Friday, May 9, 2014

" A walk in the clouds "

It seems like forever since I sat here and wrote

a blog post and in a small way it has been.

I have allowed the changes in my life to send me 

drifting and let the waves overcome me.

The ocean has thrashed me back and forth

over and over then end to end.

{ Linen and window treatments from the Goodwill Store }

Lord let this life of mine yield unto you

as you leave me with peace and serenity.

{ Vintage wood shutters rescued from the heap }

I junk when my heart is heavy

this weary soul of mine is uplifted by searching

for that one piece that will speak to me.

{ Old wire basket and glass bottles from Goodwill }

An open heart willing to listen and

 love not worrying about the imperfections.

Blessed I am by the unwanted

of another's heart here now

has a place to belong to me.

{ Vintage chandelier gifted to me }

Returning to where I started, where I belong

and where each of you found a place in my heart.

{ Second pair of shutters rescued covering a small window }

A new day awaits as I continue

to search, to grow and yield.

{ Bench made from rescued wood }

Joining in this week with the lovelies

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{ My guest house is fully furnished with Goodwill and rescues }

Oh how I missed all of you so!!!

Much love and blessings


Row homes and Cobblestones said...

Your guesthouse welcomes and beckons relaxation. I'm so glad to see a new post from you and wish you peaceful journey ahead as you go through your days in your search to grow and yield.
Gotta tell you that's one amazing Goodwill store you go to :-)

Burlap Luxe said...

Oh Kate,
How I have missed you and with good reason. Your up lifting message adds beauty to my heart, indeed you have returned to where your heart takes you and that's to all of us who need to hear your message, and your sharing. Indeed you are so blessed with the beauty of pieces imperfect and using the imperfections profoundly and inspiringly is heartfelt.
No greater love then the love you add to all you collect and the re-imaging you do to beautify each and every peace that enters your home.
I love the kitchenette in your cottage, and the shutters are so French quarters, rustic with the best shade of whitish grey to them.
Your search in growing and yielding encourages us to take a moment and listen, listen....

So pleased to see you posting, I did not want to put pressure on you and was almost ready to give you a shout to see if all is well, and please post some of your Kate beauty.

Love your Goodwill finds, our Goodwill, Salvation Army are not so exciting, but you can be certain after seeing your post I will be looking much closer to the bedding racks.

You my dear are so inspiring!
I have one question, do you ever have little getaways to the cottage out back? I know I sure wood :)

Lots of love,

Burlap Luxe said...

Ooop's * I sure would!


Passionate for White said...

Such a lovely post.....we've missed you too!

Dreaming of Vintage said...

Kate your guest house is beautiful! Now why is it that when I shop at Goodwill I NEVER find anything?????

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

So glad to see you back in the blogging world! I've missed you and all your wonderful found treasures! You found not one but two sets of shutters?! That is awesome and they add such wonderful texture to your rooms!

Creations By Cindy said...

Oh my goodness! Kate I love it all! So beautiful. Hugs and blessings, Cindy
Visiting from Jann's today.

Seawashed said...

I have missed you and have prayed for you. I am in a season of surrender, laying my life down into the embrace of His loving will too.

Your guest cottage is a place I could dwell in. Beautifully serene and meaningful reminding me of " that which was lost is found". Love you xxo

Rhonda said...

What an incredible space, lucky be the guest who stays in your gorgeous guest house. You are such an inspiration....your soul must sing when you create these heavenly spaces.
You were missed but then you gift us with this post...what more can we ask for.
Blessings to you!

Seawashed said...

PS...I love the movie A Walk In The Clouds :)

Rosemary@villabarnes said...

Oh, I'd love to be a guest in that room. Just gorgeous, Kate. I haven't been posting, or, visiting as much lately. Dealing with so many things. It's always nice to see your inspiring posts.xoxo

Twinkle Terrior said...

Hi Kate ..... LOVE your blog ! Such perfection and inspiration. Hope you have a great evening ox

sweetvintageofmine said...

peaceful, serene and beautiful......God is good, be healed of the Lord~~~Blessings~~~Roxie

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Glad to see you post again. It has been awhile. I do hope that all is well with your family. I'm thinking that guest house needs a few guests (I'm on my way :) Have a fabulous Friday. Tammy

WhiteWhispers2u said...

Always a pleasure when you post such beauty.May all be at Peace for you as I know life can take such a wrong turn at times.I love the Ocean terminology as is how I feel at times in life.Blessings & Hugs Sweetie

Heaven's Walk said...

Bless your gentle soul, Kate. You have been missed....but we all celebrate seeing you here once again! Your bedroom is such a haven of peace and comfort....just like your writing. :)

xoxo laurie

Vidya said...

This room looks so peaceful! I can only imagine how relaxed your guest would be in this room :) visiting you from Be Inspired link party.

Unknown said...

Well you\ve been missed too! So inspirational Kate - and such a gorgeous space - only you can make goodwill finds look this stunning - ( and that gifted chandelier is beyond belief gorgeous!!! )
Welcome back - much love,

must love junk said...

Kate, so happy to see you back! Your guest house looks so serene and inviting-just beautiful! :)

sherry said...

I understand that place of tumbling in the waves, so to speak. Thankful to see you posting.

Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson said...

And how we missed you! Your guest house is fabulous Kate! Love, love the shutters and all of your thrift finds. The chandelier is simply gorgeous too! So happy to have you share it with SYC. I will be featuring you this week.

White Lace and Promises said...

Beautiful thoughts from a beautiful lady who speaks with her heart. Love all the reclaimed things.

Jeanette@Creating a Life Studio said...

I'm happy to see you here, Kate! I do try to keep up on Facebook, but good to see you writing here as well. Lovely words and images, as always. In this season, I sometimes feel tossed from turmoil back to peace from one day to the next. I hate that some days I'm slow to remember "the anchor". Here's to a weekend of peace {and found treasures} my friend.


Alison Agnew said...

Such a lovely and serene room. I love the soft grays and blues with the salvaged pieces. Would love for you to share at Fridays Unfolded this week!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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