Sunday, May 1, 2011

Urban City Kate

I have been daydreaming about the makeover for my princess Gracie's

bedroom for sometime now while she made it clear to me that

she is not about butterflies and hearts " no not my girl"

she is like her mama beating to her own drum...

so after much thought and sticking to my frugal decorating style

I decided to play off my girls love for horses and give her a fit for

a princess room Urban City style...

I put together my inspiration vignette to begin my design plans

It started with the Craiglist petite antique dresser

that had me at first sight...

it was so perfect for a little girl

I then started hunting for the elements of this room

I wanted that rustic urban feel without cowgirl

I had purchased these beautiful pillows from

my friend Princess Rose of The Tarnished Crown

 I am still deciding on which linen bedding for her room

I want that expensive look and yet be kid friendly

and who doesn't love a hubby who finds sweet

birds nest for me & Rose...

I gathered old school books from estate sales and

added my mama's gardening scissors that she used

when she was a young girl

I want Gracie to know she comes from strong women

the prop chair is made by Tori West

who sells her pieces at Vets & Irvine Flea Market

once I saw that chair


my inspiration vignette includes

beautiful paper princess crowns made for Gracie

and I by my friend Amy of  Mittens

and a vintage tin given to me by two sweet

sisters who are regulars at Country Roads

to celebrate my one year at the store

I hearts these ladies...

this vintage suitcase will be part of Gracie's room

given to me by my dear friend Jo Lee who gave me

the name " Salvage Dior " for my blog

I will be using shutters that I salvaged from the trash

and reclaimed wood on some of the projects for her room

to keep the cost low

her makeover budget is less than 300.00

and that includes paint, bedding and furnishings

I picked up her vintage school desk for 5.00 along with

a vintage chair and hamper for 20.00

here is the vintage chair for the school desk

I will be posting as we make progress in her room

wait till you see the head & foot board I found

to go along with this dresser

many of the vignette items will be at Country Roads

this week along with vintage furniture

This is Deb and I lounging at the show yesterday

Deb gave me the most incredible day out filled with

shopping, food and most of all her friendship...

love you girly...

then I go the added surprise to see my friend Missy

of Chateau Chic Boutique and her sweet hubby

my mama will be drawing a winner on Wednesday

so there is still time to enter the giveaway in my

previous post

lots of love from

me and my Gracie girl


Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Oh my gosh I just adore the things that you have gathered so far!! They are all
so beautiful!! I cannot wait to see it all done ~


Unknown said...

Just beautiful ... the vignettes are pretty too. Gracie's a lucky girl, her mommy is wonderful
~ Deanna

Vintage Market Place said...

Kate, I am dying to see this room when it is finished.
I love how you put physical vignettes together to gather inspiration.
Oh so cool.
I want to have a chair like that in my bedroom!
Lucky girl with some super awesome taste.
Good luck, if anyone can do this on 300 bucks, you can!!!
PS, that Deb is a wonderful gal to treat you to such a great day. Looks like you had fun and lots of laughs!

Amy Kinser said...

This is gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing what you have done with us.

middle child said...

I don't know exactly what you and Deb are lounging on but they look so comfortable! nd you both look happy. Peace.

Annie Louise said...

Wow, everything looks sooooooooo gorgeous!! Love the picture of you and Gracie. All your findings look fabulous together.

Debra@CommonGround said...

Love where you're headed. I know it will be absolutely wonderful!! The dresser is just amazing, can't wait to see it all put together.
hugs and lots of love, Debra

All That Jazz said...

Oh wow, I can not wait to see how this turns out, Kate! Your inspiration photos were so great!! I love that chair, and that dresser is divine!! I bet Gracie will just adore it!
The photo of you and your angel is just darling! You two have the most beautiful eyes! :-)

blossoms vintage chic said...

Oh Miss Kate, how Gracie's dresser and can't wait to see her room complete! Love the photo of the two of you...beautiful girls!
Thank you for such a fun filled day...loved that we stopped for a rest on Janice's chaise!
Can't wait to see where our next trip will take us...LOL!! Hope mama loved her violet candy!
Bunches of love,

Barbara Jean said...

LOVE your chair vignette!!

barbara jean

The Smith Hotel said...

Can't wait to see the finished bedroom!

Missy @ Chateau Chic Boutique said...

Hi Kate! It was such a nice suprise to see you and Deb at the show. Looks like you two caught a good break on that chaise!
I love the vignettes, that sure looks like a great start and inspriation for little Gracie's new room. Can't wait to watch the progress and see the final outcome.
Have a great week girlie!

It's me said...

O my....that room looks so so great !! like the chair !!!....and you also looking great darling and litlle Gracie is so sweetie !!......lovely

Unknown said...

I am in LOVE with your blog. I have never done this, go back to the first post and read everything! Your styling is beyond words and I love the way you cherish your family. So sorry about your health, don't let an illness become your life, there are so many blessings each day that when you concentrate in those everything else diminish immediately, be strong in the Lord. I also love that your style is not about expensive, flashy anything. I can tell the finding diamonds in the rough is your thing. And finally, that is a lot of beautiful people you are surrounded with. You also look like a friend of mine that we loved and lost contact with, I show your pictures to my husband and he was blown away by the resemblance, can I add by your beauty too? Indeed a very blessed girl, so nice to meet you and I pray that God will continue to bless you and your life abundantly, Marta.

Rose Carey said...

The room is looking like the perfect setting for your little Vintage In Training princess. It brings me happiness to see a few of my goods adorned in the room. I'm running some G's for pillows and think Gracie will need one for her bed...Please thank Robert again for thinking of me and giving me a new birds nest to add to my collection!!! Hopefully will post them sometime very soon.


Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Oh my Kate...what a suite your little princess will soon have!!
Can't wait to see more!

I love the picture of you and Grace...your eyes both have the same magical twinkle!

Burlap Luxe said...


Beautifully soulful!!
My kind of euro flea market designs :)

Chic at its best!

Ido said...

Hello Kate,
Gracie is a beautiful girl and deserves the best bedroom makeover ever, I love what you chose for that vignette. I can't wait to see her room finished. I was in Anaheim for the last four days, unfortunately it was due to a death in the family and I couldn't go to Missy's show, it would've been great to meet both of you in person, hopefully some other time.
Blessings for you and your family!

Sue said...

The pictures, as always, are awesome! And Gracie room and what you've chosen are beautiful. Okay, what I want to know is "where are the toys"? Do you have a secret way of hiding them? I try hiding my little grandkids toys, but you can still see them if you really look! Great job on her room!

Take care, Sue

Amanda @ The Little Giggler said...

Hi Kathryn,

I love your blog! Gracie is so adorable!!



Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Gracie's room is gonna be beautiful and fit for a little princess. Wanna come to my room next? In fact, my whole apartment. Ha! I need to do a makeover on my boys' room. Since we are not travelling to the States this summer, I should have plenty of time. Have a terrific Tuesday. Tammy

the old white house said...

I can't wait to see more Kate! Gracie is a lucky girl to have a mom that can pull all of those beautiful treasures together to give her a room fit for an urban princess! I love that she didn't want butterflies and hearts... YAY Gracie! She's got her momma's beauty and great taste to boot! xoxoxooo

Anne Lorys said...

Oh Kate, your sweet Gracie is the luckiest little girl ever!

Will you adopt me? ;-)


Rosemary@villabarnes said...


Heaven's Walk said...

Wow,'ll never get Gracie to come out of her room! lol! The things you've put together are going to be just amazing! I can hardly wait! :)

xoxo laurie

Irma@CosasBellas said...

OMG, where to start? That dresser is absolutely gorgeous and perfect for Princess Gracie.
That chair is to die for! The shutters, the suit case, the nest.....and my favoritist of all...your mama's gardening sheers, what a special treasure. Jesenia had a vintage school desk too, she outgrew it last year and it was bought at the flea by a wonderful couple who also home schooled their little girl. The little girl was sooooo excited to take it home.
Unfortunately Jesenia is in her "big girl" phase now and is wanting to get rid of all her beautiful vintage furniture, whaaaa! Oh well, I guess it'll all end up at Country Roads.
Lastly...what a precious pic of you two...Lady Katie and Princess Gracie. Beautiful!!!


Sherry Hicks said...

I wanted to state a couple of things I liked best but just like the comment above.....where does one start? You are so seriously talented that I am amazingly inspired each time I look at one of your displays. I wish your shows were in my area! Beautiful, just beautiful

Mammabellarte Rita Reade said...

Mrs. Urban Kate everything looks so Delizioso! Seriously I do love everything that is going on, the pillow from Queen Rose Carey, the chair....Great work. oh and Debbie Blossoms, she looks so relaxed at the show. I am glad you girls had a good time. Ciao Rita Mammabellarte

Lynda @ Happenstance Home said...

Your daughters room will be gorgeous. I can't wait to see everything together!

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

OH what gorgeous will be a wonderful room! The photo of you and your daughter is really sweet!

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