart

such joy as I meet others who share our passion.

Before closing I shared a story with Sue & the girls

and she thought I should share it since mama is a

such a little character.

 Mama adopted me at age twelve &amp therefore

we have a bond that is very very strong.

I love her beyond words and when she was diagnosed

last year with terminal cancer I decided to stay strong

 and hopefully I would not fall apart.

 She has been such a strength to me since I was

diagnosed with Lupus just months prior and I was going

to well " hold us up."

 Here is my mama at her finest...

When she is feeling well we take a ride out of the house. She loves

to have me take her to Country Roads where we park in front

so that she can look in the windows at the displays and

people watch since she loves to see what they purchase.

Well one day awhile back she was feeling pretty good and in

a hurry I forgot my money, debit card etc.

We arrive at Country Roads and have to park on the side across

from the liquor store and as I am putting the truck into park

low and behold the Hostess Cupcake truck pulls up.

mama looks over at me with her sweet smile

and says " oooh a cupcake and twinkie sound so good right now"

now of course I am frantically looking through my purse

and trying to explain that I forgot everything and that I have no

money whatsoever on me. Then she replies " well be creative"

while I'm looking at her I reply " like what" Well then with the most

serious face you can imagine she says " Go over there and tell that man

Hey mister my mama is dying of cancer and I have Lupus do you

think you could spare a few cupcakes and twinkies?"

At that moment I burst into tears and then into

laughter. Lord knows I needed a good cry and then

mama was laughing too. Looking back I could

have ran into Country Roads and borrowed a few

dollars from Sue but actually we laughed so hard

the thought never crossed my mind.

Mr. Dior loves her...

I love her endless...

Mama thank you for loving me just as I am

You could have adopted any baby

instead you just wanted a child to love

and chose me half grown already

 I was your girl...

I thank God everyday for the gift He has given me

I love you


Full Bloom Cottage said...

What a beautiful story... I'm sorry Im always in a rush, and never have the time to stop and chat a while.
Your displays are always so lovely, take care.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate,
Your story of you and your Mama is just beautiful!! How lucky that someone so wonderful took you in and gave you the greatest gift of all, love. I'll keep you and your sweet Mom in my prayers.
Have a lovely day.

Vintage Market Place said...

Kate, I am just sitting here in tears happy then sad then happy again.
Oh the bond you share with your mama is the most beautiful thing ever.
I love hearing your stories of how you are strong for each other and have each other to lean on.
This is how it is supposed to be.
Please give her a hug from me

Your space is looking gorgeous as always and I see many things that need to come live with me. lol
Take care Kate!

Sue said...

I've always said, "Country Roads is so much more than just a store". I use the words, "my Country Roads family"! I try really hard to find people that want space that are caring & giving. I don't know why I'm so blessed but I have a store full of caring & giving people. I'm very grateful for that and very blessed as well. Business doesn't always have to be about the bottom line or how much money you make. It's about the heart & caring for others & paying it forward. I just want to sincerely thank you for being a part of this. And your Mama & that smile of hers always warms my heart. Thanks for the heartfelt post as I dab a few tears away!
Take care, Sue

Faded Charm said...

I think your Mama picked you and made you the most thoughtful, sweetest woman ever Kate. Your story just makes me want to be a better person and you are both so lucky to have each other through the tears and the laughter.

I think that desk has your name written all over it....you were made to be sitting next to it:-)


It's me said...

You make me cry today....tears falling over my cheeks.....what a lovey story...filled with love love and love......i love you darling !!...xxx...xxx,...xxx..

suzieQ said...

First time ever to your post and my eyes are over flowing. What a lovely piece, thanks for sharing and reminding us of how much GOOD there is in the world. Kisses and big hugs to your Mama, wish I was there to share some goodies with her. She sounds like a wonderful character. Best wishes on the long road you both are traveling together.

www.MaisonStGermain.com said...

OMG Kate I am crying. Your post today is just so absolutely BEAUTIFUL. YOU are beautiful and I think I love your Mom too. She sounds so wonderful. She is also so lucky to have you for a daughter:)LOVE to you all.
~Debra xxx
Capers of the vintage vixens

The Green Pea said...

Dear Kate, you are one of God's special daughters.
A Mother could not ask for more. It is so nice you can all eat together, with the new table. God Bless you.your family and friends. sandi

Patti -Truly Tattered said...

How wonderful you have such a sweet Mom and that she has such a sweet daughter. Your story is such a blessing to me today. Thanks for sharing your heart. I am happy I met you!
PS the wood in the kitchen is Fab!

Anne Lorys said...

Bawling like a baby here.
You and your mama were put together by God, this I believe. :-)


Annie Louise said...

Oh my goodness, Kate, what a sweet and inspirational post! Your story of the twinkies, had me crying and laughing. Your booth and home look totally amazing. Blessings to you and your family. Keeping you close in my heart and prayers,

WhiteWhispers2u said...

Blessings My Love to you and your darling Mama! There is no better gift than love and shelter for a young Girl all alone.
You should have just asked the Hostess Man and told him your story I bet he would have just given you one and well your just darling to boot.He wouldn't have been able to say No.
Nothing better than sharing a meal with your family, very special.My prayers are with you both.
I am no doubt lovin your space Fabulousness~Kim

The Smith Hotel said...

Precious! What a wonderful blessing! Why is it so important to sit down as a family for dinner-it's something we do every night and we have the best time!


Ido said...

Is great and brings me to tears to read the story about you and your mama. I wish you and her the best. Like your mama I would be very happy having that table to share meals. Love what you did in your kitchen, so creative with that old wood.

Sheila said...

Beautiful my friend..thanks for sharing and making my day brighter and full of joy. Happy Wednesday to you and your beautiful family.


Rose Carey said...

That is such a beautiful story of you and your mom's journey in coming together as a family. This posting is testament to the Lord above in so many ways and on so many levels. Continued blessings.


Unknown said...

Darn you Ms. Kate... you have me crying AGAIN!!!! I just love your momma too. You are such a wonderful being Kate and I see, from your story, that it stems from your momma. Please kiss her on her cheek for me for raising such a wonderful person : )
HUGE hugs to you both ~

Marie said...

Hi Kate - Your post today is so touching. You and your Mama are meant to be together and she raised such a wonderful and loving daughter. Thanks for mentioning me in this wonderful post, and had I known your Mom was in the car waiting, I would have loved to have met her in person. I feel like I know her anyway from your previous posts. Well, so you know, my Momma thought you were very sweet to us. It was really so nice to meet you too. I'll be back again...

Irma@CosasBellas said...

A spirit that can laugh through the toughest of trials is such a huge gift from the Lord.
Those moments between you and Mama, moments when something is said and you don't know weather to laugh or cry so you do both, those are shared moments that you will carry in your heart forever and occasionally share, so that her lovely spirit still blesses those who didn't have the privilege to know her. I can tell you a million stories of silly things my beautiful Abuelita said that still bring joy to our hearts and thankfulness for having her for 83 wonderful years. Enjoy every single moment of it Kate, it is truly a gift from God.


Alice said...

What a touching post! I am both smiling and crying at the same time.

My mom was diagnosed just one year ago with stage IV melanoma for which there is no cure. She has endured so much, and now there are no more options left. I am amazed at her strength, and that she worries more about us than herself.

How wonderful that your mom adopted you at age 12, and loves you like she gave birth to you. A mother's love has no boundries.

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Oh Kate...your mother is just beautiful!
I am so happy you all get to sit together for meals again...meal times are the best family times for us.
Thank you for sharing with us ~ I'm off to find a cupcake or twinkie!!

Burlap Luxe said...

Kate everything is beautiful! The friendship, love of Mr. Dior, Mama, your home, and the homes you feature, your tears and laughter!!

Your passion never goes un-noticed :)

This post was moving and inspiring!!


Seawashed said...

I tried to leave you a long comment yesterday but blogger wasn't working. This is the sweetest heart-tugging post. You are beautiful through and through. Oh my, how lovely you are Kate. The world is blessed to have you twirling your sparkling life all around. Your mama is precious precious!!! I think I will always think of your story when I see twinkies now. ox

A Shabby Moment in Time said...

Well Kate, now you have me with tears streaming. What a beautiful legacy of love from your mama. Because you see, she CHOSE YOU!!! And what gifts of love YOU are giving back to HER. You have a treasure together that will never be taken away. You are both beautiful and so precious in the sight of God.
Blessings & Hugs,

Jenni said...

OH! This is such a precious story. Everything about it touches my heart...your mama, your adoption story, the twinkies. I am so glad your mother has such a wonderful daughter, and that you have been blessed by such an amazing mother!

Blessings to you both,

awal.ny said...

What a lovely story. I am sorry for you and your mama, but you both have so much love. I wish you the best.

Megan said...

Crying here, seriously crying now, thanks!

What a beautiful story. You are both so lucky!

So did you get the twinkie? Ha ha

Love the urn and everything in it. I so want to walk around your house and the shop. Loving those letters in your kitchen against the wood, wow!



Gail said...

I cried tears of joy over the love (making space so your family can dine together, meeting your blogsphere friend, to the shared humor of the Twinkie) and I cried tears of sadness over both your health issues. Your story helps me appreciate my family more.

Michella Marie said...

Wow!! I love your blog!! I love your style, your spirit and your mama too!!! She definitely sounds like an amazing woman!! I am so sorry for all that you and your family are going through health wise!!
Praying for strength and healing. Laughter is always is the best medicine :))
Take care,

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